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Can Ch Jordemm's Stormin' Norman
March 26, 1996 - April 12, 2011

By Jordemm's Maid Marion ex. Am Can Ch Walmar's Dracula

From the time his mother Marion delivered him in my hands to the time he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge just over 15 years later Stormy was "my big boy". He was a "Panama Jack" (Am Ch Boondox Panama Jack, ROMO) grandson and my pick of the litter. I showed him to his championship winning Best of Breed at the Eastern Canada Dachshund Club annual Specialty Show from the Bred by Exhibitor class over the number one Standard Long Haired Dachshund in Canada at that time. Stormy sired one litter and his get includes one champion.

Stormy was more than his show career - he was my best buddy and travel companion. An avid hunter who successfully caught rabbits, Stormy enjoyed travelling with us in our RV. A majestic dog who always announced his presence, Stormy did things that saner more prudent Dachshunds would avoid, such as taking away a half-eaten rabbit from a coyote in Arizona. Stormy was the consummate companion dog and he RV'ed with us from Ontario to Arizona for the last three winters.

He is sorely missed by our family - to our children, now in their mid-20's, Stormy was the dachshund they knew from childhood. For us, we miss his insistence that it was bedtime (he was our bed-warmer) and when it was mealtime. While we always hoped he would be around forever, old age crept up on him and he decided it was time for him to join his mother and aunt across the Rainbow Bridge. Until we meet again . . .

Howard & Rose Krakower
JORDEMM Dachshunds

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A Distinguished Gentleman

From far away, looking in a field of beautiful blonde Labradors, one can only see velvet fur, poise, and strength in their stance.

Coming from the middle of all, walks a distinguished gentleman named Stanley, with many rolls of velvety fur draped around his neck.

Getting a first impression, one is taken back with his empowering facial features and his build.

Looking at his face, one immediately knows this gentleman is not like any other male Labradors in the field.

Stanley's distinguished looks, strength, and personality takes your breath away.

He has been the protector of Dad, Mom, and all family members who include Annabelle, then Chloe and Olive.

Stanley's strong presence was the security of the home.

He has since passed that job on to those remaining behind.

Even though he is gone, he is thought of daily and greatly missed.

He watches from the heavens and smiles.

Stanley, we know you are in a wonderful place, where you have the same job of protecting, but for many more animals.

Stanley, we have put you on the virtual pet cemetery so others can enjoy visiting at your resting place.

We will see you one day and we love you...until then...

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Our Precious Allie Cat 11/1989 - 01/2012

We lost our precious cat, Allie, today. She was 22 years old which is pretty old for a cat but I was not ready for her to die. She was the most wonderful friend and companion I ever had. My heart is broken. We lost our other cat, Tom, several years ago and he has his epitaph in Virtual Cemetery 36. Allie changed completely after Tom died. While he was alive she didn't come around much but after he died she grieved for a short time and then she became such a joy. She had never been a lap cat and in the past years all she wanted was a lap. She was never a beautiful cat, but she was beautiful to us. She loved us unconditionally and we felt the same about her.

I had her for 22 years and that is 1/3 of my life. She helped me through many hard times in my life. I had cancer, two of my children moved far away, many things happened and Allie was always there to make me feel better. I miss her so much. Her kidneys finally gave out today. We treated her for a long time but we never wanted her to suffer so when the vet said we should probably euthanise her I reluctantly agreed. She could barely walk, she wasn't eating, and I thought if she couldn't be the cat she wanted to be it wasn't fair to her to prolong her life just to make me happy. but I am so sad. The house is so empty. She made our house a home. Not it just feels like a house. It's going to be hard to get over losing her. I just hope she knows how much she was loved. She didn't get to go outside much; maybe that's why she lived so long. She didn't get to chase butterflies and mice. But she did love running up and down our stairs and all through the house. I miss her so.

Rest in Peace my precious Allie. My heart is broken. I hope you are in a good place in heaven where you get to chase butterflies and catch mice if that's what you want to do. We loved you so very much. Now it's time to say goodbye.

We will always love you and we will never ever forget what a wonderful cat you were.

Your mommy and daddy (Muriel and Roger Setters)

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'Terrific Tom' - Our Little Ray of Sunshine.
Always loved, will never be forgotten.

Passed away 20/04/13. Tragically struck by a car.

You came to us in a time of darkness and lit up our lives – all you asked was someone to love and care for you. In return you gave all the love you had, boundless affection you offered and such joy you brought. You were such a bright and happy little soul that it lifted our hearts just to see you each and every day.

Clever, affectionate, loving, mischievous and full-of-energy, you loved life so very much. You were always there whether greeting me in the early morning, chasing your mouse, trotting down the stairs to greet us when arriving home, sitting between us when at rest, or on your pillow at night. You were taken all too soon, cruelly and for no good reason. We will miss everything you were, everything you became, and we miss so very much everything you would become.

Your happiness was our happiness and your loss is devastating. So many wonderful memories in such a short time. I hope you’re at peace, dear friend, we will never forget you.

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Patch 1998-2012

From when Jess first brought you home until the end you were special. You were a little one-eyed ball of fluff when I first saw you. A dog attack landed you at the animal rescue. You had boundless energy and a purr much bigger than your self. At first we referred to you as 'demon spawn' because you were such a spitfire, how you delighted in bedeviling Midnight and Bleu. You had a prickly side, if you didn't like something or someone you let them know. But you had such a loving quality about you and you were always there through the good and the bad. How you made us all laugh with your mischief and antics. We aged together you and I. I wasn't ready for you to go on yet. There's an emptiness and such a sadness I feel. I'll miss you everyday, you scruffy grey cat. There will never be another like you. I hope you're in a peaceful spot...lying in the warm sunshine. Goodbye my friend. I was glad to be your human.

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Our little furbaby angel
We miss you
We know she's in a special place
God has for furbaby friends,
Where meadows fields and flowers
Help make them strong and whole again.
Best pitbull in the world
Love mommy and daddy

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1996 to 2006

You were the best friend. The way you came into our lives was simply amazing. We had just lost our little buddy Opie (plot #2) and when I went to the vet to pick up his ashes they were missing. Just as I got the news, my cell phone rang and the girls in my office were calling me about a tiny black cat that ran in the front door behind the copier and then into the safe room and hid under the safe. The vet reassured me that they would get Opie back to me that the ashes were not sent over yet.

I rushed to the office and peered under the impossibly low safe. I remember thinking there's no way there's a kitten under here. But sure enough, with the aid of a flashlight I could see one little frightened eye looking back at me. I had convinced the office girls you only had one eye, poor thing, but boy was I wrong. I tried for an hour to coax you out and then resorted to taking a wooden crutch apart to slide you to the front. You came willing and the other eye was covered with a dusty cobweb and you were beautiful. After a bath in the sink and a good brushing that revealed you long silky black fur, you quickly became the princess of the household and kept Opie's brother Gumby (plot #35) company till he was 21. You had health issue and only lived to be 10 years old, but you made every day count. You even allowed us to adopt two more kitties to keep you company Bongo and Schmitty who live with us today. We all miss you, even all these years later.

Sweet little Minky

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On Wednesday 11th, sometime in the early morning, we lost our wonderful little black Shadow, just 2/12 years old, run down by a car.

We knew there was something wrong that morning when we called him in from our back garden. Charlie, his brother, was punctual as ever, but of Shadow there was no sign, even when my wife suggested I call him because "he always comes in for you". I knew at that point he had had an accident and my heart sank.

All day I was worried about him, and when my wife and I returned from work that evening and there was still no sign, we went out looking for him. We had just begun to create leaflets to post around the neighbors houses, when the phone rang. Shadow had been found dead on the cycle-path beside the road behind our house, about 250 yards from his home. A kind-hearted Dog walker had carried him to our local Vet.

The news broke our hearts. Shadow was the sweetest, softest, happiest Cat I have ever known. Always willing to be carried, hugged and tickled. Always ready to play 'stick' on the garden; to jump up on your knee and turn pretzel-like in your lap.

We rescued Shadow and his brother from Far-Place Animal Sanctuary in the Wear Valley, and raised them from kittens. My only consolation is that Shadow had the happiest of homes. Never wanting for anything; never being miss-treated, and never lacking for affection, which he returned in abundance.

I hope Shadow, should it exist, you have been welcomed into Cat Valhalla by your brother Tyro, and that you are both mousing there amid the warmth of the fire and the free food.

I and my wife are poorer for your loss. We will miss you forever.

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Monsieur Kipper

Monsieur Kipper...known to those who love him as Kip...or 'the Kipmiester', is gone, gone beyond...these long 7 months ago today..Soon his small body will go from the freezer back to the Great Mother. How he loved the earth! His favorite thing was to just roll in the dirt, while I rubbed his soft belly. I teased him, "you are so beautiful, why must you roll in the dirt?" But he loved it. Now I understand. He is with me, now, forever, and I pray that when my time comes to pass over he will come to get me, and say "Come on, mom, let's go home...there's a beautiful garden here, all ready for us to sit in it all day, like we used to...and then off to bed, after a good roll in the soft warm dirt." He was a 'true, blue Chartreux'...a Bodhisattva, this boy. The second great love in a long life..I discovered him in 2006, and he departed in empty this beautiful world is without him.

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In the Garden of Memory July 31, 2015

The sudden welling up of tears.
Our garden..the garden I created for us, for healing and nurturing
The loving old tree, the exquisite wind chime
our two chairs.

We'd sit out here; him on his chair, or lying in the shade
but near me in my chair, me reading, writing...but always aware of him.
Quiet, but so PRESENT; so nourishing
Love always flowing between, around us.

Miss him?? The world is empty now, In the garden,
though love is still there in plants, and tree and chimes.
But he is gone, gone beyond, and all feel the huge absence of his
beauty, gentleness, and presence.

Hard to sit out here...I watch for him (secretly) still not really believing he will never appear...his chair sits, empty.
This poem I came across says it all;
You think their dying is the worst thing that could happen
Then they stay dead.

For My Kip. Discovered June 2006, Lost June 20, 2015

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8/27/97 - 10/16/11

Honey was a wonderful dog. We got her as a puppy in October of 1997. Our boys, Zack and Jared, were 8 and 5. They actually saw Honey's conception take place. Earlier in the spring, the boys were visiting the home of some school friends and playing outside when their friends' dog and another dog got "stuck together", as they put it. They said, "Mom, Trina had to squirt them with the garden hose to get them apart!" For years, we have enjoyed a good laugh about it. When the pups were ready to go to their homes, we had already decided that since she was the color of honey that we would name her Honey. Her name ended up suiting her to a tee because she was the sweetest dog ever.

Honey provided our family with so many wonderful memories. One in particular we always remember is when she was a puppy and the boys and I were playing Monopoly Junior, she kept swiping the play money and the houses off the gameboard and running away with them. My husband said, "That's just like a woman-running away with the house and the money!"

In 2003, we added a kitten to our family and named him Comet. Honey wasn't too impressed as she just pretty much ignored the kitten, but sometimes the kitten wouldn't let her ignore him. It wasn't long before those two were chasing each other through the house and play fighting together. They'd roll around on the floor and Honey would pin Comet down. It was the cutest thing! The funny thing was that when we had company and they were getting ready to leave, Honey and Comet would always get frisky and start their wrestling show as if to say, "Don't leave, we'll entertain you!"

One of Honey's favorite activities was going for walks. All we would have to say is "dog walk" and she knew she was in luck. When she saw her leash, she would get so excited and start squealing and wiggling and jumping all over. She definitely knew which road she lived on because as we would get closer to home and try to turn on our road, she would pull us to the other side of the road to take the other road so she could continue her walk instead of going home.

Unfortunately, Honey developed a heart condition and was on medication for it for the last three years of her life. Although she was doing really well for her 14 years, on October 14, 2011, she had an "episode" and it was downhill from there and we were forced to end her misery on October 16, 2011.

Honey, you will forever be in our hearts and we will never, ever forget what a sweet and loving dog you were. We miss you so much!

Don, Terri, Zack, Jared and all the other family members who loved you. (12/19/11)

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Beautiful Oscar.

Beloved Pet.
Cherished Friend.
Faithful Companion.

Passed away 08/09/12. Tragically struck by a car.

You came into my life when you adopted us one dark November night. Homeless, and in need of someone to love and care for you. In return you gave all the love you had, all the joy you could, and in time you became yourself totally – so much like me I could see myself in your character. A more perfect friend I cannot imagine. You accepted me as I was, and asked so little in return, just love, sustenance and spot to call your own. Yet you were also a wanderer, a free spirit, an excellent mouser and a hunter. You were such a happy soul that it lifted my heart just to see you each and every day.

Such a clever boy, intelligent, affectionate, loving and reliable, you were always there – on the end of my bed, in your basket or in the garden. I miss your companionship so very much; your purrs, your miaows, your play, your gorgeous fur, your wonderful ‘Oscar smell’, your hugs, your licks, your dignified stroll, your shining brightness, your presence in every part of my life. I miss everything you were, everything you became, and I miss so very much everything you would become.

Now that you’re gone, life is emptier. Less bright. Not as vibrant. Hollow. My world darker, Without you, dear friend, I am not complete. Your senior years we will not share, gone is the joy of being greeted by you when I arrive home, the pleasure of seeing you asleep – ‘lazy Oscar’, the fun of the games we played. Your happiness was my happiness and your loss devastating.

So very hard to reconcile myself to your passing when every ounce of my being aches for you. So many wonderful memories of the life we shared. I hope you’re at peace, my friend, I will never forget you.

Peter Lynch

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Dear Friendship,

I'm sorry I couldn't give you the best life possible. You were forced to swim circles around a 2-gallon tank with your brother, just because I don't have the money to get anything bigger. I could have released you but there wasn't any place around for you. At least, by adopting you I helped you escape a terrible fate: early death at the hands of an inexperienced fish owner. I tried everything I could. I wouldn't say we had 'great' times together; you swam circles while I watched. But you have a special place in my heart from the moment I saw you swimming in that tiny bowl on the decorated table of the festival. These four years have been nice, and it leaves a gap in my room to not see you swimming with your brother. Now I have to deal with figuring out what to do with your body. Flushing is not an option. I'm sorry you were sick, and I tried what I could but you got old and it was too late for you.

I hope you find peace, relaxation and bliss in heaven.


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