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A Faithful Friend

A gift of love
you first came to be.
We welcomed you into our home
and became part of our family.

A boy's first pet
a faithful friend is he,
but a twist of fate revealed
just what you'd come to mean to me.

Years went by
together you both have grown.
But now the boy no longer,
seeks a life out on his own.

Saddened by the loss
of one so close to me.
You stayed behind
to keep me company.

My friend and companion
you stood by me so faithfully.
And when the time came to let you go
I said good by so tearfully.

Your presence was such a comfort
your devotion I shan't forget.
I will miss you sorely
my precious beloved pet.

Have a Blessed Day!


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In memory of Tom 1990-2007

Our wonderful cat, Tom, died yesterday. He meant everything to my husband Roger and me. He was so smart, affectionate, playful, loving, everything anyone could want in a pet and more. My heart is broken.

Last month Tom was diagnosed with cancer in his mouth which was not curable. He lived for a few weeks but when he became what was obviously uncomfortable and unable to eat his favorite foods without pain we knew it was almost time. We didn't want to let him go, but finally when we could no longer bear to see him not his usual happy, playful self we made the horrible decision to allow him to die in peace .We took him to our vet who was wonderful and Tom just "went to sleep". I know he is now in kitty heaven but it hurts so much. He loved Mr. Sunbeam. He loved to watch the birds. He loved life .He loved to play with anything that moved. He loved being "TALL" on his cat condo.He slept with us under the covers. But when he no longer loved life, and when eating, one of his favorite things to do became terribly painful and difficult we decided to let him go. What a hard decision to have to make. I hope he understands we did what we thought best for him because we never wanted him to have to suffer.

Tom is survived by another cat, Allie Cat. She never was particularly fond of Tom because he always wanted to play and she is not a playful cat. But she wonders where he is. She looks for him, so I know in her own catlike way she misses him. Roger and I miss you terribly, Tom. There will never be another like you.

Have lots of fun playing in kitty heaven. Lay in Mr. Sunbeam all you want. Be warm like you always wanted to be. Chase bugs and other moving objects. And remember how much you have been loved.

Goodbye our precious Tom. You will never ever be forgotten.


Your Mommy and Daddy

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To Tollie Bear

You were born on the same day that may father died. From the start you were in pain, with your shoulder displasia, and week hips. We helped you stay as pain free for 9 and a half years,as we could with medication, and you gave us love and attention in return. We saw the pain in your eyes when you could no longer stand and refused to eat. It was time to release you from you pain. We will always love you, I am sorry that I could no longer make you pain ease without sending you over the rainbow bridge. I cry now because I know that I could have been selfish and kept you here and in pain for my sake, but I knew it was time to think about your feelings and give to you like you always unselfishly gave to me. You will always be my Tollie Bear I will miss seeing you waiting for me to come home from work. That was the highlight of my day! Now you can run and climb without pain. you will forever be with me in my heart.

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Gracie the pug 11-18-04 to 6-7-07

Our perfect little girl died from anaphylactic shock after a vaccine we gave her at home. We rushed her to the vet, but she couldn't be revived. We loved her so very much that we can't stop crying, the loss is almost too much. She used to play the "icecube" game with her mommy, and the "treadmill" game with her dad. We will never forget her. She was our one and only little girl.
--William Liebler and Barbara Herrmann

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Dear Jumbo,

Our beautiful Son. I felt you jump into my lap as I sat in "our" recliner the night you passed. I felt you jump up as you always did late into the night. You stayed for a brief moment, then, I felt you jump down. If you could only know how much joy your brought to our lives. The night you were trying to be born, we took Gretchen into the vet's early in the morning, they took an x-ray and saw 3 pups, with one's head stuck in the birth canal.

I looked around and said, "that one's mine, that's Jumbo"! You would curl up on my neck and chest at night. Over the years, when others did not stay, YOU were ALWAYS THERE! Total and unconditional love! You asked for nothing, (except a few treats!) You were so brave the past year. Being put through test after test. In December, even the "experts" were amazed by you! What happened to you, they said they had never seen an "animal" live more than 15 minutes, but at 7am, we got the call that you had made it through the night! I told them not to underestimate you! Please forgive me for the wrong I have done. The nights I didn't come home. The drugs and alcohol. You made my life worth living. My heart hurts so deeply, and I feel empty even as the days go on. Poppy misses you as well. So do Grandma and Grandpa. Charlie still looks for you every night and meows when you do not come. It is still too early to tell if I will make it or not without you. Grandma told me once we received you back in the urn that I would feel better. I don't feel better. I long for your Frito-toes, and sometimes still think I hear you getting a drink or eating cat-food! Charlie tip-toes onto the bed as if you are waiting to get him. Sometimes for a fleeting moment I forget.....I look and you are not there, then I grieve. I guess my "bargain" with God years ago went unheard. That morning I had a "feeling".

You were so courageous right until the end. Please forgive me for not coming back with Poppy, but, I just couldn't. I hoped you remembered everything I said to you on the way there, the things I said a million times. People have said to me, "someday you will get another dog". What they fail to see, what they fail to understand, is that we never HAD A DOG--------WE HAD A BEAUTIFUL SON! I would have no idea what to do for a could I love a dog? Jumbo, I miss you. Jumbo, I love you. Jumbo, I am sorry. Jumbo, please forgive me. Jumbo, we will never forget you. Jumbo....... "Thank you for being my Son. Traveled down the road and back again.Your heart is true, Your my pal and my confidant. And if you threw a party, invited everyone you knew, you would see the biggest treat would be from me and the card attached would say, "Thank you Jumbo for being my Son. And if you threw a party, invited everyone you knew, you would see the biggest treat would be from me, and the card attached would say, "Thank you Jumbo for being my Son!" And for anyone who may read this and not understand, it's because you never had Jumbo in your life!! We will be together again! Until then, you are with all of those we loved and lost, and your spot with God was well earned!

Lots of Love, Momma, Poppy, Charles & Tigger

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Sam, my best friend, it's been six years since you've been gone and today I cried just as hard as the day you died. There will always be an empty place in my heart for you. You taught me the meaning of unconditional love. You were my comfort when I was hurt or afraid. We had eleven wonderful years together, yet I wish we had more time, and I miss you so badly my heart aches. Thank you so much for coming into my life and bringing me so much joy and love. I hope and pray we meet again in heaven and are together for eternity. I will always love you Sam.

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Zuzia - August 1st, 1995 - October 3rd, 2006

I am placing this epitaph in the memory of my beloved cat Zuzia. Zuzia was a Seal Point Himalayan born on August 1st 1995. She came to me as a 6 month old kitten. I fell in love with her from the very first time I saw her. She had the most beautiful, smart, sky-blue eyes and she was the gentlest creature I had ever come across.

She traveled with me, study with me, played with me and never left my side when I was sick or felt lonely. She was my true best friend. We had wonderful 11 years together.

She grew attached to my husband Wojtek, but deep inside I always knew that I was her chosen person. She was a little friendly ghost following me everywhere.

Later on, when my son Max arrived, Zuzia slept under his door, watched him when he played and always tried to let me know when something was wrong.

Unfortunately, CRF took her away from me. We fought a good fight because we both wanted to have a little more time together. I had tried everything and she was so brave, but at the end her little body could not take it anymore and I had to let her go. I don't think I will ever stop missing her. I hope I can see you again Zuzia.

We love you,
Sylvia, Wojtek and Max

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My cat smokey was the best cat i could ever have. My dad had found smokey at his work when he worked at publix, and i had had him for 13 years! But as time went by and he had just had his 12th birthday he had begun to get sick, so we kept taking him to the vets, but when he was 13, he was layng in my Mom's closet coughing very hard. So my mom descided that we shouldn't let poor smokey be like this, coughing his poor head off, so we took him to the vet on september 14, 2001 and put him to sleep. He is still burried in my backyard next to the old oak tree. I miss you very much smokey, and we all love you! R.I.P smokey.

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My goldfish, Daisy, cost 99¢ at the Woolworth's in downtown San Francisco in 1989. She was the biggest and best-looking fish in the tank. I carried her home on the bus in a water-filled plastic bag.

At home I put her in a large bowl, with some blue gravel (to complement her orange color), and tied a yellow yarn ribbon around the rim. I spent hours hovering around her, and became very absorbed into the little world I had created in my kitchen. Her favorite treat was a cube of freeze-dried worms. With all my attentions, and lots of Martin Denny music, Daisy grew bigger and more impressive, as our San Francisco spring grew warmer.

Also growing warmer was my heart, and not only for Daisy. I had met a young man and was falling in love. Philip came to visit often, and became as enthusiastic about Daisy and her little world as I was. Through the mediation of his fine imagination, the magical qualities of Daisy multiplied, and together we co-created her mythology.

Through the summer, we received revelation of Daisy's royalty and divinity. The neighborhood dogs, and pigeons, and all other animals that we encountered, acknowledged to us their secret allegiance to the great orange Queen. We awaited the day when Daisy would reveal herself to all as Divine Ruler of the Cosmos, free all the goldfish from the pet shop tanks, and take over the world. She was Queen of the Universe, and our own special guardian.

We saw Daisy in the orange setting sun, and in Venus, the love-star, at twilight over the Golden Gate. As we settled down to sleep at night, we heard her "rummaging" through the gravel: the Goddess was putting the universe in order. All was well under her protective presence. Our love and the life of Daisy were synonymous.

I noticed surprising signs of perception: if I made a sudden move from across the room, I would hear a quick "whoosh" of the water as Daisy reacted. One night we heard much whooshing. The next morning, there were tiny white eggs, like miniature ping-pong balls, scattered throughout the bowl. Before we could figure out what to do with them, they were gone, as Daisy had apparently eaten them. Another time, I noticed a white fuzz about her gills. It turned out to be something wondrously called "Ick". Some antibiotic capsules in the water made it quickly disappear.

In September, I bought a proper aquarium and filter. Daisy was now over four inches long, fat, robust, a rich, lustrous orange color, and immaculate, without a speck, or a scale missing. She was on her way to becoming a champion, prize-winning goldfish legend, or so I sadly believed.

By the end of the fall, there were signs that my human love affair might be cooling down. The look of the boxy aquarium that had replaced the pretty bowl was depressing. A second fish I had added did not seem to be growing much. When I left town for New Year's, I had an ominous feeling. The next day, Philip called to say that he had gone to feed Daisy and found both fish dead in the tank. He put them in storage in the freezer.

My sorrow knew no bounds. It was hard for family and friends to understand my overwhelming grief for a 99 goldfish. Simon and Garfunkel sang on the radio, and I heard Daisy's voice:

"Seasons change with the scenery...Weaving time in a tapestry...Won't you stop and remember me?"

The magnificent Daisy, my own prize-worthy creation and the divine shepherd of my first real love, was gone.

Figuring out what to do with her stretched into weeks. Once I peeked at her corpse: she was a small, pale shard of what she once had been. I gingerly plucked some scales with a tweezer as a keepsake, hoping I was not causing any offense to her Imperious Majesty. After considering a burial "at sea", and taxidermy (one friend pictured her dangling from my rear-view mirror), I decided to bury her in the ground.

Philip, out of great kindness, came with me to bury her. On a late-night mission, we laid her to rest in the Rose Garden in Golden Gate Park, in a spot known only to us. I returned for some time to adorn her little grave with tiny daisies. I like to think that she gives her blessings to couples that unknowingly pass by on romantic walks through the Garden.

Many Julys I still see her in the setting sun, and the Evening Star, and sometimes the faces of animals still ask me "Where is Daisy? When is she coming back?". I will always be grateful for her gifts of transcendent beauty and love.

Portland ME

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Freak 1995-2006

Freak was a Brooklyn street kitten, and he had an attitude. When he was little he would cry all night long for no reason. He just liked to cry; and when you live in a tiny NY apartment, that is a problem. He used to “run the perimeter” of my apartment, jumping on anything (including me) that was in his way as he ran crazily to let loose all his extra energy. It’s sad to be a street cat in a NY apartment, but I figured he’d be worse off if he had stayed out on the streets of NY.

Moving to LA was a traumatic experience for Freak. I had to fight him to get him in the travel carrier. Freak liked to bite and scratch and wasn’t comfortable with affection. No one could hold him for more than a few minutes. So, trying to get him in that plastic container was an epic battle. Then, I made the mistake of giving him some water on the plane, and it spilled all over him. So he cried all the way to LA. When we got there, he ran under the bed and did not come out for two days.

When he finally came out, he was a humbled cat. For all his toughness, he was now scared of everything: noises, people, especially children. He would run away from my niece and nephews when they visited. Living in LA, Freak could go outside and roam around like the street cat he was. This calmed him down immensely, but he always remained wary and skittish around people. I don’t have many pictures of him, but here is one with him in “his place” on the couch watching my dad play Solitaire.

Freak was also very independent. Once, when I’d been out of town for a month, he left to go on “walkabout” himself, disappearing for several weeks. When he returned, it was as if to say, “see, I can travel the world, too.” So, when he disappeared recently, I hoped maybe he’d gone on another vacation. But really, I knew. I looked all around the yard and did not find him. As days passed, I began to hope maybe someone had taken him in. I imagined him with a bunch of kids to run from. But then, the gardener found him, in a place I hadn’t thought to look. He’d died. There’d been no last walkabout for Freak. I felt so bad that I hadn’t found him sooner.

So here’s to Freak – also known as Freakish, Freak festival, Freakish mon frere -- a really good, bad cat. Probably the worst-tempered cat I’ve ever had. And yet they call that personality in people. You’ll be missed Freak!

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Mario was suddenly taken from us Oct 6th, 2006 at 14 years 9 months.

Mario came into our lives on a cold February morning in 1992. We had purchased a puppy through the local classifieds and were notified from the breeders that we actually were first in line to choose from the litter of twelve. The puppies were actually born in Arkansas but through an act of faith had made the trip all the way to our suburban Chicago area home town for us to meet. The seller had us arrive early to make our first pick and when we arrived they brought all the puppies out for us to choose from. Within a few seconds I was instantly drawn by a strong bond to the mischievous one of the bunch, whom would end up being our Mario.

Mario has touched so many hearts throughout his life and has been a big part of just about half our lives. He has traveled with us and been with us for many life events, always bringing tremendous joy and laughter. He quickly gained acceptance by all as another family member and was immediately likeable by anyone who came in contact with him. Mario had the greatest personality ever for a dog and was absolutely special for us in so many ways.

As I tear while writing this, Mommy and I promise to NEVER forget you Mario. You were the best thing to happen to us and we always strived to do the best for you and give back all the love you gave us. You brought a smile every second of the day whether I was with you or thinking of you while away. Thanks for the joyous memories, countless little moments and for just simply being Mario. You will be severely missed by Daddy, Mommy and Junior. May you find yourself a nice big field to run through to chase some kitties and may you Rest In Piece.

We LOVE you Buddy!!

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You were so beautiful when we got you at the shelter, you broke our heart right from the start running helter skelter.
I couldn't bring myself to break up your crew so I took you and your sister. That's right two.
You brought us joy, happiness and peace of mind even though you were with us for such a short time.
You were the feisty one, sneaking out on fire escape.
With all your mischief you kept our mouths agape.
What went wrong? We'll never know.
It's hard to say. It's just the way life goes.
You were fun and exciting and we'll miss you real bad.
You were the best pet that we ever had.
You'll always be in our hearts and our minds.
You my friend, were one of a kind.
Rest in peace.

Alida J. Moore

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Ruby Jean Redman 01-04-97 to 04,01,06

Ruby came from a puppy mill. We didn’t know that when we went to get her. They were recommended by a local couple. We drove 100 miles and when we got there, we should have just turned around and left. But then we would never have known Ruby. Once there and seeing her, we couldn’t resist. She was so little and so sweet. She needed to get the heck out of that place and it was love at first sight.

She was a wild child. Crazy as a loon, more describes her youth. We were told "The Chocolate Labs are more hyper". No kidding! We had a yellow lab and he was very calm. Not Ruby, she would hurl her body at the fence when we put her outside. After three years or so, she finally calmed down. It might have had something to do with our yellow lab passing, and her becoming the lone dog. An added result of having only one dog, we began to take her everywhere with us. We became a pack.

Ruby was SO SMART. She could understand so many words and motions. I swear she could tell time and also read my mind. My husband retired and Ruby became a constant companion. I work part time and she was always waiting outside in the drive. My husband said she would head out there right before I was due. She was a couch potato inside, and an amazing retriever outside

Ruby got to travel, she saw the Rockies, Old Faithful, the Tetons, the Badlands, and she swam in Glacier Lake. We have a house on a clear beautiful river and Ruby spent many hours chasing the ball down river and swimming back up. She also had her own rubber boat to float the river. We would be in tubes and her in her boat, laid back chilling with her hat on to keep the sun from her eyes. It was a picture. She could even balance on an air mattress and float that river.

Being a Lab, she was an eater. Occasionally she was a counter surfer. She loved our cats, played with our grandchildren, and protected our farm. She was always there when we turned around, and slept at the foot of the bed. Around 4am she would crawl into the bed.

I mentioned the "puppy mill" because I believe her breeding caught up with her. She was only 9 ½ years old when she was devastated by hip dysphasia and diabetes. It was WAY too soon for her to go.

She gave us so much love and was our constant true companion. There will never be another Ruby Jean. Go run and play girl, free from all earthly bonds, with Ted and Lady and Tippy and Arlo, and Audrey, and Honcho and Nick, all our beloved dogs we miss so much. So many sweet souls who gave us their love. Not fair they have such short lives. One day we will all run together.

Man we loved that girl and we sure do miss her.

To quote Mark Twain, "If dog’s don’t go to heaven, I want to go where they go".

Me Too!

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You were one of a kind. You were the light of my life. You brought joy and love to my family. You ran out in the black of night and the car did not use its light. You never new how much I loved you since I only new you for 6 years. I know where you now live, and I know that you are happy, even if I'm not. I want and pray you now have no pain and are with Grandma and the rest. If you were here, u can bet I'd give you a big hug! What I am trying to say is that we all miss you Jangles and no dog can replace you. ='(

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Allie Girl! Born: May 17th, 1992! Died: March 18th, 2006!

Dear Allie Girl,

We all loved you so much, I knew this time would come but I never thought so soon. The skies were gray but I barely noticed, I never thought the skies would effect you. I left to go to my grandparents house on the 17th. Not know what would happen later that night. I woke up on the 18th the skies still growing darker.Then I got a call from my mother at the Benning Animal Hospital. She was crying I could tell, but I never knew it would mean saying good bye to you. My grand father came in and explained, "Hayden, Allie might come back home." "Oh," I said my eyes filling with tears. He drove me over to the clinic, you lying on the hill. I was already bawling but that didn't stop me from running down to you. I hugged your neck and yelled "I love you Allie!!!! And I will never forget you!!" A man came and picked you up and carried you to a room, my mom and I both bawling right in front of you, but I think you hardly knew. I knew what had happened, you had had a seizure, now you knew how to do nothing. You could not do anything. The man came right back in and said, "Are you ready?" My mom could not answer, but just nodded her head. He injected something in you, and you stopped breathing then and there. I hugged you one more time, looking in your eyes. Your eyes were no longer big and brown, but they were gray and lifeless, my tears drifting down. We buried you in our grandparents backyard. Now all I have are pictures, memories, and one single dog tag, that I often where. We all love you so, this I know you know, and we miss you more and more every day. But please, please, please, wait for me at the golden gates, just like you used to, sitting on the couch until I got home from school. 13 almost 14, we had for so long, but now every night I remember those gray and lifeless eyes. I often cry sitting in bed, thinking that you will return. I often wake up at 3am thinking that your barking for me to let you out. I go to the door and open it up. Then call your name, then I think I see you, your nails clicking on the floor. We miss you Allie, and we will for ever more.


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Rent (2/14/91-4/3/06)

I can only try to fill the giant hole in my heart--by honoring you, little guy. You are the softest, sweetest, kindest thing ever put on earth and we will never ever replace you.

Thank you for being in our lives for so long and trusting us to the very end. I want to remember you just like this picture, all fuzzy and pink-nosed sleeping on your daddy's lap, the only cat on the road.

Your Mom, with nobody to comb her hair
(Mary Sue Passe-Smith)

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Beth was my favorite pet in the whole world. I liked to play hide and seek with her. I also liked to watch her play and eat her food. She was the nicest pet I knew. I loved her very much.


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