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In loving memory of Rory, Pipper, Murphy, Honey, Snowy, Tinkerbell, Strawberry, Blackberry, Harry, Batman, Shadow, Rainbow, Saracen, Pearl, Blot, Dash, Wriggle, Runt, Bee, Di, and any others whose names have left me. Thank you for all the love and pleasure you gave me.

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Rest peacefully little one.

Your life was so brief yet you brought great joy and will be sorely missed.


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Simon       December 1986 to March 2001

Words cannot express the deep sorrow we feel in our hearts at your passing, our beloved Simon. You've been our wonderful companion over the past fourteen plus years, bringing us much love and joy. It broke our hearts to let you go, but because we love you so much, we could not bear to see you suffer. Heaven opened its gates to accept our sweet cherished baby. We love you, dear Simon, and will hold you eternally in our hearts.

Daddy and Mommy

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Snoopy, the beagle. Pretty original, huh? But the name fit him, along with other aliases like: 'snoop doggy dog', 'schnook', 'schnookers', 'puppers', 'pumpkin', 'sugars'. No wonder he never came when I called him. I had Snoopy for 12 1/2 years. My roommate in college never had a pet and wanted a dog, because she was allergic to cats. She ended up dropping out of school and leaving me as the sole owner of Snoopy. Even though we went through some very difficult times in college, I always made sure my dog ate before I did. It was never an option to give him up. Snoopy did escape a few times and that left me sick with worry. I would always cringe at the thought of him ever leaving me for good. I'm a single person living alone and he has been the one constant in my life. Friends and boyfriends have come and gone, but Snoopy was always by my side through good times and bad and throughout every move I made. Now, for the first time in 12 1/2 years, I come home to an empty house. There's no wagging tail or happy smile to greet me now. I had to put him down, because he was suffering from a severe heart murmur/enlarged heart. He seemed to know it was time, because he licked away my tears in a futile attempt to comfort me. My life has been forever touched by him and my life will never be the same again. Sometimes I imagine him in doggy heaven, getting an endless supply of tummy rubs and sleeping on the softest pillows they have to offer. Unfortunately, I also wonder if he is lonely without me, because I'm lonely without him. I'm finding it difficult to let him go, so I want a reminder that says Snoopy graced this earth and I was lucky enough to walk through life with him. Snoopy, I hope you enjoyed your time here. I hope you had a good life. I love you. I will always miss you. You gave your all to me and I thank you for that. Love, mom. pet loss grief mourning

February 23, 2001

To my old buddy Rascal:

You were my best friend and companion for eighteen years. You were part Poodle and part Pekinese and a BIG part of my life.

When my wife and I fell in love with you at first sight when you were a puppy and we took you home I knew you were going to be something special. You were our first born and unbeknownst to me at the time were to be my mental salvation.

You were a hero when you barked at a smoldering extension cord and saved us from a fire. You were a hero when you stayed with me while my wife and daughter went their way. You were a hero when you patiently stayed home by yourself nine hours at a stretch without messing in the house until I returned from work five days a week. You were a hero while we watched TV and you scared off all the animals that would appear on the screen with your ferocious twenty pound bark. I guess thats why you’re in the Who’s Who Book of Pets!

I tried to return the love you gave me by playing hide and seek or baseball with you; how you used to love to “go out for a fly ball” whenever I would bat it to you and then you would wear me out by keeping it away from me but I could never give back anywhere near the love that you gave to me. I was truly fortunate to have received eighteen years of love and devotion from you.

It’s time for you to crossover now to where you can once again run, jump and bark.

Goodbye dear friend, old buddy, I’ll see you on the other side.

Your daddy, Walter

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In my opinion, Tilly was the best dog in the world. I am writing this because she has been gone a year today, and although time does make it easier to bear, she is still at the forefront of my mind. Only another dog owner can know how it feels when a beloved dog dies.

A year ago today was the worst day of my life.

We got Tilly from a shelter when I was nine, after our old dog, Betsy, had died. Strange to think I didn't like her in the first week because she chewed one of my toys as soon as she got through the door. She soon charmed me with her floppy right ear, the way she rolled her big brown eyes, and her feline attitude towards food - she much preferred fish to meat, and milk to water. Dad used to say she must have lived by the sea in a previous life.

Life passed by without event until I reached the age of sixteen, when Tilly saved my life. I was suffering very badly from clinical depression and the hours that weren't spent crying were spent self-harming. Tilly, as with most dogs, had a sixth sense with regards to human moods, and mostly she would come and sit by me for hours, just being hugged and stroked as I cried into her fur. A strange feat as she was a very active dog, who loved walks and hated inactivity, unless the fire was on, in which case she would (catlike again) curl up and sleep for hours. The peak of my depression came when I took a packet of 10 sleeping tablets in a bid to end my life. I phoned The Samaritans after I had done it, and although they were great, I still wanted to die. The last thing I remember before I passed out is sitting in a drug-induced stupor watching my goldfish swim, and holding Tilly close to me, being worried about how she would feel when I had gone. I am certain that this nagging worry abouther is why I am writing this now.

As time went on, I got engaged to my boyfriend and moved out of my parents home. Whenever I phoned them, the first thing I asked is "How's the dog?". I clearly remember the concern I felt as my dads answer to this question changed over time from "fine" to "OK" to "not so good". Whenever I went round, she certainly seemed OK to me. A bit slower and greyer, maybe, but still the same wagging tail, lolling tongue and desire to sit on the sofe when she knew she wasn't allowed (Well, I let her when nobody was around, and my dad let her when my mum wasn't around. Only my mum was oblivious to her charms!)

In time, she went deaf, which didn't appear to affect her enjoyment of life in the slightest. She started to drink quite a lot of water too, worrying because she never liked water. This was the first indication that something was wrong. I wasn't too concerned though, because it was Tilly, and Tilly would be around for ever. She wouldn't die.

The last time I saw her was a couple of weeks before her death. If only I'd known. I could have soaked up every movement she made, every time she looked at me, how she greeted me. I knew she was getting worse but still, I refused to acknowledge she was anything but super-canine. I have no idea what I said to her as I kissed her goodbye for the last time. I wish with all my heart I could remember. Probably the usual "bye-bye, Tilly dog", or "bye, woof" or "bye-bye, sweetheart", with a kiss on the head.

I was sat at my computer two weeks later when the phone rang. I answered it and my dad spoke.
"Hiya, Soph"
"Hiya dad, you alright?"
"Dad, what's up?"
Silence. Then, weakly as he tried to contain himself,
"It's Tilly".

I somehow knew immediately she was gone. I can remember the precise moment my heart shattered. I can remember me crying hysterically and my dad crying and (I'm ashamed of this) me accusing my dad of not telling me she'd been put to sleep on purpose. God, I regret saying that, as it must have taken a lot of courage for him to pick up the phone and call me. He knew how much it'd hurt.

I went round there that immediately, and still, I expected her to bark when I knocked, to leap up at me when I entered the house and to lick my hands as I sat down. It was a terrible terrible feeling knowing that this wouldn't happen again.

My dad had buried her in the back garden, in her favourite spot that day and it was very strange walking to it and looking at the fresh mound of earth, knowing that my best friend was just a few feet below where I stood, lifeless and cold.

A year has passed and my heart has mended somewhat, although I am crying hard as I write this. Sometimes, I don't think of her for days on end, and at times like these I feel very guilty, as though I am betraying her memory. And that is why I am leaving this memorial to her. So I can tell other people about the most beautiful dog in the world.

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My beloved cat, Clancy, passed away suddenly at the Animal Hospital in Caldwell, NJ,, Monday, Mar. 12 , 2001. He had been admitted for severe anemia but did not appear to be in imminent danger. He was a big-hearted orange long-hair with white patches. I especially remember the off-center white diamond on his back. He slept in my bed most nights, with his head in the crook of my arm. He loved kneading my arm and shoulder while we were in bed, covering them with tiny scratches from his nails. I didn't mind, because he seemed to enjoy it so, purring so loudly he'd keep me awake, then he'd fall sound asleep for hours. He also loved to sit on the back of my chair, always purring, and rest his paws on top of my head. No one will ever replace my boy, Clancy.


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Ricky you've been with me just 6 months but this time was so wonderful for me. Now I miss you and I can't stop thinking of you every day. You had a hard life before coming to my house because someone cut your ear and burned your eye. You didn't ask me for food or whatever, you just wanted to stay with me. You broke all my books, my PC and whatever kept my attention because YOU wanted my attention. By the way, I think you needed me as much as I needed you because no one in my life gave me so much affection. You passed away because the vet didn't recognize your illness. I'm sorry that this had happened to you. Anyway no one can fill up the gap you left in my heart.

Rest peacefully BETTA, GENOVA, ITALY, expiration day March 2, 2001.

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My baby Cami,

It is so lonely without your black furry presence. You always watched and knew just what I was going to do next, mostly leading the way for me.

Before your little body was taken over by that terrible disease, you looked for any possibility of running out of the house and next door to Aunt Lilly's cat door, where you knew a feast always was on the floor for her eight cats, which you quickly gobbled before someone could find you out.

When I first saw you in the animal shelter, you were a standout, with your bright intelligent eager eyes, wagging tail, and a hopeful smile on your face. I came back once more, but should have realized from the start that there could be no one but you. And I always got that same greeting when I came home and saw you in the window waiting for me. You always knew that I was arriving soon.

I miss you so much. I'm so sorry I waited those extra days to relieve you of your pain.

I love you.

Your Mom

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Budger was a great horse. He was very sweet and kind. He was black with a white stripe down his face. I rode him everywhere and most of the time bareback. I barrelraced and teampinned on him. He was my favorite horse I've had and ever will have. Everyone who knew him loved him, and when he died, everyone had a part of them taken away. He was more of a friend than a horse. You could tell him anything and he would listen. This year a week before Christmas Budger got caught in a fence. His circulaton got cut off and we tied to save him, but we couldn't. Three days before Christmas everything on leg fell off but the bone. The next day we had to put him down. Everyone had a really hard time with it. When I told all friends, family, their parents, and my parents friends cried. We have a new horse now, but it will never replace my horse and good friend, Budger.

In memory of the best horse ever
His loving owner Rebecca

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September 1st 1992 - March 17th 2001

Meggie was a lovely cat.

She was so nice and kind.

She liked to play football and volleyball.

Meggie liked to eat olives, mayonnaise and popcorn.

She died suddenly.

Meggie we miss you very much.

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My dear little kitten.
So fragile, so young, so curious.
I loved you from the first day I saw you.
I took you in and fostered you.
I ended up adopting you as my own.
I was so happy to see your bright beautiful eyes every morning, noon andnight.
You always put a smile on my face with your shaky, curious little antics.
So short was the time we shared together.
I grew to love you so much.
I cannot believe that so young at only 5 weeks, death has taken you from me.
I miss you so much and I will never love another the same.
You are my baby, my darling, my sweetie pie.
Mommy misses you so much.
Mommy's pain has been so deep since you died.
You'll never know how much mommy cried.
I'll love you forever and carry the memory of your big bright eyes in my heart always.

Love Mommy

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Rex 09/15/91 - 05/12/01

(Sexy-Rexy, Manny)

Our beloved Rex, once a Tulsa Police dog who became our pet, then our friend, then a member of our family. Rex was imported to work as a police dog for the Tulsa Police Department. He was a very smart, eager, and deligent police K-9 who served the citizens of Tulsa for 3 years. He was retired early when his handler was shot searching for an armed robber in the summer of 1996. The transition to retirement was easy for Rex, all he ever wanted was a little food and a whole lot of love. You could search a life time and never find an animal more eager to please those he loved.

My wife and I were able to take Rex anywhere-- the coffee shop on Sunday morning, the veterinarian, the pet store, or just around the neighborhood for the daily walk. He was greeted by everyone with comments of how beautiful and loving he was.

On May 11, 2001 my wife and I left town for the weekend. Due to our love for Rex, putting him in a kennel was not an opition. We had Debbie Bull come to the house to feed, excercise, and love Rex (and his step-brother Dually and step-sister Chili). On Friday evening at 7:30pm Debbie came to our house to care for our "children" at which time everything was normal. When Debbie returned on Saturday morning May 12, 2001 Rex was in the kitchen laying peacefully on "his" rug. Upon approach it was clear to Debbie that Rex was not breathing. She took him to Bowman Animal Hospital where Rex was pronounced dead.

Upon arrival back home the pain of this loss was overwhelming. Rex was not a pet but a member of our family. He will always be in our hearts. I have never thought about whether dogs can go to heaven but now pray everyday that Rex is in heaven chasing rabbits, chewing on sticks, and sharing unconditional love with God.


Julie and Rew

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To my dear sweet tabby cat, Missy. Born Feb1984. Died May13, 2001. I will always love and miss you terribly little sweetheart darlin. Just writing about you makes me cry. I will never forget you sweetie, never, never. Rest gently my precious till we meet again.

Your loving Mom

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This is for Beauford. He was 14 years old. He was always by my feet. It is hard to put in to words what it is like to be so completely loved by a dog. Today you went into the light. You died in my arms. I am comforted to know you are no longer in pain... You don't have to go on living to make sure I'm alright. I'm fine now. You've done a wonderful job taking care of my family. You have been the one contant in a life of many changes. God brought you to me... Now I return you to his loving hands. The mail lady came by today and I almost barked at her for you. I promise I won't let the cats scratch on the sofa...

Love, Mom

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I know that you are happy now. You are running in the grass, climbing in the trees. Stay with us forever.

Love Lance and Stephanie

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MERLIN 30 mayo 1988- 3 abril 2001

Fue mi compañero durante 13 años, y fue el mejor amigo que he tenido, siempre me cuido y era muy celoso de las personas que se me acercaban, sabia estar tranquilo y sabia cuando estar en guardia, hasta el ultimo dia estuvo cerca de mi. Era un schnauzer miniatura gris, gano algunos concursos de belleza y porte, en nuestra ciudad de Puebla, mexico. Tengo al hijo y al nieto de Merlin conmigo y puedo decir que son los mejores perros del mundo. Realmente era una belleza y lo extraño mucho.....te quiero Merlin....Susana

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Toy Mountain's ASTRO

born February 1, 1988
died May 10, 2000

I'm so sorry...I can not forgive myself for not locking the gate to keep you inside the fence. I was so very very tired after working all day loading and unloading the large U-Haul moving truck and I simply forgot to latch the gate. I know you wanted inside with me, but I also knew that you would "mark" everything in the house. Oh, how I wish I hadn't cared for the furniture & carpet.

It was warm outside. You had your blankets to curl up in. You had fresh water. You had fresh food...your favorite. Bandit (not your favorite buddy dog, but you'd usually sleep next to him) was there with you. All that was missing was your gal Scamper. She'd moved to be with her owner, Randy (my brother), but you didn't understand why she wasn't here. You didn't understand why you were here and not at our old house. You wanted to go home, I think.

Because I didn't latch that gate, you got out. You started walking. You were in the middle of the state road when someone ran over you. I found you the next morning when I saw what I had done. I drove until I saw something in the middle of the road. I was praying that it wasn't you. I saw your sweet face all crumpled up and your guts hanging out from your backside. I stared and stared and screamed and begged God to not let it be. But it was you. You were wearing your collar still. I hope and pray that you didn't suffer.

You were such a sweet dog. You had such cute habits and I miss you terribly. I will never forgive myself for allowing you to die that way. I'm so sorry........always......

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Sir Gepetto Vincenzo Ambrosia 1st

Born on 17 January 1998 1:30AM CST
Born in Burnsville, MN
Dame: Lady Pepino Maria Ambrosia
Sire: Sir Frederick Von Gress Ambrosia
Died to complications from open fontal, epilepsy and stroke.
Passed onto Rainbow Bridge
Saturday 16 June 2001 7:10PM EDT
Picture shows Gepetto standing and smiling, laying to the left of Gepetto is his mother Pepino. Taken 7/9/00 in our home in Benton, PA.

Gepetto, he was such a young, lively little fellow. His nickname was Scooby Doo and he responded to either name equally. He looked so much like the cartoon Great Dane Marmaduke, long spindly legs and his walk was quite comical. His facial expression was always one of amazement; it even looked as though he plucked his eyebrows so they were always high on his head. He was a proud little fellow and took care of himself; no one dared cross his path, for toys, food and all. He kept the big dogs (The Saints) in line, with a quick nip on their snout. They al loved him and allowed him to lie on their backs anytime he caught them lying down.

When we delivered him we were prepared to lose him in a few hours or days. The vets did not give him much hope with the size of the opening in his head. The open fontal is a curse on apple shaped headed dogs, such as Chihuahuas etc. He had a mild seizure every now and then growing up but always was quite healthy. For 99% of his life he did not have to take meds, except for his normal shots and rabies. He sired a few puppies, Ruth and Peanut the 2nd were his brides. He was my little boy, since I delivered him and could never do anything wrong...well almost never. From 1998 to early 2000, I was away due to my work with Kmart and he had to stay in MN with Albert who took great care of him and all the gang. I saw him and the gang when I would come home for vacation (what's that) and holidays. Then we made up for loss time. You would always find him on my desk as I typed on the computer, sleeping in the crook of my arm, hence a lot of typos… From April 2000 to his passing he was with me every day I was home from waking and sleeping moments, he was right there. I hated to be away from the house even for a few hours to shop etc. Coming in the door all the gang would bark and welcome me, but I had to hear his shrill voice the alarm to know all was well. His bark was more like a high pitch siren and when he went off so did the other dogs. Saturdays and Sundays were his days to be by my side, wherever I went there he was. Trying to sleep well forget that. If he was in the mood to play or lick you, you were at his mercy.

Around May 6th he started to have epileptic seizures. Our next door neighbor, Dr. Nicole Schultz, a great doctor, finally found the right meds and dosages to help with controlling his seizures. Sad to say Gepetto's last month was being forced fed pureed food as well as water, He could not go out in the sunlight as that would lead to convulsions. He was still able to walk though you had to keep an eye on him. He started to really rally around and we thought the worst was over on Thursday 14 June 2001. But on Friday 15 June 2001, he started to have seizure after seizure, and no amount of meds could relieve him of this situation, which led to his stroke. On Saturday 16 June 2001, it was evident he would not be saved from this episode and after a nap with him and tons and tons of prayers all along, I found the courage to take him to Dr. Nicole to help ease his passing to Rainbow Bridge. A medium to heavy rain fell , I call it God's natural Holy Water, was coming down as I bundled him up and carried him across the road to her home. Holding him in my arms as she administered first a heavy sedative to let him relax and then the IV for the final injection that released him. He was a tough little guy and his heart continued to beat several minutes after the injection. Finally he was at rest and I was besides myself in grief as I and Al had been all day long. I took him to the vet from cremation this afternoon and I can only tell you my heart will be heavy for some time. I miss each and every one of my kids when they go to the Bridge. I pray that God will hear me and when it is my time to go home, let me stay with all my kids at the Bridge as well as all those less fortunate to have had a human take care of them. Sleep well little Gepetto, no one will take your place. We miss you; We Bless you and will keep your memory alive. We rejoice that you are with Him and all of our kids who are at the Bridge. You owned us and we never minded it. Good night Scooby Doo. Be a good boy. All of our love and prayers Tom and Al Ambrosia, Friends of Saint Francis, a rescue organization for pets 474 Ridge Road, Benton, PA 17814// Email: [email protected]

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MAGNUM, June 20, 1996 - June 7, 2001

When your deep, big brown eyes peered up at me for the very first time I knew you had us under your paw. You quickly became a very special and very important part of our life.

You were always there for us. You always smiled and wagged your tail and ran around the house when we got home. You were a wonderful Boxer, everybody said that about you. That's what made you so special Magnum.

The daily drives to the post office gave you so much joy as you greeted each car with a friendly smile. You dearly loved to feel the breeze against your face as you insisted to have your window rolled down. Everytime we go to the car and cupboard we will always remember your favorite treats, cookies and icecream.

Before you came into our lives we had never realized how much one great dog (with a big heart) could ever touch our family so much and so deeply.

We Always will remember you as the wonderful dog that you were, there we always be a place in our hearts the belongs to you.

Loved and Missed by the Barron Family
Frank, Mary , Micheal and Kelly Ann

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I am writting this for my mom. She has lost a very close friend, his name is Bailey. He was given to my mom from my younger brother. Bailey was a very beautiful dog and never wanted to leave my moms side. Bailey, also know as Doppy-Doppy-Dog, will remain in my mom's heart forver as well as all the people that meet him.

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Mesa Doescher
October 10, 1983 - June 28, 2001
Tabby cat with beautiful hazel eyes

Mesa joins her sister Snowflake in heaven after bravely fighting squamous cell cancer. Throughout all of her illness, she never lost her loving personality and her need to love us as much as we do her. Constantly purring, constantly with her tail in the air wagging all around, and begging the occasional people food from her mommy's plate, she was the picture of strength.

Born in Massachusetts, she travelled to Arizona in 1984 by car with her sister, where she came to enjoy the abundant sunshine, birds and lizards. A few were presents to her parents. Ever the tattle-tale, she would let her people know when something was wrong, like a baby crying, Snowflake escaping the yard again or someone was at the front door of her home.

She leaves her cat family, Georgie, Ritzie and Brian who miss her terribly and have been calling for her. Her people will always love and cherish her.

Don't forget us, sweet Mesa, we'll be together again. Tell Snowie and Grandpa we love them.

Your mommy, daddy, sister and brother
Laurie, Dick, Rosalie and Kenny

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Bailey aka Dopey-Dopey Dog 1994-2001

I will always remember when Jay brought you home. You were this big ball of curly fur. Jay put you down and immediately you made our home your home. I had to make such the decision to see you hurt all the time or let you go with dignity. So the veterinarian said I will always see your face when the vet took off your collar and put the rope around your neck and held you while I walked out the door. As I turned and looked you were smiling at me as usual "ready to go mom." I had to go. Unfortunately you couldn't go with me this time! I will meet up with you Bailey. You gave such unconditional love. Bailey I miss you so much!!! Good Bye my dear friend! Mom and claudia and the kids miss you so much!

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Waedegos Blond Baron Nov.22 1987-April 26 200

Waedegos Blond Baron has been in our family since 1987. He was a beautiful sable collie with a white ruff. He spent his life loving us and living through cold winters and hot summers. He loved to lay under the house in the back and gave loving attention to CoCo his house mate. He fought till the end of his 14 years. Extraordinary! We have made a Healing Garden in Barons memory to include a granite stone engraved with his name, date of birth and date of death. It was a comforting experience for the children after the angels took him. The cat will miss him terribly. He always protected the children and myself. He never made friends with the mail man or the kids with skateboards and hockey sticks. He had a great deal of respect for us and loved to go for icecream. He never learned to swim well and never procreated even given the chance.God Bless him and keep him. "He will go to Dog Heaven and be a Dog Angel" says Gretchen. Putting him to sleep was the hardest thing we've ever done as a family, but the kindest. He is loved forever and the garden is a constant reminder.

Missed by Teddy, Gretchen, Margot and Ted.

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