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In memory of Tiger1 1980-1997...

Tiger, a Sealpoint Siamese left me three years as of 1/29/97. He was a loyal companion that followed my every move. I cherish the few photos I have. Unfortunately, the memories are becoming more cloudy as each day passes. I have another Sealpoint Siamese, Tiger2. I kept the name in respect to the 16+ years of freindship. My biggest regret was not knowing of any cemetaries to give him the proper burial he so deserved. This is the least I can do. Even though Tiger2 is a good cat and I love him, he will never take Tiger1's place. Tiger1, I love you and miss you so much...

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Spunky 1977-1985

You were my first pet, my piggy. I never took care of you as well as I should have and yet you loved me unconditionally anyway. I will always miss your greeting squeals when I returned from school and your gentle chirrbles as I scratched your behind, in the only spot you couldn't reach, the "Sweet Spot". I miss rubbing your soft little ears and scratching your cute little chin. I know that wherever you are now, you are romping with your little piggy friends, eating grass and carrots and having a wonderful piggy time. Know that you are still loved and missed here on earth by me.

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Soybean 1985-1999

My boy, my love. You were everything a girl could ask for in a cat. You went for long walks with me, you brought me voles, bunnies, and birdies because you knew I could not provide for myself. You slept with me under the covers on cold Nebraska nights (i snuck you in when mom wasn't looking, remember). You talked to me on the phone when I went off to college and you didn't even give me the cold shoulder when I came back from college for vacations like Andy did. No matter what, you always came running up to greet me and didn't pout a bit. You kicked the butt of every dog and cat in the neighborhood, because...well, just because you could. You survived and endured so much and you gave so much in return. So many times we thought you were at Death's door and you came back stronger than ever. Finally you succumbed to old age and hard living and it was one of the saddest days of my life. My only hope is that you aren't being too much of a pest (remember what Daddy always said?)in kitty heaven and aren't making Callie and Toppy's life too hard. Don't chase them too much okay? They deserve some peace too. I love you.

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Bear 1990-1995

You were a good man. Daddy and Matt said you were the best bird dog they ever had even if you had to wear an insulated jacket when duck hunting because you were part "wussy" pointer (i'm still unfamiliar with that breed, but...) You were a great guard dog and a wonderful family dog as well. You were also an excellent Louisiana state son by doing your part to lower the nutria population. You were a big help there. And I'm also not mad about you trying to eat my Callie. She looked like a nutria, it was her bad. No harm done. I miss taking walks with you and snuggling with you on the living room floor when Daddy was out of town and I was feeling underprotected. I knew that no intruder would survive trying to break in with you around. I'm sorry about the conditions you had to endure when we lived in Pearlington and the bad neighbors we had. I will miss you always and have never felt quite as safe and secure since your passing. Hope you are having fun chasing nutria in the big marsh in the sky.

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Callie 1991-1996

If you had only stayed in the yard you big silly! I know, you had the wandering spirit and there was no where for us to walk together around here. I'm sorry our walks were so neglected after we moved to Vicksburg. We did get to have some wonderful romps in the backyard though, didn't we? The mole and chipmunk population has just skyrocketed since you left us and we really miss watching you torture those little suckers in the yard. You gave us hours of enjoyment and lots of pleasure. You were the softest, prettiest cat I ever had the pleasure of knowing. You were sweet and ladylike and yet, still was a ferocious murderer of lizards, chipmunks and voles. What every good lady should be, tough and dainty. I miss our walks a lot and think of you often sitting so regally in your favorite window wondering just what the heck the rest of us were doing. Give Bean heck and clean Toppy for me. I'm sure they both need it. I love you.

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Toppy 1993-1996

You were the silliest looking kitten I had ever seen and so small too. They said you were the runt and probably weren't worth saving, but you had climbed those basement stairs all by yourself, waddled right over to me and sat down, all the time looking at me with those big beautiful eyes of yours. If you could have spoken, I believe you would have said, "Let's blow this joint, okay?" I thought at that moment, there couldn't be two individuals that were meant for each other more than us, so I loaded you up and took you home. Callie was not pleased to have a new roomie and I couldn't exactly blame her. You were a handful!!! But, you became my constant companion. You didn't like to take walks like Callie, but you were always right there in my lap or sleeping tucked beside me in bed. The day you died was horrible for me and I'm sorry I couldn't bury you myself, I was too upset. There is no other cat that could ever take your place and you will forever be my littlest baby. I love you.

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Possum 1999

You weren't in this world very long and the sting of your passing is still very fresh for me now. Fortunately, you are never far from my thoughts and your legacy lives on with your brother and sister, Magic and Smokie. I see your face in Smokie's everyday and think of you. I still wonder if there was something more I could have done that would have allowed you to survive. I try not to dwell on it, but I do wonder. I guess it just wasn't meant to be. I know you are keeping your mother company in heaven and that is good. I hope she thinks I am being a good mother to Smokie and Magic. We will miss you always and we love you.

Kris Foster Cook

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Wilma -- 1998-2000

In memory of the cutest little hamster ever. You may have been small, and with us such a short time, but you brought great joy and happiness into our lives. We will always remember your little face when you played on your wheel and when you used to sit up alert. You should have had another year.... We miss you.

RIP Jan and Jason xx

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GOLDIE, our fuzzy little angel


Our Goldie was a little gold chihuahua we found at an animal shelter. She died Jan. 11, 2000, after giving us almost two years of her delightful presence.

Although elderly, blind, and almost toothless from the day we met her, Goldie was always shiny and new in our eyes. Never mind her disabilities, her kisses were just as sweet and her spirit as strong as any other our other dogs'.

I used to say that her many white hairs were not "gray," they were platinum!

Goldie loved to eat, especially cheese. She loved to sniff around the back yard in the fall leaves, and never lost her way. She loved to cuddle up on the special quilt I made her, which was fuzzy on one side. She loved to give kisses, even though in her last year, her tongue hung out one side of her mouth and was often a little dry-- so her kisses were a bit off-center; who cares!!

In August 1999 she developed a mysterious but serious illness. Two vets said I shouldn't expect her to recover-- but she did, completely! After 4 days of not eating, she bounced back. How wonderful it was every time I saw her at the food bowl after that, delicately nudging around to find the bits of kibble she liked the best. "Every day is Christmas now that Goldie is better," I would say. And it really was. We had five months of Christmas before her final illness.

I can still feel the soft, warm platinum velvet of the top of her head, where I used to kiss her. I can feel the softness at the side of her muzzle where I used to kiss her next. I can feel her tiny foot and tiny toes between my fingers. I can feel her scratching the side of my leg when she wanted to be picked up. I can feel her trusting weight in my arms.

After she died, I came home and took her blankets and quilt off her favorite chair. I could not stand to see her comfy blankets there without her on them. Later I would bury my face in that chair, trying to smell her scent. I would try to pluck some of her little gold-and-platinum hairs off the chair.... finally I found a sweater she had worn that was covered with her litle hairs, and I put it in a plastic bag so I would remember never to wash those precious hairs away. God, I missed her so much.

I still do-- but, a week after her death, she sent me a dream to show me she was okay. In the dream she was resting by my side. I noticed calmly that she was a little lighter in color now; she had gone completely platinum! She did not look at me, but gazed into the distance, into her new peaceful and painfree world. And then I noticed that her eyes were clear and brown again, not white and clouded with cataracts as they had been the whole time we had her.

I stroked her and told her how very much I missed her. Then I woke up. I felt much more at peace. I knew she had sent me that dream to let me know she was okay.

I know she has passed through a glorious tunnel of light into a world of peace and gentleness. I think her dog-mom and siblings must have met her there. I still kiss her goodnight in my mind every evening, and I can feel that soft, velvety, platinum head... but I have to let her go now, onto the next level...until we meet again.

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Chitsou ("my wonderful baby"),

You have been the greatest dog in my life. Today I lost you. I am crying as I am typing these words because you are no longer at my feet lying under the desk. I miss you so dearly. As I held you in the vet`s office and Luke, Janine and Carole stood by crying, I wanted to stop time and be able to enjoy the last moments I had left with you. I want you to know that I have loved you from day one when you first came into my life as a puppy. We had the best times together. You were there when things went wrong. I was there when you felt down and took you for walks to cheer you up. You are beautiful, smart and savvy...

All I think now is to be able to cuddle up next to you in bed while you sleep at my feet. I am going to miss that tonight. Witty shall miss your company too. I shall try and cheer him up like you used to do. Today was a dreadful day to say goodbye. As I got news about your condition and came to bid my farewells to you, you stood up and sat there courageously waiting for me in the cage as if you knew this would be the last time together. The very sight of you in the cage with an IV hooked up to you and a scar from the operation, made my heart fall to my stomach. I wanted to bring you home with me right there and then. I wanted you sleep away the pain by my side tonight. I wanted you to pass away amongst the things that you loved. As I held your head and whispered sweet words of tenderness and motherly love, I knew you understood that this was our last hug. I never knew how painful it was going to be when I held you in my lap and let you slip into an endless sleep. As your soul slipped away, part of me left with you. All, I feel is an endless void. You were the best...

I shall miss you and hope you are no longer suffering. I hope that you shall be happy in heaven amongst others. Think of me as I think of you every second of the day. I hope you know that I love you and always will. I shall pray for you.

You shall always be part of me. And I hope to see you when my time comes too.....

Noella ("mommy will always love you")

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Today, January 11, 2000 I lost a dear little friend, His name was "Bear." He was a Yorkie and the cutest one ever. I will truly miss his love. Bear lived for 17 years and was truly spoiled as he should have been. I will miss that lick when I step out of the shower and the excitment of his seeing me. I am very fortunate to have had such a dear friend. I'll miss you my Bear,I'll see you in heaven. Bark! Bark! Bark!

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Teddy Bear

Here lies Teddy Bear, our pet guinea pig. We loved him very much. Rest in peace. Died on January 2, 2000.

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I had her 15 years... She was in renal failure and dehydrated... I took her to 2 vets... The second vet was honest with me and told me to put her to sleep... Gizmo has been with me through my whole soberity... She new me in my worst times and my best... Rest in peace giz... Miss u baby girl... I put Gizmo to rest on 12/26/99... My wish was for this Christmas for her to make it through it... I put her to rest the day after... Ty all for your time... And God Bless everyone who lost a love one....

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To ALL my beloved " children ".....

There was Puddles, Ginger & her Pups, Fritz, Frisky, Muffy, Jingles & the Kitties, Goldie, Chipper, Donald, Butch & Sundance.

Then Cuddles ( to July 10th, 1980 )
Teaser ( to Jan. 14th, 1981 )
Sande ( to Dec. 2, 1982 )
Tanja ( to June 17, 1995 )
Buffy ( to April 16, 1999 )

I hold beautiful memories of you ALL as indviduals, as well as collectively.... I love you then, now & will love you forever... You never leave my heart or my mind as I "speak" to you every night.

Also to my Sister's familiy's children: Shadow, Mia, Penny ( to Aug. 17, 1989 ) & Patches ( to Sept. 16, 1995 )... I know I, as well as they, miss you very, very much....

Cousin Dave's "kids": Winston, Sadie & Brandy - you are dearly missed too....

I know that we will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge where we'll live eternally together.....

You ALL brought me unconditional love, fun, laughter, warmth, heartfelt joy & because of ALL the wonderful times, you have left me w/ beautiful memories - thank you all, from the depths of my heart......

Think of me, as I think of you & we'll always be together.

All my "children", you know that it took me a long time to write this as I have cried all the way thru this; no, I will never change.....

Thanx again for a truly beautiful life & until I see you again, enjoy the memories, as well as your loved ones that you are with now......

See you - sooner than later - I hope.....

Your daddy, Craig

P.S. Tanj, your sis Tawnee says HI, & she is doing very well! But she, as me, misses you terribly.....

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To my dog blue 1983 to 1988

My dog died of kidney disease after living for just 4 years. It was the best four years of my life, and my dog had six mouths of treament to try to save him . But on his box when I buried him, I wrote two poems that would explain how I felt. The first one is:



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I won't forget you!

I always love you! SHAO QUA' SHAO BO' TIAN TIAN and SHAO SHAO QUA! I won't forget you!



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"G.B., the White Kitty"

1989? - 1998

I moved from a city to a rural town in 1990, after the death of my brother, bringing with me my three cats. I soon learned that my yard already had an occupant, a white tom cat whom I assumed was feral. He sneaked up to eat from the cat food dishes I left outside, but if I opened the door to approach him he ran.

I began to feed him regularly and to call for him when I brought food. "White Kitty!" I would call, and he would come a little closer, but not within reach.

After awhile he began to trust me enough to let me come up to him while he was eating. It was a happy day for me when he let met stroke his head and he started to purr quietly.

Eventually I took him to the vet and got him neutered and he became my cat. I called him G.B., for Gato Blanco, because "white kitty" was so plain. Besides, it could also stand for "Good Boy" or George Bernard, after Shaw. Little by little, he learned to trust me. He would sit in the house with me, and mew his high little mew, "M-m-yow"; I would pet his head and he would purr. I was thrilled the day he jumped up next to me on the sofa and put his front half in my lap. He was such a sweet kitty who wanted love but was afraid to ask for it. From then I tried to let him know that I loved him.

He was always afraid of everyone except me. Whenever anyone else came to the house, he ran out the window.

After several years I married and moved to a nearby town, and I took G.B. with me. He never trusted my husband, and continued to run from the room whenever he entered.

Like many other white cats, G.B. got skin cancer, first on his ears and then his nose. There was nothing I could do; he was too wild to be kept inside. My vet amputated the tips of his ears and he was fine for awhile, but then the cancer spread to his nose and lips.

G.B. was always terrified of the vet; the first time he went, they had to tranquillize him to be able to touch him. As he got sicker, he went more easily, but I could see he was still very frightened. Someone had probably abused him earlier in his life. When I was told that he could receive a complicated treatment that might not work, I chose not to put him through it. There came a time when all he would do was hide under my bed all day and night, coming out occasionally to eat a few bites. Then he couldn't eat any more. I knew that I didn't want him to suffer and I felt it would be right to take him on a last trip to the vet. But when I reached under the bed to gently pull him out, he dug in his claws and wouldn't come. I just couldn't struggle and fight with him and force him to go.

That evening, G.B. came out from under the bed again, and went out onto the patio. I tried to talk him into coming back inside - it was cold outside. He turned and looked at me, then walked off the porch. I thought that maybe he felt a little better. But I knew he was probably going down into the canyon to die.

I am certain that my sweet G.B. knew what was happening to him and that he chose to go away and die alone. It may have been because he didn't want to face the terror of the vet. But I think that maybe he was trying to spare me the pain of taking him there.

Wherever you are G.B., I love you and I thank you for your final gift, and I hope we will meet again.

- Janet Carleton

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Tribute to Fluffy:
God Bless Our Dear, Sweet Precious Fluffy and may You, her Creator, Keep her in your Kind and gentle hands until the day that we can see her again. Help her to forgive us for our sins of our putting her down, let her know and understand that we did it out of Love for her. We agonized over the decision, and had to quickly make it; Lord, help us to have made the right choice. We wanted her to suffer no longer.

Thank You Fluffy, for being the *best*, most gentle, kindest,sweetest and generous cat in the entire world. You truly were an Angel Cat. You were a special gift from God. Please forgive us Fluffy, for the sins of ignoring you when you *should* have been pet; you deserved much more petting and 'loving up'and attention than we feel we gave you. Thank You for being such a 'centre' of our family; we appreciate that more than you'll ever know, and a special Thanks to you, Fluffy, for always understanding,in your special way, with your kind heart, whatever I was going though; why, just one touch to your soft fur, and I would look into your beautiful green eyes and I would know that you understood everything. You watched me grow up, and you welcomed our baby into your little furry arms with such tenderness and love, we were so in awe of you. We always said that you didn't have one 'mean bone in your body.' Not ONCE did you ever even try to scatch or bite *anyone*, other than Bubb, when you played together. We also said that we wished we could bottle the special, wonderful smell of your soft, sweet smelling fur. I have been smelling the spot where you once lay, and it is now just slightly lingering; a faint memory now, but You, my Love, will *never* be forgotten by us. We Love and respect you so, so much. You had lived long enough with your renal kidney disease sufferings, and though only God knows if you would have pulled through this crisis, we could not stand to see you suffer any longer. In Heaven, you will feel no more coldness on your poor old aching bones, and you will not feel any pain in your joints, and you will be Loved right up with the Angels. You will never be hungry, or thisty, or nauseated ever again; the Angels and God Himself will see to that. Fluffy, we hurt so much inside for the Loss of our dear, most precious, Kitty; but in order for you to have Peace, we must see to it that we allow the good memories to *bombard* the sad ones, until there is nothing left but smiles to our faces upon seeing your picture or seeing your videotapes. We wish like anything we could have you back in our arms, to pet you and 'love you up' once more, but that is not ever to be - in this life as we know it, anyway. We miss your purrs, we miss your sweetness, we miss your meows, and we miss seeing you sitting on the stairs,and other favorite spots, like under our bed. We still respectfully skip that spot on the stairs each time we go up or down, so that you will know we are thinking of you. We will never, ever forget the way you were; you were a miracle cat, brought to us from Heaven, and we know you are back home with your Father, after fulfilling a thousand fold God's plan for us to have you in our lives when we most needed you. Every event from here on will be tinged with sadness, knowing that you can not be here in body with us, but we have chosen to cremate your remains and will cherish them as your spirit of Love, and will think of you every time we go to them. You could not be with us forever, Lord help us, but you were with us with 100% of your wonderful, Loving self. There will never ever again on the Earth walk a Cat so truly Beautiful and Sweet, Our Precious and Beloved Fluffy. May God Grant you every happiness and Dream that you so richly deserve. God rest your beautiful, beautiful soul, in Peace, in Heaven where it belongs eternally.

All Our Love Forever and ever and EVER, Daddy, Mommy, and your best friend. Tristan, and your pal Bubba. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. A hug and a kiss for every wonderful year you were with us. We give you an eternity of love, hugs and kisses,Our Dearest Fluff.

And now, Our Sweet Fluffy, a poem for you by Jenine Stanley, that expresses exactly how we feel...


As I sit in those moments of quiet,
When sadness invades me,
I know that yesterday,
You were here.

Now you are away from us,
Not knowing your future,
Or when you'll come home, but yesterday,
You were here.

It has now been a week,
A week since you last were in the house,
An entire week since we carried you away,
To the place where we did not know your future,
But just last week,
You were here.

Another day passes;
a week ago, you were still with us,
In daily reports from the clinic,
They did not know your future,
But we could still hope, and,
You were here.

More days pass,;
A week ago you left us,
Your head cradled in our hands,
Your spirit gracefully moving upward,
But for a few hours of that day,
You were here.

Sadness invades again,
As I know that once those hours pass,
I can no longer look back,
Over the span of a familiar week's time,
To find that comforting point when,
You were here.

More time will pass;
Sadness will not so much invade as menace,
And I will mark the days,
Saying things like,
"last month, last summer, last Halloween, last year,"
You were here.

I dread that day,
One year from now,
That first marking of the time,
That your body was no longer with us;
Though we will never forget you,
Your tangible memory fades,
The feel of your fur, your head, your back, your weight against us,
The smell and sounds of you when,
You were here.

The emptiness is beginning to fade,
To change into another reality,
One with you still playing a part,
But a role of ethereal presence rather than physical comfort we crave;
Your memory, your spirit, your essence and counsel,
Dwell with us, but this feeling is not the same as when,
You were here.

Author: Jenine Stanley
Copyright (c) Jenine Stanley, 1999

Rest now and forever in Peace, My Sweet, until we meet again one fine day...

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