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Brutus Herring

You were the gentlest of doggie souls and, to our deepest sorrow, just too delicate for this rough world. We and your brother, Moosie, love and miss you very much.

RD & Nikki Lynn ( Daddy & Mommy )

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To Kookee,
We love you and miss you so much. Thanks for all the good times old friend. Passed April 28th, 2003

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To Gracie,
We miss your love and your smiling face. We love you much and will always remember our smiling Grace. Passed December, 1999

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July 21,1990 - September 2002

We Love You Very Much our little pudgy, You were a Very Loving Kitty, and the coolest kitty I know, Every time I hear Elvis, I think of you sitting on the speaker, and when I watch the Christmas video, I cry because You were soo beautiful, Your brother (Chumley-Bubba, Cat) and accessory to all your Crime's, Opening doors answering phone's, changing TV channels, etc.) misses you he still walks around crying for you, You were such a good boy, I know that your purring in Jesus's arms, Mommy Love's you very much and I miss you not a day goes by that I don't think of you. We all miss you Pudge, and I can't wait to get to Heaven to see you again. You touched our lives in so may ways. You were more then a family pet you were my son...

We Love You,
Mommy, Daddy, Chumley(your cat partner in crime), Chelsie, Benjiman, Shelby, Conjetta, Cheyenne, Carol, Uncle Mark and Family and Uncle Mike and Family and Especially Grammy and PaPa.....

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Danny Redman

A rambling Cat. Danny came to us from Danville, thus her name. She rode under a semi truck to meet us. She had one outstanding character trait. When anyone sang the song "Oh Danny Boy", she would come to them. No other song or calling technique would bring her attention. She was a beautiful animal and we will miss her so much. We love you Danny.

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Trebbor Luke Kempf,

My two Cocker Spanials were bought together as brothers and as puppies, we have had hardships, many of them, some within my own personal life and then when Trebbors brother got hit by a car and now has an incurrable immune disease, so far treatable with medicine. The only thing that Trebbor had was Epilepsy and that was also treatable for the last six years. His passing a month ago has left me and his brother empty and wondering how this happened., he was fine and than all of the sudden he was life less and after the vet and tests he had cancer of the liver and I will never understand how he got so sick within a months time! His brother was always the dominant one and could take care of him self and Trebbor was a Momma"s boy, who relied on me for nine wonderful years, he would even bring me my slippers in the morning- both of them,I miss him more them words can describe and I know his brother does too. I buried him out at my sisters house and my youngest nephew of six ! says goodnight to him before going to bed, that makes me smile and it makes me cry. Trebbor was my treasure to come home to every day and he is still my warmth and love, and I miss him so much.

Budd and Momma Love you with all our hearts and miss you-I Love You Baby Boy

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Our Beloved Hamster Pepper
we will miss you so much
you will always be greatly loved
thanks for all the good times!
-Michelle, Nick, and Matt

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Wolfie--My Son

I remember when I sat down in the interview office of the pet store while they asked me questions about how I would care for you. As I talked with the clerk you proceeded to untie my shoes with your teeth. I kept looking down at you and I fell more and more in love by the minute. You were my Birthday gift to myself and I was so happy. I had always wanted a Husky. I knew the real test would be when I got you home since Dad had said "No More Dogs". I remember when he walked in the door and took one look at you and asked me who's dog it was. I replied "Yours Dad!". From that moment on he was hooked too. That first night we penned you in the kitchen and you kept crying until finally Grandpa slept on the floor with you. You were mine and his from that point on.

I loved you for the 10 years I had you and in that time you had lost so many friends. You lost Rebel who was your buddy. Then we lost Grandpa. Then you lost Beauty and Princess and finally ME. I was so heartbroken when I moved and could not take you with me. I knew you were not happy staying with your uncle and I was so relieved when we found Maribel and her family for you.

I knew that you quickly fell in love with them and they with you and I will be eternally grateful that your last month's were happy ones where you felt very loved. You left so suddenly that I am not sure I really understand it yet but I know that I will miss you tremendously and so will Maribel and her girls. I hope that you will always know how much you were loved by so many. I thank you for the friendship and happiness you gave me. I hope that you and Grandpa are together again and having fun.

So bye for now Wolf I Love You

Alicia Farparan

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Hemme is a norweigen forest cat. He died by being hit by a car and I wish he had lived. Hemme was about a year old and he was bigger than my maine coons. I can still hear his little, whimpy meow. I have had many of my pets die, but so far this is the worst. I had grown very attached to him, and I wish that I could tell him that I love him very much.


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I thank you for choosing me as your human mamma when you were a small, fuzzy homeless kitty, living outside with your cat mother. I loved taking care of you and couldn't wait to move to a new place so that you both could come live with us permanently.

How lucky I was to have you in my life for 11 wonderful, but too short years. Thank you for the speical gift of teaching me how to be a mom. I hope you know that I did the best job that I could. I am so blessed to have the precious gift of your love and affection. Please know how deeply I love and adore you and always will.

I am so sorry that you became so ill so fast. Do you understand that I would have done anything in the world to make you better? I'm sorry that I couldn't. Please know that I tried my best. I so desperately want a do over. Do you forgive me for being a mere human being?

I hope you are happy and free now. Please come visit us often in your garden or on your pile of sheets that are still on top of your bed. I hope you come to me in my dreams or in some other way. I want to see your sweet face smiling at me so much.

Your family misses you deseperately,

Lindsey, Chris, Sebastian, and Nokomis

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Miss Pudder October/1985 - October1,2002

Miss Pudder was a little cat with a big heart, a heart full of courage and love. Prematurely abandoned or lost, she wandered into the building in which I work when she was a tiny kitten. She was malnourished and very sick with a respiratory infection. I took her to the vet who gave me some medicine for her but cautioned me to not have any hope for her. I did have hope for her, though, and with four squirts daily of the vet's best and lots of TLC Miss Pudder pulled through. We remained bonded for the next seventeen years when her little struggling lungs succumbed to another infection.

She was orange in color and possessed of large, perfectly round, lemur like eyes which because of her small frame and face appeared even larger than they already were and which melted the heart of anyone on whom they would quietly and curiously gaze.

With her less than perfect start in life Miss Pudder remained a small but determined creature. She was sick regularly throughout her life but responded to every bout with a stubborn will to live. She was almost alarmingly brave and would calmly and quietly stand her ground in the face of bellicose larger cats and even dogs.

Pudder had an unqualified trust in her human and when transported to the vet or on a trip would tuck her paws under in her cage and sit quietly the entire time. She underwent medication with little complaint. This included one ordeal when she had a serious cyst in her eye. She calmly endured seven different medications a day for a month without improvement. The ophthalmologist urged that her eye be removed. We stuck it out on our own for another month of medication, and she came through.

Every night for many years Pudder sweetly purred us both to sleep as she snuggled under my arm with her head on my shoulder.

Circumstances once required me to leave her in the care of others for several months. She did not forget me. She did forgive me. For Pudder, love was not a two-way street.

I am grateful for the fate which brought such a gentle, trusting friend into my life, and I cherish the generous years of companionship which we shared. Her blessed unaccusing innocence brought out the good in me. I miss her so.

David Bartlett

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Turkey & Muttsley

Turkey was a 16-year-old Border Collie who belonged to my Father since he was a pup. As the years went by, he never lost his puppy-like enthusiasm. He grew slower, had trouble hearing and seeing, but would still be up and ready at the word "Walk." At the end, he went to the Rainbow Bridge quietly and with dignity, together with Muttsley, his companion of many years.

Muttsley was an approximately 15-year-old mutt who was rescued from a rest stop by my Father and his wife Nadine. She was alone and frightened, but took right to both of them and Turkey, who welcomed her with open paws. As she was rather low to the ground, Turkey would blaze a trail and she would follow, eager to explore new territory. She never slowed down, but her eyesight went, then her hearing, and finally her bladder control. She went to the Rainbow Bridge with Turkey, and they now await there, in the flower of their youth.

You will both be in the hearts of all who knew you forever.
Jeanne, Ellis, Nadine

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In loving memory of Chloe Glyer, March 27th 1986 - September 19th 2002.

I have lost my precious puppy. The most beautiful creature I have ever known. The envy of every other Westie that saw her. The most tender, loving, cuddly, sweet little girl.

Precious pookie pook,

We love you as much as eachother. You were the center of our family. The house and lawn are so empty without you. You were the wondeful light in our lives. I will always remember how much you loved cheese. I will always smile at the memories of you in the winter, when you would run in the snow and get huge snowballs stuck to your fur all over your body, and it would take hours for us to melt them away. I will remember how I taught you to give me your paw. You loved to lay in the sun and let it warm you. And how you loved to tear up paper towel rolls. I will remember the way Brian would let you lick his face all over. And how dad tried not to get attached and admit how much he loved you too. I will also smile when I think of how you would bark at the birds when I would say "Where's the kitty? Go get the kitty."

Since I was 6 years old you were my precious sister and baby. So beautiful and tender. I wish I could have you with us forever. We will take your ashes to our childhood home where you, me, and Brian grew up, and scatter them on the hills, where you loved to roam with us and roll in the smelly things. Lady Chloe of Mann. A step above the rest, loved the most, spoiled the most, missed the most. I know you are so happy to be back with Charlie, your "parent" cat who raised you. And your grandpa's will love you until we get there, a blink of time.

I will never get over losing you. My heart will remain wounded and incomplete until I pass into spirit so I can pet you and kiss your little head over and over and whisper how much I adore you. Now you are free of old age my sweet girl!! Go roll and run and bark at the "kitties," my most precious little pookie. And remember your family who will always love you and miss you so deeply. And know there will never be another like you. I will search for you in my dreams forever.

Love always,
Mom, Dad, Grandma, Brian and Annie.

"You think dogs will not be in Heaven? I tell you, they will be there long before any of us." - Robert Louis Stevenson

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April 8, 1995 - January 7, 2003

Beloved Son Of Russ Hofer, Larry Templin and Phil Wells,
Loving Brother Of High IQ Axl Von Hofer,
Wilmington Street Tramp Spike Von Hofer and Dusty.
A True Friend Who loved Ice Cream and Cuddling.
Playing Blanket Monster and Watching Animal Planet.
Being Around His Family and Friends.
Riding In The Van and Going For Walks.
He Left A Huge Void In Our Hearts And Our Home.
He Is And Will Be Missed Until We Are Together Again.

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July 17, 1993 - December 12, 2003

With Us For Almost Ten and 1/2 Years.
Beloved Son Of Russ Hofer, Larry Templin and Phil Wells.
Loving Brother Of Spotted Ghost Ajax Von Hofer,
Wilmington Street Tramp Spike Von Hofer, Dusty,
and Tralfaz Gottrockets Astro Von Hofer.
A True Friend Who Loved Catching a Frisbee and Swimming.
Playing Blanket Monster and Watching Animal Planet.
Being Around His Family and Friends.
Riding In The Van and Going For Walks.
Going to the Cabin and Running In The North Woods.
He Left A Huge Void In Our Hearts And Our Home.
He Is And Will Be Missed Until We See Him Again.

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Sophie Bunny 1997-2003

Most people could not understand having a house bunny as a pet. I never cared what anyone thought about us. I was told that I lived with the rabbit and he ran the house. That was fine with me! We were a team! You used to sleep with me in bed, chew electrical wires, clothing, pocketbooks, carpets, etc. I never cared. Material items could be replaced. You, Sophie, my dearest friend, will never be replaced. You brought me so much joy. I lived for your well being and did everything I could to see you had a great life. There will never be a day when I don't lovingly think about you and wait to be reunited with my most special, loving pet. I'll love you forever and a day. Till we meet again...

Your Mommy

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When I was sad, you comforted me; when I was angry, you consoled me; and when I was happy, you shared my joy. You were always so sad to see me leave without you, and always so happy when I came home. You did everything I told you to do, and you always wagged your tail. You taught me more than I could have ever taught you. Through thirteen years, you conquered every illness and accident life threw at you. The only thing you couldn't beat was time and age.

Ozzy, you will always be the brightest, greatest, most loving creature that I have ever known. You will always be my constant companion, my "fuzzy buddy," my "Dufus Dingus," my best and truest friend, and you shall remain in my memory and in the depths of my heart forever. You were part of me, Ozwoz. You were my inspiration; my greatest joy. Your passing leaves a great hole in my life, and the world will never be the same without you.

Wherever you are now, Oz, stay there and be a good boy. Say 'hi' to Keno and Peaches. We shall see each other again, little buddy, and I'll hit the tennis ball for you, and we'll go walk and play and chase rabbits. In the meantime, farewell, my noble friend. I will miss you profoundly, and I will always love you.


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May 1997 - November 29, 2002

Coco passed away from renal failure at the age of five. She was my very first fuzzy. Sweet, loving, vivacious, and all of the above. I spoiled her rotten, in the end, with all her favorites like spaghetti, ketchup, apple juice, raisins, and Cheerios. She spent her last night on my shoulder, sleeping peacefully, and whispering cold, wet secrets in my ear. Till we meet again.....I'll miss you!

Top 36 Reasons Why I Love Coco

1. Stashing feminine pads!
2. Stashing prescription or medicine bottles
3. Nibbling and scratching my feet when I am asleep
4. Cuddling and crawling next to me in bed
5. Sniffing my face in the morning to wake me up
6. Licking my stinky toes
7. Licking water off my finger
8. Feeding from my hand
9. Always willing to take food from me, even though you're full
10. Splashing water all over the bathroom floor
11. Crawling up my pants unsuspectingly
12. Going nuts after a bath
13. Always happy for hugs and kisses
14. Being a clean freak, always careful not to get too messy and always frantic about cleaning up after eating or drinking
15. Climbing to strange places in my room
16. Mysteriously climbing up and into the bath tube just to drink lukewarm water after someone has taken a shower
17. Being so strong in every situation that arises
18. Making happy noises when you get excited
19. Loves to go outside the apartment and run up and down the stairs, left and right all over the 3rd floor and all the other floors as well
20. Getting all excited when you hear the doorbell or someone coming to the door
21. Being so tolerant of Scout, your little brother, even when he's being so naughty
22. Never complaining when you're in pain or not feeling well
23. Diving for stinky shoes or socks
24. Yawning for me when I rub your cheeks
25. Loves digging, playing, running around, and chilling in the park
26. Always friendly to strangers
27. Always happy to see me and willing to listen to me
28. Misses me when I am gone
29. Loves to pick out food you preferred not to eat
30. Loves new and exciting smells
31. Loves snorkeling in my bed and comforter cover
32. Not afraid of anything, unlike Scout, and always curious
33. Always following me around for snacks or treats
34. So brave to undergo teeth cleaning
35. Wacky favorite treats include spaghetti and ketchup
36. Coco, you've lived life to the fullest and played your heart out. Now rest little one....

Sweet dreams,
Lisa, Scout, and James

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Cocoa Puff
1992 - 2003

You weren't just a cat, but a force of nature.
At times you were friendly, quirky, insistent, and finicky!
Each ring of the doorbell was a chance for you to try to make a new friend.
Even the coldest, non cat-lover had to admit you were pretty cool.
Cocoa Puff, we will miss you forever and ever. Your love was never-ending.
Thanks for being my feline friend - and a beloved member of the family.
Rest in peace.


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We were only together for a month, but during that short time I grew attached to you, and I tried to give you the best life I possibly could. You were intelligent, inquisitive, and quite mischevious on occasion! However, you were also friendly - you didn't mind being held and petted (unusual for a rabbit), and you never once bit me or deficated on me. It broke my heart to make the choice that I made, but I could not bear to see you suffer any longer. I know you're in a better place now, where you will run again and feel no pain. I will miss the sight of you yanking carrots slices out of my grasp and running up to my shoes and trying to chew on them. Through this memorial, I will let the world know what a great pet you were. You are not forgotten. Although your life was short, you should know you had a big impact on mine. I miss you little buddy, rest in peace.

One Love
January 6th, 2003

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Ted Redman

Ted is gone. He was a yellow blockhead Labrador. Ted was huge, 115 pounds. He wasn't fat, just big. He looked like "Old Yeller". He was born in 1989, the year we were married. We called him our first born. Ted wasn't the smartest dog I ever had but he was the sweetest and happiest. He always had a smile on his face, even at the end. He was my shadow. Even when his hearing and eyesight failed, he could track me with his nose that never failed him. He could follow directions with hand signals.

Ted loved everyone. Our grand children grew up with him. They would run and jump on him, sometimes when he was sleeping. He was always gentle. He had a pet cat. The cat showed up at our house and wouldn't let people near him, but cuddled with Ted. Ted didn't seem that excited about the relationship, but he tolerated it and allowed the cat to use him as surrogate parent. He trained our second born, a chocolate lab. He taught her how to protect the house, be kind to the cats,not chase the squirrels, chipmunks and deer, but to bark at the Coyotes. He showed her the safe way to our Grandpas house a mile away, through the fields, avoiding the road.

Ted had a good life. He lived in the country and had a dog door to come and go as he pleased. He had a comfy bed at the foot of our bed. He had two sister dogs to keep him company when we were gone. Ted loved pizza. His spot at the foot of the bed will always be saved for him.

I miss him so much. I have a hole in my heart for the best dog I ever had. There will be others to fill the hole in the house, but none to fill his shoes. My husband says "Ted was a dog with a capital D". And I say he was a "once in a lifetime dog". We were so blessed to have him in our lives. It was just not long enough.

As a tribute to Ted, I am going to try to always smile, even when I don't feel like it. I'll just think of his goofy smile and it will be for him that I smile. Goodbye Teddy dog, we love you, thank you for your love and your everlasting smile. We will see you later.

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In Loving Memory of Pop-Tart
April 12, 1994 - September 5, 2002

He was my first bunny and one of my favorites. He was given to me by my spouse. When he was younger he would sleep in our bed with us. He was a raisin addict. He couldn't get the lid off the raisin canister fast enough so he'd rip it off with his teeth and toss it on the floor.

Many people have the misconception that rabbits are stupid. One day a few months ago, Pop-Tart did not get his raisins in the morning. He went into the opposite corner from his litter box in our bedroom and peed all over my spouse's dress shoes. That'll teach that dumb human to forget my raisins!

Pop-Tart had quite a temper. It took the two of us to trim his nails. After we finished cutting them he would pick up the clippers with his teeth and fling them away. Many times he would bite us afterwards. He loved to have his jaws and ears rubbed and he received a bunny massage every night.

In Loving Memory of Sweet-Pea
May 6, 1994 - June 8, 2001

Pop-Tart's soul mate was Sweet-Pea. She had a very loving personality. She was always grooming Pop-Tart's head and face even though he rarely reciprocated. They had 8 kits together. All I have left of them is their daughter Baby-D. She looks just like her daddy. All 3 are New Zealand White Rabbits. We feel so bad for Baby because she's lost both of her parents.

Sweet-Pea must have been part Lop because she had what we called helicopter ears, one went up and the other went down. She loved to crouch down for a good petting session with us. Carpeting was her favorite thing to chew on so we have many bald spots to remind us of her.

In Loving Memory of Punk-In
September 30, 1995 - September 2, 2001

Punk-In was a blue Dutch rabbit. She used to lay on the couch next to me for hours every night while I watched TV or read a book. I always had my arm around her so she wouldn't fall off the couch. If I stopped petting her she would bite me gently to remind me she was still next to me. When I got up to feed the other rabbits or do something else she would tear the couch apart. She was only 2.5 pounds and she managed to tear a gigantic creator of stuffing out of the cushion that was about 10 times her size.

In Loving Memory of Jelly Bean
March, 1995 - September 29, 1995

Jelly Bean was my first Blue Dutch rabbit. She was a wonderful bunny who went to bunny heaven prematurely. She was killed by my neighbor's dog. To this day, I regret leaving her in the vet's office after the dog attack. She died alone listening to strange sounds. I should have kept her at home. Pop-Tart, Sweet-Pea and Punk-In all passed away at home in a familiar environment (in my arms) surrounded by our love.

10/05/96 to 5/05/03

We-Be was my first rescue bunny. She was in a petting zoo at a craft show. The kids were picking her up by her ears. Two kids starting fighting over her and dropped her to the cement sidewalk. I thought about shoplifting her but I didn't think I could walk through a crowd holding a bunny without being noticed. I paid for her and left with my precious cargo.

We-Be was a wonderful companion to Punk-In. I got them less than a week apart so they grew up together. It was so cute when they were kits and didn't fight with each other. When they were about 6 months old, and feeling the effects of estrogen, I had to separate them to avoid fur flying fights.

I bid a fond farewell to my adorable We-Be on my birthday. A Vet put her down. It was a peaceful end to her life but also the best present that day. She was grinding her teeth in response to pain the night before so I knew she couldn't wait one more day. In the picture, she's sitting in a basket with my unplugged glue gun and glue sticks. Like any well trained litterbox house rabbit she left behind a few presents for me.

In retrospect, if I had to do it all over again I would have had all of my female rabbits spayed. I had the only male rabbit neutered but didn't want to spend the money to spay all 5 of my females. We ended up spending even more money at the end on diagnostic X-rays, medication, Pedialyte, Vet bills, etc. The females all died from uterine/ovarian cancer. I didn't understand at the time it would be an investment in my pet's future. I regret not making the right decision so please learn from my mistake.

I hope to find a statue of St. Francis of Assisi with some bunnies around his feet. I would love to add this to our pet cemetery. We have 2 rabbits now and 2 cats. I hope we don't lose any more of our "fur kids." They are all dearly loved, spoiled as can be and will always be greatly missed.

Linda & Larry

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