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Marlie and Missy

Here's a picture of my 2 kitties. Marlie is the smaller one in front, and Missy - well, she's in the back. :-)

They were both rescues, and were potentially related. We found Missy on Halloween night in the bushes. We sent out found flyers in the neighborhood, hoping upon hope that no one would claim her. We got lucky. She was an amazing cat, who warmed my heart regularly. I called her my Klingon cat, because she was so demonstrative and vocal. Missy died very suddenly one day 2 springs ago. I had a meeting in San Francisco and had decided to stay over. Dave said she was fine that morning she died, doing her regular ritual of marking him. By the time I got home in the early afternoon, she was dead. I found her in my chair in a somewhat peaceful pose. Needless to say, it was devastating for me, but I really believe that she went fast - sort of a kitty heart attack. And, believing that has made the acceptance of her passing a little bit easier, though I think about her regularly and will forever miss her.

I have been wanting to acknowledge Missy's passing for awhile now, but hadn't figured out how - well that is, until today. And, it has taken the passing of Marlie this week, to help me find the way.

Marlie was the sweetest soul I had ever had the great fortune to have met. She actually got separated from her mom, and had run under a parked car in front of our house. Thank goodness Amy had seen her, cause as Amy was trying to get Marlie out from the motor of the car, the car owner arrived. That happen at night, and Marlie was 5ish weeks old and very tiny. Amy said not to worry, and that her mom was going to take her to an adoption center the next day. I took one look at that innocent face, and said she's not going anywhere. Marlie was always a bit feral and always tiny for her age. She did have an impossible time letting people get close to her. But, anyone who had the grand luck to experience Marlie in her unabashed, purring glory, knows how sweet and loving and adorable she was. In short, Marlie had a positively fine bill of health in July at UC Davis. Now, less than 2 1/2 months later, an incredibly fast growing cancer has taken her life.

For those who have a connection to animals, and allow themselves the complete joy of sharing moments with them every day of their lives, you know how I feel.

Thank you for letting me acknowledge Missy and Marlie today. Though losing them is painful, my time with them is immeasurable.

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Our kitty, Madeline, enjoyed a long and happy life. Her life with us took her from California to Boston to Florida and to The Bahamas. On April 9, 2011, MadelineÕs life with us ended when she suffered a stroke. Madeline was beautiful in personality and appearance Š with the softest fur imaginable. When our two children came along, she often hid under our bed, but eventually became accustomed to the liveliness of two young boys. Madeline will be greatly missed by all of us.

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You were and will always be my everything. You were the only person I could tell everything to. It will be so hard without you. You were the only thing that I ever felt I could love so much. It's only been one day and yet it feels like a year. I will never forget you and your ways. I'm so glad I had you and I wouldn't change a moment of being with you because just being with you made the moment amazing. I know you are happier now , and in a better place. God has you now and he will take care of you. I want to see you hopping around in the clouds with rosie and all your other bunny friends. My life is dedicated to you. I never want you to leave me , so you can be my guardian angel from now on. I will always be here for you and I will always be waiting for the day we meet again. I will not fear my death as it means I will be with you. I cannot put into words how much I will miss you, just stroking your fur and hearing those cute little noises you make in your sleep. I don't know life without you and I don't want to know it. You will always be with me, please be with me. There will always be a special place for you in my heart which I will never be able to fill, until we meet again of course. You fought until the end and although I said goodbye to you today I know you are still with me. You can sit at the end of my bed as you always do, chomping away at your food and weeing on the covers. I would give anything for a few more moments with you. I just want to thank you for being such an amazing little boy and for never leaving me. If I made you half the little bunny you are then I have done a fantastic job. I just want to say how much I love you, even though the word itsself cannot convey the meaning of my love for you. I will see you every day in my thoughts and I will always know that you are there right beside me. I have so much more to write but I don't know how to say it. We will all miss you (mum,dad,sky,tig,me,grandma,nana,all my friends and all the family) . I'll always be here to welcome you with open arms baby boy, never forget that. Who knew you could love something so much? Who knew there could ever be a bunny like you? I dont ever want to let you go Friscy baby. I will never let you go. If you are happy then I am happy, that is all I want and need. Just be happy and I will be too. I'll let you get on with whatever you are upto with rosie now. I'll see you soon bubs and I love you always, Robin xxxxxxxxxx

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At 2:40 PM, July 5, 2010, beloved PRITZ passed on, at his own time and his own way. I will always think fondly of him... My son, my father.

Already much has been said about our pets' love, companionship, and loyalty... PRITZ is all that... and much, much, much more than his unconditional love, his constant companionship, and his unwavering loyalty... he is beyond my words!!!

I prepared a tribute to beloved PRITZ, inspired by the support shown by family, friends, and even strangers during this very difficult time. To all of you,especially those who never got to know him, this simple tribute gives some glimpse of the remarkable life of PRITZ. (

On July 9, 2010, PRITZ is back home again after he passed on despite a valiant fight. His homecoming signifies closure and would make it a little bit easier for us to move on. We love you PRITZ!

From Kuyog, Moymoy, & Kahlua

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April 30, 1991 Š November 18, 2010

My best kitty in the whole world, my sweet little Cousteau, came into my life nearly 20 years ago and my heart has been full ever since. Today I grieve and my eyes well up with tears they canÕt contain. I am comforted knowing that Cousteau lived a long and beautiful life. She was loved by so many humans and had endless, unconditional love to give back. Cousteau was tender and sweet, and feisty and sneaky all at the same time. Anyone who met her could tell in the first few minutes that she was a special cat.

Unlike many cats, Cousteau was very sociable. She liked all humans, and even most dogs, and was not at all shy with strangers. Whenever anyone came to the house, Cousteau would immediately walk out to greet them. Whether they were close friends or just the dishwasher repair man, Cousteau would say hello and quickly assess if there was going to be a lap to sit on. Even large groups of people did not intimidate her, and she would make herself right at home with them.

She would often seek out attention by sitting on, or next to, our guests and wait patiently for a pat on the head. However, if you were otherwise engaged in conversation, she would then reach out her paw and touch your arm to remind you she was sitting there waiting for your affection. If you still didnÕt pet her, she would then resort to elbow biting. Indeed, her little nips would charm most of our guests to give her some love. CousteauÕs outgoingness was the result of both innocent confidence and trust and a deep need for human love.

When Cousteau was 12 years old I gave birth to our first child, Claire. I remember one night crying to my husband while I was still pregnant, worrying if I could love our baby as much as I loved Cousteau. ItÕs amazing how our emotional heart expands in ways we could never have imagined. Three years later our son, Marcus, was born. By this time Cousteau was 15 years old and accepted a toddler and a newborn baby with her usual stride and all our hearts all grew a bit bigger.

Cousteau lived in eight different houses or apartments during her long life and adapted without complaint to all. (Except, perhaps, for the short time we lived in a downtown high rise apartment where we were unable to open the windows.) Cousteau loved the fresh air and sunlight and watching birds and squirrels. Her favorite thing to do in the evening was to curl up in our laps. During the day she would often stretch out in a ray of sunlight and sleep, but would immediately jump up to say hello with her usual "Mrrrrrrrr" when she heard anyone coming.

I am so grateful that she chose to share her long life with me and my family. I think about Cousteau everyday and I miss her so much. Our house is emptier and we all miss our little interactions we had with her throughout the day. We miss saying Ņgood morningÓ when the sun would rise over the Cascades, we miss saying Ņgood-nightÓ and her little kitty-kisses by our pillow, and we miss all our little rituals throughout the day. I still cover up the butter on the counter, expecting her to sneak a few licks while IÕve got my back turned.

I am consoled by the memory of her life unmarred by ill health and replete with warm beds Š hers and ours - spaces to roam, and the nourishing love of her family. In her final few months of life my husband and I had to remind ourselves that she was indeed old. Cousteau had a young spirit her whole life. She died quietly of old age, in her bed by the heater, sometime in the wee hours of the morning between 3am and 5am on Thursday, November 18th, 2010. God welcome her and may she climb trees with Elvis the Magical Cat in Heaven. May she meet all my childhood cats: Zoe, Samantha, Chloe and Circe (all great black cats) and also Sumi and Suzuki, my two little Siamese cats. And even Alfie, my tender-hearted Afghan dog, she will be fond of him too.

Cousteau, I will look for you to come into my life again. You are truly my best kitty in the whole wide world, I love you, and may you always feel love, warmth and happiness.

Love your Kitty Family,
Kate, Elliot, Claire and Marcus

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Serafina Nicola D'Amico
Born July 17, 2007
Died August 1, 2010

Serafina was my best friend, my baby girl. You will live forever in my heart. Your patience was always one of your strongest virtues (along with many others), so continue to wait my bella. We will be reunited before too long. Not a moment passes without you on my mind and in my heart. We travelled the country together. You were with me through some of my most difficult years, hundreds of miles away from any other family. During a residency where sometimes my hard work wasn't good enough. But my love was always good enough for you and it gave me the strength to push on. You were my lifeline. I owe so much to you Serafina. You were taken from me too early. I looked forward to the days when I would begin practice and have enough money to give you a big yard to play in. To give you the toys and attention you loved. I wasn't ever able to. I don't know how to make it up to you. You did so much for me. Thank you my sweet Serafina. I'll always miss you.

Here is a poem I wrote while you were in your last day here, though in a coma you still inspired every word. I suppose it was a method of justifying your premature death.


I have served my purpose.

I came to demonstrate. Demonstrate that with patience

it is possible to acquire what you want. I demonstrated my

patience through long hours in la macchina and the bedroom.

I have served my purpose.

I came to share. Share love among those whose lives crossed

paths with mine. Love on different levels shared through

excitement, cuddling, and baci. I came to take away loneliness

and share my happiness, watching family reunited after

three long years.

I have served my purpose.

I came to teach. Teach that any problem, no matter the size,

may be reduced with immediate companionship and comfort

upon returning home. Teach that when you love something to

pursue it with all your heart and energy. This I taught through

my toy (ball). Teach hoe to cope with complete hopelessness,

through these final days of my fulfilled life, thus strengthening

those around me, whom I love dearly.

There can be no question. I have achieved my purpose.

Ti amo Serafina.




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March 7, 1993- December 22, 2010

Fred brought much joy to his family, especially Steve. We miss him so much. He like to play with the scrunchy pony tail holders and he would retrieve them. See you at the Rainbow Bridge Fred.

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Hazel the Kitten

Hazel was my Baby. I only had her for 3 months, and yesterday, on March the 17th, her short life was taken from her. It wasn't her time, and I miss her so much. Her brother Larry hasn't stopped looking for her. I wish she was still here. She had the most awesome personality - always happy to see people and give them a lick. She thought she was a mama cat. I miss her so much. I wish she didnt have to go. I'll always love you my hazelkin, and I'll never forget you. Rest in Peace my pretty princess.

xoxoxoxoxoxo love from me and jesse

28th September 09 - 17th March 2010
Hazel Hayes xoxo

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  • Ten-month-old Tortoise shell cat
  • Male
  • Hit in the head by a car, died instantly

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    Brigitta-You were a very special friend
    and now you have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
    We will always remember how you dug steak bones
    out of the garbage and dug holesŹin the yard.
    You will be forever missed.

    Love always,
    Sue and Melissa

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    NingNing and Kina

    My two hand-raised kittens. Thank you so much for the time we spent together. I promised to be with you two till the end- until your last breath. And that I did. Daddy will miss you meowing in the morning for milk along your contented little burps, and many other moments we shared.

    Even though our time was short, I cherished every second I lay my eyes on them- holding, and humming to them.

    I certainly am missing my babies so badly. But it's okay, daddy knows they're in a better place now.

    With love lasting forever,

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    Fearless 8/17/01 to 4/28/10

    I will never forget the first time I saw you, you were 9 weeks old and 37 pounds and a big ball of fur. I instantly fell in love with you and I knew that no matter what Daddy said, you were coming home with us. There are no words to explain just how much you were loved and how much of a void I feel in my life since you have been gone. We are all devastated by your loss. For 8 1/2 years you truly were my best friend and there are no words to thank you for your love and devotion, I miss you so much Boo-Bear and dream about you at night. I know one day we will be together again.

    Love always,
    Mommy, Daddy, Lexie and Mia

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    My Baby Forest
    Forest Umbro
    June 13, 2007- April 7, 2010

    Ohhhh my Forest. You know how much mommy loves you. I know you do because of the look in your eyes when you were in my arms... I know you do because of the way you pushed up against my arms and chest when you were in my arms....I know how you do when you would come running to me when I called you beautiful name.....I know you do because you basically dislike everyone except for me my love boy... I know because you sleep next to me almost every night of your life. I am so sorry Forest for not being able to save you! Mommy has always been there for you, please I hope you understand that since that seizure you had all day on Wednesday and all the medicines they would have to give you and all the blood they would have to take from you....that mommy and all the neurologist doctors could not save you from the would have been awful if mommy couldn't help you go to the bathroom everyday and if Moonshadow kept bothering you while mommy was at school, your tail wouldn't be swishing all around like you did when you knew how gorgeous you are walking...your back legs wouldn't have been allowing you to walk anymore....I wish I could wave a magic wand my baby Forest!!!!!!!!!!!! Wave a magic wand!!!!!!!!!

    Remember when you were a baby kitten, and you sat in the hot wax on my dresser on accident?! You were so curious of everything, and your tail smelled like ginger and peaches for a whole month after that you silly Forest boy! I know you didn't like when I gave you bath, but you always walked around swishing your gorgeous duster tail afterward, your gorgeous everything. How did you get so beautiful? You have the most amazing fur of every are the king of the castle here always....remember you always are forever are my Forever Forest.

    My baby boy, you helped me make every project my first year are in my lesson plans, my weekly newsletters, my alphabet chart, my heart, my students' minds, my families' minds forever my a baby boy.

    Remember the Easter baskets you helped me with, the Christmas presents you helped us open, I know you loved the brown fleece blanket we got you, you favorite spot on the window sill has been empty without you there, I have been falling asleep crying for you since Wednesday now my baby....I wake up crying for you my baby Forest, I love you my baby boy. I can't see you anymore my baby...I wish I could see you! Daddy and I miss you so much my baby boy....Daddy says he misses you chasing him and playing hiding-go-seek with him...daddy misses seeing you looking at us from the window sill....we miss you laying smack in the middle of the rug on the way to the bathroom....I only tripped over you once like that Forest.....because that was one of your favorite spots....your popozan chair, you king chair, your window sill, your counter tops, my lap----they all miss you my baby Forest.

    I wish I could make you live forever my love....I am so mad that you got that horrible blood disease, so suddenly, you were only 2 years and 10 months old my baby! I hope you I can't believe I couldn't save you my baby boy!!!!!!!! I want to be with you now my know you are always on my mind, in my heart forever. You will live on in my heart forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have over 5,000 pictures of you. You are my everything my baby boy, I thought for sure I would die with you....but I did die though my baby----I feel like I'm living in a nightmare my baby. You were always there for me when I was having a nightmare, or a bad day, you were always there ----thank you my Forest. I always told you how much I love you my Forest, I don't even know how or why I am still here without you. I wish I could wave a magic wand know what I'd are my love! I hope you are at peace my baby don't have to be scared anymore, you won't have to worry about Moonshadow chewing on you anymore, you won't have Moonshadow following you won't have to be near all those scary other people, just me....I hope you have a vision of me petting you and holding you and feeding you all your favorite foods and telling you how much I love you.....I know you are over rainbow bridge because you are an angel cat now......I hope you can hear me now, my heart belongs to you you. I know that I have an angel now.... and it is you, my Forest.

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    Guido (1991-2010)

    Guido, may you arrive safely wherever you are going. You were a great cat, pet, and friend for nearly 20 years. My, you were a tall and handsome cat! You were courteous and friendly to all of our guests. Jeff and I will miss you, as well as will Celine and Buble, your cat house mates. Celine will always love you. Jeff also loved your companionship and will miss you.

    Much love, Karen and Jeff

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    Yeah, dumb name for a cat. Lil's idea, as after all, I had named our other cat. This guy though, was a lot more special than his name would indicate. He was the sweetest, most loving and affectionate cat I have ever known.

    It was Columbus Day, 1991, and I just tied my powerboat up at the end of the dock, and was walking along it when the smallest, cutest kitten I had ever seen ran along the dock towards me and jumped on my shoe, playing with the dangling laces. I brought him up to land so he wouldnt drown, and as I was opening my car, I put him down so he could hopefully go back to his family. Rather than run off, he put his tiny paws on the edge of the open door and just looked inside. I picked him up again and examined him. He was all fur and bones, with a pronounced ribcage that showed he was starving.

    I drove to the 7-11, where I picked up a small carton of half & half, ripped the top off, and put it on the car floor for him. He went at it like he hadn't eaten for a week, which was probably the case, then promptly threw up. Although I didn't know it then, that was to be the continued state of affairs for this cat for many years.

    I needed another cat like a hole in the head, as Sleezy (see Virtual Cemetery Plot 21) was a son-of-a-bitch, who barely tolerated us (though we loved him dearly). So I brought him to the Vet ( who proclaimed him to be about 5-6 weeks old), dug into my pockets to cover the bill for a check up, bloodwork, and shots, put him up for adoption, and left. I kept thinking about him though, and after a couple of days and a clearance from Lil, I called the vet, determined that he had not yet been adopted, then went and got him and brought him home.

    Well two males rarely get along, and sure enough Sleezy hated him.

    It soon became evident that he had a bad stomach, and no matter what kind of cat food we would feed him, he would promptly throw most of it up. Couldn't digest dry food either, and through trial and error we discovered that the only cat food he could tolerate was Fancy Feast Turkey & Giblets. That and human food, so that was what we fed him.

    He loved to cuddle. Don't know whether that was because he was prematurely removed from his litter mates, or because we used to carry him around all the time (he was so small, he would fit in the palm of your hand), but no matter where you sat, he'd be cuddling up next to you.

    He was so small, that he could comfortably fit lying on the back or armrest of a chair. Well, as he grew, he never gave up that position, and as the years went by and he got bigger and bigger, he would be completely draped over the sides of the chair backs, with his arms and legs dangling off either side. Hysterical!

    He also developed a habit of jumping on my shoulder, at which time I would walk around the house with him comfortably perched atop me, and he seemed to love it. We did this for years, and when he could no longer make the jump to my shoulder, I would pick him up, and he would climb up me and make himself comfortable. Cat sucker that I am, I spent hours walking around, kind of hunched over, amusing him in this way.

    When he was 13, Lil and I moved down to a condo in Florida. Rather than subject him to the trauma of flying, we drove him down from New York, which he seemed fine with, stopping off and exploring the hotel rooms, and the outdoors, though we kept him on a harness for those times. Unlike most cats, he became more attached to us than his domicile, and settled in his new apartment without any problem.

    In deference to him, I created a "cat cave" in the new condo, by lining the floor of a closet with a thick comforter, and stocking it with all his cat toys. He settled right in, and spent his remaining years alternating between his cave, and whichever room either of us would be in.

    I started to work at home, and he loved that, staying with me and keeping me company all throughout my workday. His routine was to wake me at 5:30AM (though Lil's alarm didn't go off til 6:15). He'd start by moving from between my legs where he slept, cuddling up next to me, and "kneeding" me. When that simply elicited kisses and hugs, he'd grow more and more insistent, licking my face, then graduating to small bites. When that didn't work, he'd perch himself over my head and start smacking me in the head with his paw. By that time, I'd invariably give up and get up and feed him, after which he'd doze off in his cave or the couch. By 7:30AM, he was ready for my breakfast, and would lay next to me, dozing off in my arms until I was ready to get up and feed him "second breakfast". This was followed by lunch at 12:00, dinner at 5 (he'd begin to lobby for it at 3:30), our dinner at 7:00, second dinner at 9, and if he didn't get something at 10:30 or 11:00, I could forget about sleeping til 5:30 the next morning.

    His only brush with sickness was when he was 15, he developed a listlessness which the Vet diagnosed as a thyroid condition, for which I gave him 2 pills a day in his Turkey & Giblets. As long as he was already at the Vet, I wanted him to get his teeth cleaned, but he Vet decided against it, and told me that while examining him, he noted a heart murmur. Scruffy quickly got back to normal, and stayed that way until the end. On a Sunday at the age of 17 ½, Scruffy woke me up us usual, cuddled with me and smacked me in the head until I got up and fed him breakfast. As usual he ate, went into his cave, lay down and went to sleep.


    He was our baby. We loved him more than anyone should ever love an animal. For me, more than I've ever loved most people.

    He will live in our hearts forever.

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    Dearest Pokey,

    Your purr has been silenced, your middle of the night presentations of your favorite toys are over. The little nudge I felt on my hand with your cold little nose won't happen anymore as I try to sleep. I long to see you laying on your back, staring at me, willing me to play. The space in front of the door where you looked out each day seems so empty, along with the rest of the house. Since 2002 you were my closest companion and faithful little friend. This past year, with all the chaos that entered our lives, was much more tolerable because you were here. I'm still looking for you as I go about my day, and my heart breaks as I realize that you aren't here to follow me around anymore. Our time together was much too short, but it's time that I will cherish for the rest of my life. You were a gift from Heaven, my sweet little angel. Goodbye Baby Girl, rest in painless peace. With more love than I ever thought possible, Daddy

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    One of the oldest dogs in the family, a black Beagle Basset Hound who was very playful and would give love to anyone who wasn't rude to her she lived to be fourteen, or was it thirteen? I can't remember..but I loved that dog so much we spent alot of time together until (this is when I was younger) we had to move to a no pets allowed apartment in Shippensburg. She was sent to live with another family we knew, she had three litters of puppies and we would see them everyday we had a chance to do so. We finally were able to move into my grandma Ramseys house and we had also gotten a new member of the family, Mitzy. Then I became more focused on the new puppy and pushed Kelly away. We finally were able to move into our own apartment during the passing of my grandma and we couldn't afford to pay rent there so we moved again into Walnut Bottom. Boy there was alot of moving...but anyway we lived there for two years and not long after that, Kelly began to get lumps all over her body, she would groan every now and then and I'd be paranoid to see if she was okay. Everytime it was time to leave Grandma Repetti's house we'd get a call and I would ask "Is Kelly okay?!" They would tell me she was fine and they'd be picking me up shortly. I'd always feel relief after that. As Christmas drew near we got an new puppy. We called her Sutza. She was the most playful puppy we'd ever gotten. A Bluetick Coonhound mixed with two other dogs. (what Mitzy was bred with, a Pointer and Irish setter.) But anyway Kelly started to get really sick and the lumps got bigger. The one night after christmas we noticed her one paw was bleeding very, very badly and we had to put her to sleep. It was the saddest day of my life.

    I miss you Kelldy Belldy :)


    Our old cat who was hit by a car the last time we lived in Newville and I witnessed it.

    I wish I could've saved you Bandy...


    Our brown and black rabbit we got over a year ago. Not long after Kellys passing we got two rabbits Sharon and Ozzy. Lawl. Anyway we had them all summer and through the biginning of winter. My sister went to check on Sharon and Ozzy when I heard her scream. I went outside to see her bawling. I wondered why. So I looked into Sharons cage. Okay now she was alright. I checked on Ozzy. Ozzy was as stiff as a board. He had frozen to death during the night it seemed.

    You will be missed dearly Ozzy, Love you!

    And last but not least; Jizzaboo

    Jizzaboo was a black little runt of a cat we got out at a farm and we loved him so much. He was a lazy, but scrawny cat. I'd play with him for hours upon hours till it was bedtime. Then the one night I was listening to Panic! at the disco; I write sins not tragedies. My sister was half drunk and she brought me outside to see Jizzy lying on the road. Half dead. I sat by his side for an hour before he took his last breath. I took him out into the garden and buried him.

    Jizzy-Chan I loves you!!!!

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    Jasper (a.k.a. "The Cute Jas")

    Jasper was a beloved Miniature Pinscher. I was only a freshman in high school when my parents got Jasper, and he was there through all the milestones of my young adult life. He recently passed away at the age of 14 1/2.

    My family first decided to buy a Min-Pin after seeing one in a pet store. We went to a local farm that had two Min-Pin puppies for sale, and we chose a robust 8-week-old male with black and rust markings. He was so cute! During his second night in our home, he was crying. I got out of bed, picked him up, and laid him on my chest. After that, I let him sleep with me every night.

    The time soon came where we couldn't let Jasper outside without a leash, because he would run away. He had to explore and sniff everything. He liked to jump up on the loveseat and look out the big picture window in the living room, and he was an excellent watchdog. His favorite activities were eating, taking walks, and riding in the car. We would say, "Do you want to go for a ride?" Jasper would bark and jump with excitement, then run to the door. Jasper also liked playing with plastic squeaky toys; he would rip holes in them and lose interest after the squeak was silenced. When he was tired, Jasper burrowed underneath the covers on the beds. I liked to pick him up and cuddle with him.

    Jasper wasn't always the best-behaved dog. He sometimes tipped over the garbage or stole food from the cupboards. We would find him hiding under one of the beds, guarding his forbidden item. Once, we noticed that his head was covered with grease. It turned out that he was eating a can of Crisco! Jasper brought excitement to our lives, and he was so cute we could always forgive him when he was naughty.

    At age 13, Jasper was diagnosed with kidney disease and put on a special diet. He lived for another year and a half before his symptoms got worse. I last saw him two weeks before he died. He had lost a lot of weight and was having trouble walking, but was still alert and affectionate. On his last night of life, he went for a brief walk, then crawled under one of the beds and took his final breath. He lived a good long life with a lot of love, and I will always miss him.

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    Shiloh, My Handsome Prince

    Shiloh and I adopted each other in July of 1997; he was 18 months old, I was 42 years old. We shared our lives for 11 ½ years. He passed away September 25, 2008 from complications associated with Lupus.

    Both of us came from incredibly abusive relationships and welcomed the chance to have a new life with someone whom we could trust. The name on his microchip was Britin. The first night we were together, I took him to a field to ‘empty’ and as he wandered a little further than I felt comfortable, I called, “Britin”! He did not respond. He reminded me so much my yellow lab, Shiloh, whom I had just lost custody of in a bad divorce, that when he did not respond, I called out, “Shiloh”. He turned immediately and Shiloh became his name. He wanted a new life and a new name.

    The name Shiloh came from the Civil War Battle in Tennessee. In Hebrew, Shiloh means “Gift from God”. He was truly my greatest gift and most cherished blessing.

    Shi had many names, Shiloh, Shi, Little One, Bud, Handsome Man, and Precious Puppy, to name just a few. Shiloh was my companion. I was a better person when I was with him. I was kinder when he was with me; I was gentler with others and my reactions to circumstances when I was with him. I was never happier than when I was in his company.

    Shiloh saved my life. He gave me reason to live when I had none. He loved me when no one else did. He believed in me when non other would.

    I was always proud of him, never disappointed. I regret every moment not spent with him. My heart aches because of my loss and my only consolation is that I know that he will be the first person to greet me in Heaven – as long as I live worthily. That is my eternal goal, to return to Heaven and be with my precious boy.

    It was an incredible honor and a privilege to be his mom!

    Laurene West

    Shi’s Mom

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    You were the sweetest dog in the whole world. You loved to play with our parakeets and gerbils. You also loved to sneak into the bedroom and hide in my closet. You were so talented that you could open door handles and unzip zippers on my purse. You were afraid of loud trucks, thunder, and fireworks. You used to hide underneath the toilet when you were scared. You did not quite make it to your 14th birthday. You hung in there until September 21, 2008. And your Halloween costume for this year was all ready. You loved to dress up and pose for pictures. You were always cheerful. You never complained about anything. I’ll never forget your last moments when you looked up at me, smiled, and wagged your tail. I really miss you. I’ll always love you.


    pets dogs cats birds fish turtles reptiles frogs animals

    Pokeyfeet the hamster (2006 - 2008)

    It was janurary 2008 and me and my sister had been pestering for a hamster for ages. We finally got a 2 year old white albino hamster from my aunt. He loved to play 'monkeybars' on his cage and we got him out once a day so he could have a little crawl on my bed or in his ball. We fed him and refilled his watertube and cleaned his cage. but we only had him for like a month cause hours before he died he seemed a bit groggy, he was tired and droopy. I stayed up all night watching him and he just seemed droopy still. He was making a big massive mound of sawdust and when he completed it he limped in. That was the last I saw pokeyfeet alive for in the morning I couldn't find him in his cage. I looked under the mound and found him dead. I cried so badly my mom told me I should stay off school, I cried myself to sleep for weeks. Dear pokeyfeet, be safe in the big hamster cage in the sky.

    All my love, Donna x

    pets dogs cats birds fish turtles reptiles frogs animals

    My best friend Josie,

    Josiphine (JOSIE) Richard my best friend.
    The best dog in the world.
    A good little spirit.
    I will always miss her.
    She will always be my girl.
    I love you Josie, I love you Josie, right down to your big black tosies.


    pets dogs cats birds fish turtles reptiles frogs animals


    He was my little Mario. He lived for almost 13 years and was the best little dog in the entire world. I got stupid lucky the day I met him and got to be his daddy. I miss you so bad, baby. Your daddy loved you more than anything. You weren't a pet, sweetie, you were my best friend. No one can ever take your place. Your daddy loves you, puppy. He love you forever. Sleep well my puppy.

    Daddy love you!

    pets dogs cats birds fish turtles reptiles frogs animals


    You meant the world to me. You were the sweetest, kindest dog ever. You loved every person and every animal. No matter where we went. infants, children, and people of all ages would come up to pet you. You were so much fun. You always liked to dress up for holidays and pose for photos. I tried to keep you healthy and strong and protect you, but that horrid dog food recall caused a tragic end to your life. I feel so sick and distressed about the whole situation. You were a real fighter. You hung in there until August 4, 2007. I'll never forget your last moments when you looked up at me so lovingly and so sad as if to say that you were apologizing for the mess that you had just made. I miss you so much. I'll always love you.


    \ | /
    - o - sunnyone
    / | \

    pets dogs cats birds fish turtles reptiles frogs animals

    Sweetpea - 1987 - July 7, 2007

    My sweet little companion, Sweetpea, came into my life like a miraculous gift from nowhere some twenty years ago. A spry black-spotted kitten stepped out from under a parked car as I walked home from work and kept two steps ahead of me all the way home looking back regularly, a behavior she exhibited all her life. Upon arrival she scooted into my living room, hopped up onto the back of the couch and began grooming herself. She never left.

    Sweetpea had the winning alertness of a kitten all her life. Even recently my wife and I had to remind ourselves that she was indeed old.

    Unlike many cats, Sweetpea was very sociable, liked all humans, and was not at all shy with strangers. Whenever humans - her own humans or starngers - came to the house, Sweetpea would immediately walk out to greet them. Even large groups of strange people did not intimidate her, and she would make herself right at home with them. Her outgoingness was the result of both innocent confidence and trust, which she never lost, and a deep need for human love.

    In her old age Sweetpea became very fond of my teenage stepdaughter, Daodao, who came to live with us. Sweetpea would seek out Daodao in her bedroom or wherever she was studying. They became very good friends because they shared the same cheerful disposition. Daodao referred to Sweetpea affectionately simply as "Pea," a practice which her mother and I soon took up. Daodao was very tender with Sweetpea who was fortunate to have this additional affectionate family member.

    Sweetpea lived in three different houses during her long life and adapted without complaint to all. The most recent allowed her ample opportunity for the past eight years to safely enjoy the outdoors which she did every day without ever venturing out of the yard. She liked to curl up or stretch out in a corner of our deck and would come skitteringly every day with her customary "Mrrrrrrrr" when I would call. One day she did not come.

    Sweetpea's favorite thing to do all her life was to curl up in the lap of the human she followed home. I am so grateful that she chose to share her long life with me and mine. I so miss her sometimes silent mews. Our house is emptier. I am consoled by the memory of her life unmarred by ill health and replete with warm beds - including human beds - spaces to roam, and the nourishing love of her grieving humans.

    pets dogs cats birds fish turtles reptiles frogs animals

    Bodacious JUNE 1991 - AUGUST 31 2007


    COURTNEY: I was not around when you first came into my families life, but you there when I was born. you were with me till the day you died and I will never forget you. I remember taking you to the park and watching you in the pond, and being so worried you dive deeper into the water. and then later that night I would laugh about it, with you lieing on my lap. I will never forget you. You were very well loved and I sometimes still cry at night missing you. I love you boy. And so does mom. You will never be forgotten.

    MOM: I love you boy, you were the best dog a girl could have, I love you.

    * MUSHKA *

    pets dogs cats birds fish turtles reptiles frogs animals

    Dear Kiwi The Hermit Crab

    I miss you so much and I hope you loved me

    Because I miss you so much and hope you

    See all our other pets and I wish that you

    That is would have spent more time with

    You but now there is no time left so

    I will see you in heaven and Zoidburg

    Miss’s you to and Sarah and Lino and Mariella

    All of us will miss you so have fun up there.

    The Palumbo Family

    Adamo Sarah

    Mariella and Lino

    We all will miss you.

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