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Muddy Ray - April 1st, 1993 - February 14th, 2001

It's after midnight now, and at 8 in the morning, Susan and I are going to the vet with our little girl Muddy. We are hoping God will take her in the middle of the night for us. To save us the agony of having to do this ourselves. As I write this I am at my apartment, while Susan is at home with her ailing friend, knowing the time is very near. After I write this, I'm driving over to her house to spend the night. And hopefully go to sleep...

I'm submitting this for my girlfriend, Susan. I'm not sure who I feel worse for, her, or Muddy. But I love them both with all my heart. Sometimes I don't show it, but as I write this, I get that funny feeling in my throat I had when I lost my father, and its telling me to do something.

Susan found Muddy, just two weeks old, in a greenhouse where she used to work. Apparently the mother went looking for food and had left the kittens. Susan stumbled across them, and adopted an orange/black tiger. With fur resembling she was dirty, Susan named her "Muddy".

Susan tells me of how Muddy was so tiny as a baby, she'd crawl after her toy ball under a wooden garbage container that had a gap to the floor of an inch and a half.

Muddy was apparently part parrot, Whenever Susan went outside with Muddy, she would sit perched on Susan's shoulder. Muddy is a well traveled little girl. She's been to the Badlands, Maine, and countless other places, traveling with Susan, and her parents.

When I met Susan, it became apparent that Muddy was the litmus test to prove our compatibility. At one time or another, I was told that I would go first before the cat, and if I had a problem with that, then I best git along. I didn't really take offense to that. I guess the idea was to understand that they were a package deal, which was fine with me.

I never dealt with cats until I met Muddy. I had been around Shetland Sheepdogs all my life, which are much more friendly, but the Muddy's aloofness was a bit alluring. One night, I borrowed my friend's laser pointer. That damn cat had me bustin a gut...wouldn't stop chasing that little red dot for love nor money. Not too long after that, I rubbed catnip all over my hands, and walked into the house. Well, she was lovin me like Fabio I tell ya...It was around then we became good friends, even though Mommy was number one in her book, being number two was fine with me.

Muddy would eat almost anything. Tomatoes, milk caps with a drop of milk in it, and bananas being her favorite. At dinnertime, she would sit in her chair at the table, and wait patiently for what ever may come her way. She even tried to take a nip of my coffee on a few occasions.

I normally go out late on the weekends, but whenever I got to Susan's house, I'd hear Muddy's little bell on her collar. I knew a warm furry welcome was coming shortly after. She liked to drink water from the tap, so as I brushed my teeth to get ready for bed, sure enough I'd look down, and there was her furry little head under the faucet.

Muddy has quite the personality, occasionally nibbling Susan's calf when she needed something. If Muddy didn't know where Susan was in the house, she'd walk around a meow a few times until Susan heard her. Just to make sure Mommy was OK.

8 months ago, a routine checkup came back with bad news...a heart murmur, and kidney failure. Hoping for the best, Susan was determined to do whatever she could, and I agreed to help by injecting ringer's lactate solution under her skin twice a week to keep her hydrated, and her kidneys flushed.

The vet said otherwise, she was a perfectly healthy cat. So we got used to our routine of medication, and injections, and accepted it as a part of daily life. We forgot that the prognosis was progressive, and that she would eventually die. Now after 8 months, we thought we beat the odds, until this past weekend when Muddy stopped eating. Another visit to the vet confirmed our worst fear that the time was near.

We took her from the vet to meet the Granparents one last time. We just left there about 2 hours ago. Now, Susan's at home with her little girl, getting her comfortable, and I'm writing this, getting ready to go to her house. I pray that God takes her in the middle of the night, right where she is right now, sleeping by her Mommy. When I get there, I'll give them both a kiss goodnight like I always do, then go to sleep next to them, listening to her little motor running.

God, if you hear me, don't make me make that trip in the morning...

Muddy, your mother loves you more than anything in this world. She would give up everything she had if it meant you could stay...I love you too. I'll take care of your Mommy for you until we can all be together again, because I love her very much too.

Love You & God Bless
Jeff & Susan

pet loss grief mourning

Sammie 10/31/96 - 01/24/01
(My brown-eyed girl, Sam Bam,Sammie Girl, the Princess)

My dearest Sammie how I miss you! All five boys and Chloe are so quiet and sad without you. Billie is the worst though - you were his girl, his baby. He is so lonely without you!

I tried to help you and give you the best life I knew how. From the day I put the first breath into you 'til you died in my arms, I never knew that life could be so perfect! Billie cleaned you in my arms as you were leaving to make sure that you would always stay beautiful. He is such a caring brother. I thank you for the countless lessons and the love you brought to my life. I look at your picture every day in the hall and wonder if you're happy, and if you ran to the bridge like I told you to. I know you did - you always listened to Mom. I took you to my Mom and Dad's so that you could be in the sunshine at the Bridge with their boy Chap. I know that old Chapper was waiting for you when you got there and that he knew that I was your Mom. He'll take care of you until the seven of us that are left can get there.

My dearest Sammie, may the wind always be at your back and the sun shine on the hills for you to snooze in! Remember, only the good die young and you were better than good. You're always going my brown eyed girl, my Sam Bam, my Princess. So this isn't a "goodbye" my sweet angel, just a "see ya later". I'll take care of everything on my side and you take care of you on yours. I'll be there soon enough. Know that you have taken more love than I ever knew I could have with you, and that tears I cry are not sorrow, but happiness that you were guided by the Angels to the Bridge.

Sammie, I'll See Ya Later, I promise,
Mama Kat, Karen, K-lady

P.S. Bille, Jerry, Roger, Chloe, Charlie and Homie send you purrs and kisses and want me to tell you that they're not even thinking about sleeping on your throne!

pet loss grief mourning

Courtney (a weird pug)

June 6, 1989 - April 27, 2000

When your soulful looking eyes peered up at me for the very first time I knew you had me under your power. Who couldn't be? You quickly became a very special and very important part of my life.

You were always there for me. You always smiled and wagged your tail and scrunched around the house when I got home. You were a weird Pug, everybody said that about you. That's what made you so special Courtney.

My Smishy Girl. The Queen of Quite-A-Lot.

We pushed each other and fed off of each other like no one else could. The daily hikes in the mountains will be with me forever. We were both getting tired, but we both wanted the pleasure of a hike in the foothills with our bestest friend in the whole wide world.

You left me too soon my love. I miss you. I miss your kisses. You always "kissed with vigor." That was a trait that no one could ever get enough of.

Your big dude friend, Heisman, joined you shortly afterwards and I know you two are having a great time pugging around. Just be sure that you keep Baron in line (you always did while you guys were here).

You taught me what it felt like to love someone unconditionally. Before you came into my life like a whirly-eared little girl I had never realized how much one little dog (with a big heart) could ever touch me so much and so deeply. I love You.

No one, absolutely no one could ever replace my little girl. We will be together soon

Rest and be well.

pet loss grief mourning

Sandy 1984-1999

I was only 5 when I got you. I mistreated you. I just don't think I was ready for you. I almost didn't take you when picking you out at the shelter. When you died, I didn't say goodbye cause I was praying that you were just sick. I stayed at work even though no one called me to say you were allright. I knew something was wrong. I was a horrible person and I am soo sorry. I miss you so much and it's been so long. I look at your grave everyday and I feel so horrible. Your a dog and I feel I shouldn't care. But you were all I ever had. My greatest memory was when I almost gave up on life and you were there to lick my tears. You were there when I got kicked out of my apartment and when I was beat up all the time at school. Now I have gotten older I wish you could still brush you and walk you and give you kisses. I wish I was there when they put you to sleep. Mom and Dad knew I wouldn't be able to handle it. This is for my only real friend. I love you and miss you and I will think of you always.

pet loss grief mourning

Omlet Wilson

Died on 5 January 2001 at the age of 3 and a half.

Hope you are squeaking and jumping again, having fun and running around. I am so glad we took the brown one back and decided to get you. You have given us so much fun and happiness.

You have gone through so much in life. You were Matpa's favourite animal and you will be missed always.

Love from Yogi, Matpa and Chuda.

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Magnum was a once in a lifetime cat and one of our children. He died accidently at the paws of his good friend, our dog Aspen. We truly miss him sleeping with us every night, and the way he was always there to "help" make the bed after the sheets were washed. He talked to us all the time. We deeply miss his conversations. Magnum was never called by his name, but by one of his many nick-names: Fritty Frat, Frippidus, Frappapus, Frippipotumus, Frappapiddle (he used to urinate on the kitchen rug when he was mad at us), and Fuzz Butt. We thank God for the short time we were able to spend with Frippadus (3/99-12/23/00)and pray that he will meet us again someday.

We love you and miss you so, Frippidus.

Much Love,

Mom, Dad, Gizmo, and Aspen

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Sassy 1993 -- Dec 25 2000

Forever in our hearts will the memory of the Christmas cat live on. She truly was the greatest fan Christmas has ever had. She would pounce under the tree each year in joyful lust for whichever gift. She would shed the colorful papers, ribbons and bows. She would sit for hours under the tree as if she too was a gift, and that she was. Now on this Christmas day our Sassy cat has chosen to leave for a place where everyday is Christmas. She will pounce in mountains of gifts, colorful lights, paper, ribbons and bows. She will have endless Christmas trees to play under with the warm sun warming her face, like she has warmed our hearts each and every day. Forever will she be a part of Christmas.

We miss you Sassy!

pet loss grief mourning


Nov 2000 - 22 Dec 2000

Cupcake is a little baby bunny whom is so cute and pretty. In the short month that I have had her, she had touched my and my girlfriend, April's, heart so deep. And to see her leave us in our hands, has left a scare so deep...........Cupcake was buried along side Max my pet bird.

Cupcake where ever you are........our hearts and love will always be with you.

Danny & April

pet loss grief mourning

To Lulu, Aug 1982 to December 22, 2000

You left me today, I know that you'll be in that grassy meadow sitting in the sun. I've left your toys as you left them should you want to play with them again... Although you lived for over 18 years, it seems that you left me too soon... I'm glad that I was with you when the vet put you to sleep, and I'll never forget saying goodbye to you... I love you so much and I miss you... Daddy is crying for his big old girl...x

pet loss grief mourning


My nephew Dingo was a perennial puppy and my sister's most cherished friend.

He was boundless raw energy in the form of a dog. He had huge silly ears and loved to play "find the corn." He had a loveable grunt and thumping leg, triggered by expert posterior ear massage. In his last years he was joined by a house full of sundry creatures...ferrets, rabbits, cats, and dogs. He had many, many friends and enjoyed many hours of romping about.

We love Dingo and will miss him very much. He had to leave his old worn-out doggie body today, but his puppy spirit will never be forgotten.

Safe journey Dingster, be peaceful and know you are loved.

pet loss grief mourning

Beloved Katana (Katie, Sissy Bear, Snobe) March 1995-Dec.6, 2000

As you cross the Rainbow bridge, remember you were loved by many. You gave us comfort, joy and most of all your unconditional love. You will be missed most of all by "your beloved boy Derek". Please shine your love over him from time to time. KkkkkkKatie Beautiful Katie, your the one and only girl that I adore. When the mmmmoon shines over the cow shed, I'll be waiting at the kkkkkitchen door. Remember your song when we join you, across the Rainbow bridge. Till we are together again. Love and Peace my beautiful white dog.

Derek, Mom, Rich, Sissy Chloe, Brother Casey.

pet loss grief mourning

In memory of Maggie the Hedgehog

More personality per pound than any animal has ever had. She will be missed and LOVED forever.


pet loss grief mourning


July 31, 1987 - October 7, 2000

We never told you that the breeder gave you to us for free when we paid $450 for your sister, Cleo. We had never met such a loving cat, nor a more handsome fellow. Everyone who ever met you marveled at how beautiful and gentle you were.

One of your nicknames was "Brown" because of the unusual color of your coat, but Daddy mostly called you "Pest" because you were always parking yourself in his lap, especially when he was trying to read the paper.

I don't think there ever lived a more "social" and loving cat. Everyone thought you were so silly because your favorite thing was to be spanked. And we used to tease Dr. Frack that you would feign illness just so you could visit your friends at Tustana Pet Care Center.

For thirteen years, you slept in my arms, sweet friend and I often stayed awake late, dreading the day that would eventually come, and indeed came too soon.

When you were diagnosed with cancer(lymphoma)Daddy and I decided "it was only money" and we would provide for you whatever it took, as long as you were happy and healthy. The last night you slept in my arms, I knew you were no longer enjoying the time we had together.

Putting you to sleep was the hardest decision we ever made. And thanks alot for trying to make a "comeback" on the way to the vet's office - we almost changed our minds, but we knew in our hearts that it was "time". You were such a big cat once, but just after noon on October 7, we held your seven pound little brown body in our arms and said "Goodbye, Old Brown". I cried so many tears on your little head as Dr. Z gave you the shot, that I'm sure they had to blow dry you first, in order to cremate you. Daddy cried and cried, Rufie - I've never seen him so upset.

We got your ashes back and Daddy's ordering a nice urn to put them in. We printed the photo that is attached to this memorial and have framed prints in the house, at work, and on our computers. We even have one taped to the fridge at Cleo's eye level so she can see your handsome face when she's eating. I think she knows your gone, because she's been extra clingy since you went to heaven. For a few days, she'd stick her head under the couch and yell for you, but I think she's figured out that you're not under there, after all.

Well, Brown...I hope you're in that special cat heaven and you're laying in a sunshine spot somewhere up there. I hope you know how much Daddy and I loved you, and how much we miss you. Every night since you've gone, Cleo and I have said our "cat-prayers" and I pray to God that when I die, you are waiting in heaven for me. And speaking of being in cat-heaven, keep an eye open for Squeek. He'll be joining you soon, I'm afraid.

You were such a good boy, Rufus. Thank you for all the years of unconditional love.

Love Mom and Dad, Cleo, Squeek, Sam and Fred.

pet loss grief mourning


?-February 7,1999

We adopted Jesse from the Beaver County Humane Society. My boyfriend was really wanting a dog, but because I already had cats he couldn't get one. He decided to get Jesse. Jesse was around 9 or 10 when we got him, and he weighed 25 pounds(just about as big as a dog). He figured that nobody would adopt him because of his age and weight. He was even mentioned in a newspaper article about the humane society. We had already adopted him when the article came out that he probally would not be adopted. I had to call the paper to let them know that he had found a good home. He acted alot like a dog too, that is why my boyfriend liked him. He doesn't like cats at all, just his Jesse. I remember when Jesse would sit on the couch for hours just watching tv. He would just sit next to you and nott try to get on your lap. I had the idea to teach Jesse and my other cats to use the toilet. I thought Jesse might have a hard time of it though, because of his size. Well, he was one of the first to learn, my other cat Hope wouldn't do it so I had to give them back their litter box. We only had Jesse for a little over a year, before he got sick. One weekend he was laying in the bathroom and my boyfriend brought him in the livingroom to be with us. He put him on the couch where he loved to lay. When he went to get off the couch he fell on his face. I went over and picked him up. His breath really stunk, but I thought it was because the vet said his teeth needed cleaned. I told my boyfriend I would have to get them cleaned. Well, by Monday he was hardly walking. My boyfriend and I worked at the same place, we went to work that morning. Around 8:30 my boyfriend said he was going home and call the vet to see if he could get an appointment for Jesse. I told him to call the vet and tell them he was coming. I told him not to let them put him to sleep. I came home from work that day and made him call the vet to see if I could come visit. The vet said "yes," so off we went. Jesse had lost 12 pounds over the weekend. He was hooked up to iv's, so I just talked to him. The vet was running tests and it looked like he was in kidney failure. We went to work the next day, and after work we went to visit Jesse. The vet came in and told us it didn't look good, but they would continue with the iv's and run the tests after a few days. Jesse spent 4 days at the vet's. The vet bill was a little more than we expected, and with our anniversary coming up. We decided to split the bill, and that would be our gifts to each other. Well, we brought Jesse home on Thursday, February 4th. He was doing a little better, we still had to give him an IV once a day, but he was home. I had to force feed him, because he didn't want to eat. This went on till Saturday night, when he starting throwing up his food. I thought he had thrown up everything, and we went to bed. My boyfriend was going to let him sleep in the livingroom, because he was biting everyone. But I brought him to bed with us. Around 2:00 Sunday morning he started throwing up again,on me, my pillow, and my side of the bed. He was having trouble breathing. I took him in the livingroom and layed him on a towel, and went back to wake up my boyfriend. By the time we got back in the livingroom, and sat on the floor with him, he was ready to go. When we sat down he picked up his head and put it in my hands and went to sleep. I covered him up with a blanket, because I didn't know what else to do with him at 2:00 in the morning. The other cats knew something was wrong and uncovered him. So our anniversary will always be a happy and sad day. I really miss you Jesse!! Others have come since you but none can take your place in my heart. Your dad Buzz still doesn't like any of the other cats, just his Jesse.


pet loss grief mourning

Rj (My World, My Baby-Guy, My Bo),

(January 20th, 1998 - November 10th, 2000)

Hi baby guy. I want you to know I'm having a very hard time with you being away. Everywhere I turn you are there. I can't stop crying. I do realize that you served your purpose. You helped me through the worst of times when even I thought I wasn't going to make it. You were my world Rj. I was so looking forward to you being a part of this baby I'm expecting. You were so wonderful with kids. I pray that you will live through Theo, and you will give him what it takes to be as sweet, darling and wonderful as you. He misses you very much. At six months old, I really didn't think he would understand. But you were brothers, and that blood bond I suppose took hold. He's very distant which is extremely hard for me right now. I'm really trying to reach out to him but he just isn't ready. I hope he comes around soon.

You know how I told you the only reason I was remaining in that miserable apartment was because I didn't want to lose you? Well, Grandpa and Grandma, on the morning of your death had decided to make room for you Theo and I. It really bothers me Rj, because I lost you anyway. I think that is what makes it so hard, But you know what a hard time I was having with making the decision on whether or not to move home. Thank you for helping me make the right one. Theo, the baby and I will be at Grandpa and Grandma's if you need us and we will visit you often at your other grandparents home.

You are in a much better place now, I know, but I still need you to watch over Theo, the baby, and I. You were my world for such a short period of time, it's just not fair. I just need you to help me cope and continue to help me function in this world. Nothing will ever take away this pain, not even time Rj, you know that.

My baths, my bedtime time and my life will never be the same.

I love you baby guy, and I'm so sorry I couldn't be there at that last moment you needed me most.

We love you Rj,

Mommy, Theo, and the Expected Baby

pet loss grief mourning


We lost her November 7th, 2000. She was only 5 years old. I will never forget her she was a sweet loving cat...she would always jump on you just to make sure you were ok. If you were crying, she would be there just to look at you and be by your side and look at you like whats wrong.

We lost her due to complicated diabetes. It ate her liver already and was on its way to her kidneys setting off toxins in her body. She was really weak for a couple of days and didn't eat. I knew that there was something wrong with her then, and that's when they told me she had diabetes really bad. They said they could do the treatment but couldn't guarentee she'd make it through. So I didn't want her to suffer anymore and so I laid her to rest.

We will miss you Mittens and we will see you someday... Have fun with Cleo and Shyflower and Muffin... I'm sure you already are.

I love you Kitty.

Lissa and Rob

pet loss grief mourning

Blueberry & Honeydew

A word of warning to all bird owners. Never have birds and cats in the same house or your loved ones will end up where mine are.

I let my birds out for their daily fly free, and I was in there waiting for them to get finished. They went back in there cage and since I like to let them fly when they want, I left the cage door open. When I left my room, I forgot that I didn't shut their cage door and I left my bedroom door open. My indoor/outdoor kitty decided he wanted to go into my room. I didn't think anything of it until he came running out with my newest bird in his mouth. She was dead. My other bird died two days later of a broken back. He died in my hands on the way to the vet.

Blueberry wasn't an ordinary bird. When you get two birds, they usually neglect you cause they have each other. He wasn't like that. He wanted Honeydew to like me. He would hop on my hand, hop off and look at her then she would hop on my hand. They will be in my heart forever.

Sarah King

pet loss grief mourning


Good-bye sweet Shadow. We miss you more than you know, but we take some comfort in knowing that you are now together again with your brother, Woody, who waited for you under the lilac hedge.

Love always from your persons, Roberta and Ed, and your cat buddies, Twister, Stripe and Tawny.

pet loss grief mourning


Died 1 November 2000 (17 years old ) Australia.

We got Ralphy from the RSPCA when he was 2 years old he was a poodle cross. The best experience of my entire life was living with, loving and growing old with Ralph.

Nothing can compare to the depth of that life experience.

He taught me lessons in perserverence, patience, the simple joys of walking and companionship, but most of all he taught me how to love completely and fully. I didn't realise that was what I needed to learn the most.

Towards the end he became blind,deaf and very stiff and uncomfortable yet he was never cross or snappy in his pain. He tried hard to be strong and independent but graciously accepted my help.

While remembering his youth, adulthood and finally his senior years. I would not have traded this experience for the world.

Goodbye my closest, most loyal loving friend. Your loss is inconsolable your exceptional spirit and soul, soft coat, compassionate eyes and loving licks, I will spend the rest of my life yearning to be with again.

All my love always Cleo.

pet loss grief mourning


Bubu was our furry, biting friend who died on 1 October 2000, at the age of three. You will be missed.

Anka and Matpa.

pet loss grief mourning


Fourteen years ago, I saw Wally sitting on a sidewalk, and as I drove by, he raised one paw. Knowing this cat needed my help; I went back and picked him up. He was very sick and spent two months in a veterinary hospital before coming home to become part of our family. Years later, Wally lost his left eye to glaucoma, but he never complained about being sick. Not very long ago, Wally became fatally ill with liver cancer and nothing could be done for him. While the vet gave him an injection, I pet him and told him I loved him. He was gone in seconds, but the happiness Wally gave our family will last forever.

pet loss grief mourning


To my Dearest Baby Alice who passed away on July of 1999. She was born 1988. She is survived by a Sister "Winnie", Daughter "Precious", Niece "Bear". We all love and miss that most wonderfull cat in the World. I hope we will all see her again in heaven and that she watches over her baby.

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