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Blondie April 1995 - August 2001

Blondie, my beloved cat, has passed on and is now free of pain and discomfort. For more than 6 years she shared the love and joy with me and Bootsie. After Bootsie's death last year, she lost her companion and litter mate. I thought that I would comfort her by bringing in other cats, but she did not take too well with the other kitten. And this year, I tested her for FELV to find out that she tested positive for Feline Leukemia, a deadly disease that would ineveitably lead to an early death. She died yesterday while enroute to the vet, but fought to hold on to the very end. She was my brave, sweet and wonderful cat.

Blondie was a talker, she loved to meow and had a whole dictionary on meows, depending on her mood. She loved to sleep and rest on our bed and if we moved her, she would let out a loud meow as to say leave me be. She would have a loving meow when I called her Blondie, she would always respond back to me with a sweet meow and purr away. When my lap was free, she would jump up for hours and just fall asleep -- totally content. When the dinner bell rang, her ears perked up and she always had to look in the Fridge to see what was going to be on her plate. Then she would always jump on my lap and share the dinner table with us and have a bite or two. She only wanted a nibble and to join us in this eatting ritual. And she knew with me, that she was my everything and an extension of myself, since we had gone through six years together.

The day she was born, I fell in love with her, because of all of the tiger cats that were born, she had a blond spot on her backside. Thus, I called her Blondie. She was barely old enough to stand when I put her on a scratching post and she just clawed away at it as if she were on a treadmill. A sweet, comforting, clean and always gentle to all, my Blondie, impacted the lives of so many. My neighbors loved her and would pet her for hours, to her liking. She was the queen and my little kitten, Bushkin, respected this.

When I left for Germany two weeks ago, my Blondie was very lethargic and lost her appetite. I was worried and thus, called my neigbors to bring her in for treatment. She needed immediate attention and was hospitalized for close to a week with IV Fluids, daily blood tests and two blood transfusions. Her beautiful fur was shaved and bruised. My vet did not know if she would survive the week, but my neighbors would visit her daily and just hold her and give her comfort. They even called me on my cell phone so I could talk to her, and she responded by pulling through for me until I got back. My vet said that she really clung on for me and that I should take her home for one last night with her... my heart sank and I prayed for time to stop so I could hold her and talk with her longer. I did not want to give her up just yet. I tried everything in my power to keep her alive, the best treatments, attention, and love. But her anemia and cancer prevailed in the end. Her quality of life began to diminish and she refused to eat or to take her medicines. I kept cleaning her, because she was too weak to even keep herself clean.

The last three days are to be treasured with my Blondie. I was able to hold her and just to give her all of my attention and love. On Monday, I had the choice, give her a transfusion with the hopes she may survive, or for her to die overnight. I chose the transfusion. I stayed with her for 8 hours at the vets while we waited for surgery and she just stayed on my lap purring and protected because I was with her. During the procedure, I thought that I would lose her, but I kept comforting her and petting her.. she pulled through and I slept with her in my arms all night. I had three more days with her and all my energy was on her. I shared my meal with her, sat with her on the balcony and drank wine with her, watched TV, even took a bath with her on a chair next to me. We fell asleep in each others arms.

I woke up several times in the evening to give her water and some food and she kept refusing. I knew that this may be the last night that I would have with my little one. At 6 AM, I found her in the litter box, too weak to move. I cleaned her and sat with her on my balcony and called my vet, knowing that her last hour was approaching. She could not move, and my heart was breaking. I knew that she could not fight any more needles or surgery and my hope for a miracle was fading. I was faced with the decision for Blondie's quality of life and took her in my arms. We drove to the vet and enroute, she succumbed to this fatal disease, the whole time in my arms, comforting her and petting her. I stayed with her for a couple of hours therafter and gave the vet her favorite pillow case and a guardian angel, which she will be cremated with. My sweet and lovely Blondie is gone, and my heart is broken once again. One can't compare the love for one's animals, but the love that I have for Blondie is so special and deep. I miss her terribly and will pray for her by her side when she is cremated on the 29th of August. Her ashes will be put in an urn with Bootsie. Now they are together again -- my little ones. Goodby my love, goodby my sweet Blondie, born in Germany and died in St. Louis. You had a short life, but one filled with love and adventure. goodby, my heart weeps... my Blondie. God rest your souls.

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Bootsie, my beloved cat, passed away yesterday at the early age of 5 years old. My Boo-Boo as I always called her, loved me beyond anyone and treasured every rub, pet and head butt I gave her. I took her to the vet just two months ago to find out why she kept throwing up and the vet assured me that she had hairballs and that with a special diet she would be fine. While she threw up a lot less, she would continue to throw up in places which she normally kept tidy - our couch, her sleeping bed and blanket. She of course did not mean to as this was her favorite location, she would always jump up there when we went to bed, knowing that it was time for her to be tucked in as well. She never complained like my other cat, Blondie, who always runs out and tries to hide from the inevitable night of rest that awaits her. No, Bootsie was everyone's favorite cat - gentle, timid, yet, knowing when good people were near her, she would always come out and give them an approving leg rub. But it was only my shoes, which she would rest her head on while we were watching TV. She would sit down on the floor, next to me and just watch me with adoration and so much love. I would call her Boo-Boo and she would jump up on the headrest of the couch and give me a head butt. Then she would just sit behind me and was assured and confident that she would be fine and safe with me by her side. But should a thunderstorm come, she would hide under the chair and look at me as to say, are we going to be ok, or is all that noise going to get louder and disrupt our little home? I would once again look at her and give her a deep stare into those beautiful green eyes, which were so perfectly highlighted by black eyeliner and thick whiskers. She would than resume her position next to my head and just give a sigh of relief that once again, she was safe.

As my journeys would take me afar, she knew that when my bags were packed, there was no stopping me and that I would leave her alone with her sister to fend off all evil and insecurity that would await her. Of course their caretakers could never replace the love that my husband and I gave her. Last night, while traveling in Germany, my husband called and gave me the news. Now traveling close to the home town where five years ago, she was brought to my litter with just less than a pound of weight, I sit here and wonder why after all of these precious years together, has she been taken away from me. Just five years ago, she was unwanted by my cat mother (her mom had died at birth), who tried to rid of her by setting her on the middle stair in my 200 year old home, so that she would fall to her death or hide her in my boot, so that I could not find her. But I always did find her and came to my little one's rescue and carried her safely under my bed covers to assure her that she was safe in my arms and that nothing could harm her.

My husband called and said that Bootsie had died during the morning hours of the 10th of July, 2000, and that her limp little body was found by the spot where she would hide when those dreadful thunderstorms would pass overhead. This was also the area where I would spend hours working on my web site design and just a couple weeks prior to her passing was surfing and designing a pet section on my web site "militarypartners" and subsequently, linked with My Cemetery. My eyes cried then, as they are now, with the touching stories, that I also wanted to pay tribute to my first Boots ( a male who died too early, when hit by a car). I did not realize how short of time I would have with my little one, but somehow, my intuition told me to take precaution, thus, I gave her only the best of food and love I could give.

Now she is gone, my Bootsie has impacted my life and was my comfort and joy, who was never tired of a tummy rub and a good roll on her back with her paws in the air, never begging, just watching over me and hoping that with her little being that she could protect and comfort me during any hard times, as I always did with her. My little one - I miss you terribly and when I return home, I will no longer be greeted by you at the door and see your shining eyes. But do remember, your memory lives on and you will always be with me - my little one - my bootsie.

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To my best friend Koi,

You were scared, alone, in a cold metal cage, glazing through metal bars at me with deep sorrow in your eyes, in hope that someone, somewhere, someday could love you again. I knew when I first saw you, with a congested head and matted fur, you were mine to keep. When the ladies at the shelter advised me to take another cat, I held your trembling body in my arms, and I headed for the door. You were going home. And as I nursed you back to health, I feel a loving bond grew between us. And a trust from with-in you grew each and everyday. The countless stories of you I have shared with friends will never be forgotten. For every passing day that I had the joy to come home to be greeted by two great big eyes, filled with delight to see me, and I to see them…can never be forgotten. At one time in my life, I never thought I would have a little friend like you again, but there you were, an orange fur-ball full of life and curiosity, kindness and devotion. And together we grew, experienced life, and matured. You were my most precious friend for the last five years. You have brought so much joy and happiness to my life and to everyone who knew you. You have touched my life like no one else ever had.

Koi, I will miss the way you greeted me every time I would come home. I will miss the way you tilted your head to the side and gazed in wonderment, when you were confused. I will miss the way you laid on your back, exposing your little tummy. What I will miss the most is the way you cried to me when you wanted a friend to play with.

I know you are in God's care now. I know you are not suffering anymore, and for that I am grateful. Now you belong to one of God's little angels, you were my little angel… I know I will see you in heaven when one day my time has come as well, and you will be right there to greet me like you always had.

Thank you for all the wonderful memories you have brought to me. You will be missed. No one can or will ever take your place. The memory of you will live inside of me now and for eternity, and in all of those who knew you.

Koi, not only were you my buddy, but my companion forever.

I love you, my little angel……Koi


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was born on February 22, 1991 and "passed over" on April 12, 2000. She was a "beautiful" Golden Retriever and Chow mix. Not the "brightest" one of the litter, but she had a lot of heart and love to give. Always gave it her best. Always on alert she was, chasing squrriels, raccoons, cats. Always watchful on her "upper deck" which gave her a 180 degree view of our front property. Now she's got a full 360 degree view and can chase AND catch her "game". My special, spiritual puppy I love and miss you terribly. Your half sister, Bear does too. As does the rest of the family. I am looking forward to "feeling" your presence again soon.

Love U babygirl,

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Spanky Pestrin-Tinsley

Breed: Border Terrier
Birthdate: April 1, 1995
Passed On: April 18, 2000

As of yesterday afternoon at 5:20 pm EST we put down our best friend and the son of our family. Spanky was our best friend, companion, ear to listen to us, a big brother, nephew and grandson.

He was loyal from the day we received him. We adopted him 5 years ago from the animal shelter. We put him down due to the fact that he suffered enormous brain damage from abuse when he was a newborn. It was so unexpected and I do know that he is at peace and with all his siblings that were killed during the same episode of abuse. With patience, devotion and unconditional love we nurtured him and gave him all the best in the world we could possibly give him. We could never have children and our two dogs are our children. Spanky was the son we never had.

Spanky we love you more then words will ever say. We will be with you in spirit and soul until we meet again. I know you are looking down at us from heaven happy that we are hanging in there and doing alright. We cry all the time and when I see where you sit or where you lay down I break down begging you to forgive us for having to put your down. Your sister snowflake misses you so much. She longs to see you because you both grew up together.

Spanky you brought more joy to our lives then I will ever be able to say. You will always be our brown-eyed monster. Your devotion and your kisses will be so missed and your sister Snowflake will always be there longing for you as much as we.

Even with your health problems you never complained and was always there to give a cuddle or a kiss. You were our boy and our life.

Thank you for the last five years. The joy, devotion, companionship, friendship, and love you have given us all will live in our hearts forever.

Bye for now our dear Spanky. Fly with the angels and be free. As we look up at the sky I can feel you there and know you are happy.

Your Family

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My darling, darling Sam: you know, I adored you from the minute that I saw you holding your brother in a headlock. I had just put Missy to sleep and thought that I could NEVER overcome that grief and there you salvation!

You were the most beautiful kitten that I had ever seen and had so much energy that your eyes would roll like marbles. How I adored and loved you! I took you from chicago to columbus to california to washington and here...I lost you today. My grief is so profound. I pray to god, baby, that you felt no pain. My pain was almost unendurable and to find you myself...I held you to my breast and I was afraid that the police officer would have to peel you from my breast. I miss your sitting on the porch rail, I keep thinking that you will be there when I open the door.

I feel so guilty...why didn't I let you in this morning...force you to come in when you wanted to enjoy the could I bring you all the way from Chicago to Montesano, Washington to die...why didn't I love you more after the baby came.

Please know, I adored you and often, you were my only and best friend...I sacrificed many, many times in order to keep you with me...and now, I place you in the ground..but no less loved or adored.

Sam, you were my heart and always will be...please forgive me if I ever hurt you or neglected you...sometimes, life got away from me...but, I never, ever stopped loving my baby boy....

I will see you again...and you will always be in my heart...

I miss you more than I can fathom and I feel I will miss you no less tomorrow...what I would give to open that door and have you enter....

My heart is broken...

Your mom,


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In memory of Biggles June 6 1989 - April 6 2000

Dearest little Biggs, I miss you so much.

It has only been a few days since you died, and I so wish I had been with you, rather than at the other side of the world. I know the seizure was too much for your heart, and that it happened very quickly, but Im sorry that I wasn't there, as I would have sensed it during the day. You always managed to let me know if a seizure was on the way.

You were such a brave dog, and fought so hard against your sickness. No one could believe that you were diagnosed with lymphoma nearly three years ago, and that you were still going strong without drugs, on your alternative treatment and your organic diet.

I was so lucky to have those extra years with you. But then I began to think you would go on for years and years.

The house is so empty without you. Smirnoff is so lonely and spends his days guarding your grave.

It is so odd not to have you leaping around my feet welcoming me when I come home from a flight.. It seems so strange not to see you appear when I open the fridge door or have you follow me if I walk in the direction of the kitchen. No little paw taps me for a cuddle, or sits by my suitcase when I pack to go away on a flight. Where are you when there is a knock at the door? Why cant I sleep without the comfort of your snoring?

You were such a pretty little black and tan Cavalier. You had such a cute face and the most mischevious personality. I am so lucky to have had nearly eleven years with you.

Smu and I miss you so much.

I hope you are now playing with Charlie in heaven.

God bless you little Biglet.

pet loss grief mourning


I am nine years old, and my dog skutter-Butt was like a daughter to me. She risked her life to get home to us.

We are so sad, because yesterdey, I witnessed the accident which claimed the life of our dear friend, sister, furry baby and beloved dog, Miss Skutter-Butt,Coo-Coo White. She was given to my nine year old son as a birthday gift almost two years ago. She was six weeks old, and the runt of the litter.

Ever since she came home with us, she has been a member of the family. She would sleep at Darius's feet, chew on our socks, and generally just be a puppy. When she got older we would let her go out and play in the yard. I don't know what it was about this one mail man, but Coo-Coo just did not like him. We think he did something to her once, and she never forgot him. She was part German Shepard and Rott and boy could she run. She would playfully chase after our landlord, who rode a motor cycle.

On December 21,1999 she gave birth to eight beautiful puppies, and I let her have them in our living room. They were all strong and healthy, because I gave her milk and meat everyday while she was carring them.

On April 8, 2000, right in front of my eyes, Miss Coo-Coo was coming home, because she had not seen us all day, and I saw her get hit. I collapsed. I have never been so hurt in all my life. She did not suffer, she died instantly. I stroked her, and called her name, then covered her with my coat.

Coo Coo was the best temprement dog you could ever have; she was a wonderful watch dog. We would know someone was coming, 100 feet from our property. I would let her sleep on the sofa, even though she was sheading, because she was so comforatable there. I buried her, right in her favorite place, just outside our kitchen door.

My eight year old daughter prayed for her, on her knees, in the rain and we all are heart broken.


pet loss grief mourning


My Love, My Friend, My Life. I shall miss your playful nips, your squeaky meow, but most of all I shall miss your smiling face, shing green eyes and companionship.


pet loss grief mourning

Melissa Amy "Missy" Lee

Melissa Amy "Missy" Lee crossed the Rainbow Bridge on April 2, 2000. She was the best dog, friend, and child one could have. Her joy she brought us will never be replaced. Missy was born in 1984 and lived almost sixteen years. She leaves behind her mommy, daddy, sister Ashley(Black Lab), and sister Caroline, baby. We look forward to the day when we will meet her again in the paradise in which she now resides. We love you Missy!

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Shaedan Downey- Willett 4-90 To 8-99

We are blessed by the love and guardianship of Shae-Shae. Nine years ago I fell totally in love with this teeny tiny black kitten who knew my scent before his eyes had even opened. I took him with me everywhere I lived. Being without him was never an option. There were times when Shaedan was the only stability and single constant in my life. He took me as I was and loved me all the days of his life. In return I love him forever.

Last summer he was unexpectedly called home to God. There is a tiny part of my soul that is dark and lonely for my best friend. Although he is waiting for me on this side of the Raindow Bridge, I know between now and then I will miss him each and every day.

The only man he ever loved and accepted is my husband, which is partially why he is my husband today. Such a touch-me-not with strangers, he went right up to my husband the very first time and loved all over him. In that instant I knew those two would always be my men. So yes, we are blessed for Shaedan shared himself with both of us and adored me as much as I adore him. I'll meet you there and we'll cross together, never to be apart again.

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Today we laid to rest our very special friend. Her name was Rexy. Fortunatly we have no tales of how Rexy saved the lives of any of our loved ones, however her contribution to our family has been just as profound. My wife brought her home from a Pet Store in Atlanta(she was my new girlfriend at the time). The Pet Store was going out of business and Rexy was the last lizard left. My wife was so proud of Rexy. She fast became a life long friend as I moved away to start a new job. In my abscence, Rexy was a friend, Pet and a confidant to my wife. After our marriage, Rexy moved in and quickly stole my heart also. Her presence was always felt throughout our home. She passed on St. Patrick's Day after a short illness. Her impression will last a lifetime. See you one day at the rainbow bridge.

Missed and Loved by Tyson & Buster the cats, Jaycee & David.

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BREEZY 1986-2000

My beautiful black and white cat, Breezy, who has been a part of my life for the past 14 years has finally lost her battle to the cancer that has plagued her for the past 3 months.

Breezy has seen me through my teenage escapades, the death of my mom, the deaths of all her fellow 4 legged siblings who shared our home and the birth of my daughter.

She has been with me for every major life event that has ocurred in my life and has shown me that love really is unconditional. She dealt with her illness with such grace, peace and dignity....I helped release her from her pain, and mine was the last face that she saw as she passed.

I will never forget her beautiful spirit and I hope that she knew how much she was cherised and loved.

-Kirsten 3/22/00

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Randi was 2 months old when I found her, with her mother, abandoned. Eight years ago. Her chew toy was a beer can. I couldn't leave them there, and so, after much convincing, had my husband drive 4 hours with me to bring them home. She had the markings of a Blue Tick Hound, white with black spots, large and small, all over. An incredibly beautiful dog. She didn't come home the other night, never ate her dinner. That haunts me. I drove my kids to school the next morning, and then went looking for her. I knew in my heart what had happened. We are having our burial service this afternoon, and this is what I've written for Randi:

Oh, sweet Randi. How I miss you already. God, I pray you are in a wonderful place. I want to see you bounding through a beautiful green meadow and into the woods, hot on the scent of whatever you dream. Curled up in a nice soft bed when you are finished, with a full belly, and love all around you. I want you safe from all harm, safe from the cold, and the wet. I want you with me.

Randi, I love petting you. You are the most lovable, sweetest, beautiful dog in the world. My heart, Rand, is so heavy. It hurts so bad. I love your fur. I love the way you could ease your way up into my lap, and lay your head back into me and look up into my eyes. Who could deny you? No one ever could. You charmed every person that walked into our home. What am I going to do without you? I cannot stand not having you here to touch and feel and love. I want to hug you to me, put my arms around you and kiss your soft head. God, Randi, I am lost.

We are all so sad you are gone. How can this be? How could this happen so suddenly to you? Why were you taken from us? Because you are the perpetual puppy? You couldn’t be an old dog. I could never see you growing old. Losing your sight, and your hearing. Getting stiff limbs. You needed to run. To follow that scent, look for whatever it was that you were always searching for. I know that you loved us. I know whose dog you were. I found you many years ago. And I found you again, didn’t I? Oh, Randi, when I saw you lying on the side of the road, you were so beautiful. That was my first impression. Besides the unbearable loss. I already had that feeling, because I knew you were gone from me forever, way before I saw you there. I will never forget that sight, or that feeling.

Randi, take with you all the love that you feel here. Because it is yours. You earned it with every kiss, and lick, and jump, and bark, and cuddle, and all that you are, Randi, you earned it. Because we want to give it to you. We miss you so much, girl. I pray that one day we will meet again. I couldn’t bear it if it weren’t so. But please, don’t make me wait that long. Come to me at night, in my dreams. Let me see you in Heaven, Randi, doing what you love so much. Please, I beg you. That would help this heavy heart begin again. What am I going to do without you to love?

Your devoted and heart-broken friend
March 21, 2000

pet loss grief mourning


To my dear Gus, a ten year old Westie. Darling Gus, you left me unexpectedly but you sent me another little white dog to fill your place. Meckie will never replace you but in many ways he reminds me of you. Master was glad to meet you at the Bridge; he loved you as much as I did. I know that you are both waiting for me. Mom

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Prince Ram 1982-March 2000

How do I describe the joy you've given over the past 17 years? The first night when we found you at an auction. All your liter mates were going to a barn, but you looked up at me full of eggnog and informed me that you were not living in any barn. Those first days, you were a little bundle of fur and adopted big brother Tut as your foster mother.

When your first Dad left us, you captured your own pillow on my bed where you remained throughout your life. Any potential replacements to be your Dad had to meet your standard, and none ever did.

I look at the wardrobe next to my bed and remember the times that you managed to get on top of it. Getting down was another story, and I've the picture to prove it.

You adopted my computer chair as your own and the only mouse you were interested in was the computer mouse. Oh, how I wish you were still lying on that mouse tonight trying to keep me from writing this!

You tormented King Tut and Princess Isis every chance you could. Although you pretended to be so innocent, but we always knew better.

You never thought you were a cat and even wondered why people would allow pets in their home. You were a sweetie, a brat, a baby, all in one. May lap was yours and sometimes you'd just reach up for me to take you. You pretended to be a dog, fetching cigarette packs until Isis came along and distracted even you. You ran like a deer and were always my dear.

Although most cats get nine lives, you went for eighteen. I thought I was loosing you when you were less than 2 years old, but you let me know then you were a fighter and a lover. Were all those other times your way of preparing me for this day?

Isis and I miss you and will someday look for you at Rainbow Bridge. Until then, go find Tut, Arnold, and Supie and check out all the goodies. Hopefully, you'll find an endless supply of chicken baby food and grow up to be a big boy.

Be happy, our love!

pet loss grief mourning

In Memory of our "Little Boy"

You are our first pet, the pet that grew with us. You share our happiness and saddness. You understand us and you never trouble us. We are sorry for not caring you. Little Boy, you live in our memory forever.

Bye, Little Boy, our Little Boy

From Tina and Haven

pet loss grief mourning


After 2 years of absolute joy I left you. My parents could wait for me, but you couldn't. Why? Didn't you understand I would come cack one day? Without me you didn't live. It's only my fault, but I hope you'll forgive me one day.

I have my own life now, I grew up a lot, I need to see more people, more places...

Last summer or any other time would have consequence I suppose: your death. I think a lot about you and I'll never forget you. You've always been there when I needed you. I'll never be so close to any other cat. Bidou I live you and I miss you.

Forgive me if I left, I had to.


pet loss grief mourning


They say when you die and go to Heaven all the dogs and cats you've ever had in your life come running to meet you. Until that day, rest in peace. By Kinky Friedman.

JANUARY 23,1984
DECEMBER 7, 1999

Deeply loved friend, companion and daughter. Always there with a cheerful hello and a loving purr. Greatly missed by her 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Will be forever loved, missed and mourned by Chris and Edith.

pet loss grief mourning

Noah ...

What a sweet boy, what a full life. Five wonderful years, but it was not long enough for me. A cat of grace, a cat of strength. I remember how tiny you were, and how I would feed you tuna until your little kitten belly was full. You moved with me and grew with me. Noah, you always made me feel at peace. Was it just that your love was so strong, it couldn't last as long as the fat cat around the corner, or the one who liked to fight? I guess you lived up your nine lives faster than I had thought, I watched you so closely and always took you to the vet when something was wrong. But this last time I couldn't tell that you'd been suffering so long. What a gorgeous cat, so lucid and free I can't believe I didn't pick up on what you were trying to tell me... I thought you were lonely and wanted a friend, another good cat with whom to pass the day. Little did I know you were suffering inside, losing your breath, while you gazed at me with those loving eyes. I refused to let you stay at the vets overnight, and insisted on taking you back to be with me and in my sight. Part of me felt this would pass and you would heal, but way down deep I knew it was real. Now I wish I would have spent the night cuddled up with you, but I really thought you would pull through. Noah, thank you for waiting until the morning to leave, and thank you for waiting until I was by your side. The feeling right after you took your last breath, was so strange and so was relief and sadness and pain and grief, it was laughter, and playtime, secrets and treats. It was a part of my heart leaving with you, and a part of you staying here with me too. I miss you and think of you every day and hope you are somewhere that we will met again someday. Your spirit will always reside in me, you are a tiger, a love, a cat full of mystery.

I love you baby cat. always, Jordan

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Pearl the Poodle

Pearl the Poodle. I only know her for one year but she was the dog I remember most. She arrived on Valentine's Day 1997. The first time I ever saw her she was in a animal shelter in west Kentucky. She was about 16-17 years old our vet said. She had been on her own for quite sometime and was picked up as a stray. My sister in law and I bathed her and groomed her so she might be adopted, but she was so weak she had to be held up to finish the task. The shelter director told me she didn't have much chance of getting a home at her age. So, of course I took her home. We fed her a special diet at first, she couldn't even hold food down she was in such poor condition. For a while we didn't think she would make it. But, slowly she recovered. All she had left was her will to live and the love she gave me. Pearl was my best friend, she went everywhere with me, yes, to the bathroom too! Even when I took a shower she patiently waited on the rug near the tub. I have had many dogs in my lifetime, but never one that was so loving and devoted as Pearl. In that year we had her on medication for heart failure. And, each time the vet would tell me it could be anytime. Pearl acted very tired one night so, I let her sleep with me. She usually slept on her bed right next to mine and I would sleep with my hand on her all night long, petting her ocasionally. At about 4:00 in the morning she had some trouble breathing I sat up and held her in my arms and she Smiled at me gave me a kiss and said goodbye. It was Valentine's Day one year after she arrived that she chose to leave. Pearl arrived with nothing to offer but love, on the day dedicated to Love and she left me on that day still loving till her last breath. I'll always have a very special place in my heart for the old lady who shared one wonderful year with me. I don't know where she came from but I know she is in a better place now. I will always love and miss you, Pearl.

pet loss grief mourning


Sebastian certainly was a cat who loved to misbehave. he woke me every morning at 5 am to feed him by knocking over the picture frames that sat on my desk. If I indulged in going to the bathroom before feeding him, Sebastian would bite at my leg while I was actually "doing the deed!" This cat had me trained so well that I actually fed him 3 times a day. Not to mention the POPTARTS he stole off my husband's plate! He would even pilfer the marshmallows from my cereal bowl! We couldn't go to bed at night without first hiding behind a bunch of pillows and waiting for him to wiggle his bottom and leap out at us from the other side! Sebastian escaped his indoor life on December 31, 1999. Though we did all we could to bring him home, we found him dead on the side of the road in February. It was a great shock to learn that he had survived for almost 2 months without us. Sebastian will always be loved and forever missed.

Susan and Rich Wright

pet loss grief mourning

To Jake.

Nastiest, most bad tempered, growling, grumpy cat. I loved you more than anyone else. Although you were a she, we called you a he. Maybe that's why you hated us? Now your in cat heaven, probably giving everyone there a hard time. At least you won't have to worry about Tariq pulling you're tail anymore! I'm sorry I wasn't there when you went, I would have given anything to hold you one last time (or even be scratched). But I'll catch you later, and we'll share mum's chicken again. Just you and me, no Tariq. I promise.

Purr purr, and all that.

Love & tickles,

pet loss grief mourning


P.D. PAWS was a very special cat. He was adopted from the Spokane SPCA in 1981 when he was approximately one year old. Although he was a declawed polydactyl (hence the name) sealpoint siamese, he was still able to catch mice on our Valleyford dairy goat farm. When we moved from our farm back to Canada, he adjusted just as easily to city living in Vancouver. He later became a small town cat, living on the outskirts of Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island. From there he became a Southern Californian for a short while, living in the Ocean Beach area of San Diego. From there it was back to Vancouver, where he spent his final years with us taking walks on the Sea Wall in Stanley Park. He loved to travel in the car, especially if he could hang his head out the window. He even went canoeing with us at Deer Lake.

P.D. PAWS died on October 9, 1987 from cardiomyopathy at approximately 8 years of age and is buried at the BC Pet Cemetery in Surrey, BC, Canada and will be forever remembered by his human parents, Janet and Bo.

pet loss grief mourning


Sabin, our extraordinary and deeply adored feline furchild returned to spirit on Feb 2, 2000, at his home, at the age of 13 years, after an intrepid, month-long encounter with illness. Born about January 21, 1987, Sabin intuitively ‘recognized’ his adoptive parents, Debra and Tom, at the Winnipeg Humane Society, on March 28, 1987. Their hearts and souls echoed his and so, within minutes, he and his sister, Nissa, took their places as treasured family members. Thus began a consciously cherished, wholly shared lifetime of love’s instruction at their first home in Winnipeg. Sabin spent his first four years there, joyfully experiencing with his family the days and evenings in their garden, as well as many group, and some solitary, jaunts in the peaceful wilds behind his home. There he became the very competent, proud and never-wasteful rodent hunter he was to remain always. In 1991, he moved with his family to Alberta, where, through his qualities of loyalty and leadership, he became the family’s staunch defender of house and home. Sharing his Mom’s love of nature and the outdoors, they spent countless hours exploring the riverbank together and sitting, hunting or playing in the tall grass near their home. Here, ‘hide-and-seek’ was a shared favourite; one of many avenues that allowed Sabin’s comical sense of humour to shine. As special as the white tip of his tail, he persistently demonstrated lessons in devotion, courage, enthusiasm for life, freedom and nonconformity. Sabin’s beloved attributes included an innate second sight and the ability to communicate psychically, both a blessing and a testament to the deep, enduring bond he formed with his people. Commanding great spunk, despite many physical challenges throughout his life, Sabin dauntlessly gave his all, lovingly and generously bestowing his unique and powerful gifts of the heart, right to his final moments on this earth. With wonder and undying, loving gratitude for all that he gave us, and the utmost admiration for all that he is, we pay fitting tribute to our kidlet, our pal, our teacher and soul-mate.

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
… I love thee with the passion put to use
In my old griefs, and with my childhood’s faith.
… - I love thee with the breath,
Smiles, tears of all my life! - and, if God choose,
I shall but love thee better after death.”

- E. B. Browning -

pet loss grief mourning
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