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Sabrina was a 16 year old Doxie when she died. Sabrina was my husband's pride and joy. She would greet him every day when he got home from work [he worked from 4-12pm]. She was missing most of her teeth, was grey and loved my husband. I swear, if he was another dog, there would have been pups. She fell from the stairs and had internal injuies. She died from this. She is buried in our back yard and is missed terribly. We did get 3 more and the new little female my husband swears is a reincartation of Sabrina. She jumps, runs, is skiddish, and loves him to death. She was great, and we miss her.

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To Our Darling Sammy,

Sammy was a big black half breed of Chow and Lab. Sammy had been a victim of a house fire at 6 weeks. His only alternative was the shelter. Thats when he got a home. Still smelled like smoke sitting in the palms of Mike's hand. He could not resist. I didnt know Mike or Sammy then. I went on a few dates with Mike and found myself alone with this BIG Black dog, how intimidating his features with spotted tongue and all, I thought what are you? and where are you from? Just be nice and dont look in those big brown eyes and he will like me. Oh those eyes, those old eyes. He knew more than I will ever learn.

Sammy became my best friend. He never judged me he only loved me. He even respected me. Not bad for a man. And what man he must of been. When we had our children he didn't even mind, you would've thought he had endured the pain himself. Sammy was a Gentle Giant.

Sammy left this earth 14 years later to leave an everlasting imprint in the hearts who knew him.

I still feel your presence and thank God every day for letting me know and love you. We miss you and cannot forget you. Please look up from your meadow and come to me when we meet again one day, we will walk the rainbow bridge together again.

Your Family,
Kirsten, Mike, Michael and Taylor

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An ode to my Chester and Lucy

We have our darlings many years
And when they left there were many tears
For they were both faithful and true
Their trust in us was all true blue
We miss them both, so much
For they passed nearly together
But they will be in our hearts for ever and ever

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Socrates Halpern
b. September 1995
d. October 8, 1999

Socrates was a loving, sweet, though mischevious bunny. He was loved by all who had the pleasure to know him. He was gentle and kind. He always cheered me up when I was down. He will be greatly missed.

I love you Soc Soc!

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Our Little Chubby Rat

Pet Name: Chubby McManus
Type of Pet: Rat
Birthday: 10/26/97
Death: 10/6/99

To Our Little Chubby Rat,

You were such a sweet girl. You brought smiles and laughter to our home. Though your time here was short, you will always be a part of our hearts, and forever play in our memories. We Love You!

Jason & Bev

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You were only with us for a few hours, but the time that you were here you touched our hearts. You put up a brave little fight, but you were not strong enough to survive. You were a very special little girl who will be remembered by us all. You are placed under the tree that has given you your name, and when it flowers, I know you are there and doing well.

Missed by all

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SAMMY OUR SWEET SHAR PEI 11-6-89 to 4-17-99

Sammy, it has been almost 6 months since we had to let you go. Cato is OK but we know he misses you. We just got back from Yellowstone, the vacation you were suppose to enjoy. It was bittersweet, the first one without you. Sammy, your sweet disposition and personality can never be matched. Cato is still "the monster" and he helps us with his actics but you, Sammy, you were one in a million.

Things I remember most are being "best dog" at our wedding; lazy fall afternoons laying in front of a sunny window, you asleep next to me; playing with your friends on the grass, especially Indy; running around the house playing with Cato; snuggling up to us in bed on those cold winter nights, sneaking up between Dad and I.

Sammy, we knew you were not feeling good but didn't realize how serious. I hope those four days at the vet were not too tramatic for you. They were for me and since you weren't going to get any better, I decided to take you home where you belonged. I didn't want anything to happen to you in a cage, alone at the vets. When you quit eating we knew the time had come. Sammy, it was the hardest day of our lives but we both were there for you because we owed you our love to the end. Even Cato was there for you.

I hope you know we stayed even after to be with you to say our finally goodbyes. The rest of the weekend was a nightmore of tears and condolences from your many friends.

We are going to Idyllwild in a few weeks and on what would have been your 10th birthday, we are sprinkling a few of your ashes on one of the many trails you enjoyed. You know that spot where you can see forever on a clear day. We will drink a toast to your life and how much you gave us. You will live on forever sweet Sammy....Love, Mom, Dad and Cato (Sandy and Ron)

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Our little Janie,
For the angel who wandered into our lives...

Janie was never a hero, she couldn't catch a frisbee, and was only a part of our family for a short time. While she was with us though, she loved us well. She was a stray who made a place for us in her life. Soon after she came to us we discovered that despite her medical care, she had contracted distemper. The virus attacked her brain and she had to be put to sleep robbing the three of us of the life we planned together. Rest in peace angel, Mommy and Daddy love you.

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Hershey 1983-1999

Hershey went to sleep today, raher than have any more days where she couldn't run, play and chase bunnies like before. She was 16 years old and I have been her mommy since she was 6 wks. old. She was a runt Staffordshire Terrier and as black as her name sake candy. She loved to run in the woods, to go with my horse & I on trail rides, to tease my cat, to eat dinner, to have a fresh laid chicken egg and to see little kids. She slowed down alot in the last year and was slow to get up in the mornings, but she always was waiting when I drove in from work and came runing to the car to see if I had treats. She loved to ride in the truck to the feed store. She was mostly blind and mostly deaf, and fell down alot, but I still loved her. She waited for me today, even tho I wasn't going to take her to the vet (my husband was), but she hid from him & waited for me to come home from work & go to say good-bye. I kissed her and told her she woud soon run again and see her buddy Jinga (Pygmy goat) and my horse Simon who died 2 months ago. She perked right up and kissed me. It was real quick and she went to sleep looking in my eyes. I love her so much, and I'll miss her sweet grey doggy face after work. Goodbye sweetie. Mom loves you!

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Loyal to the End

Caleb, a golden retriever, was the first dog that I ever had the pleasure of living with. He came to me after an unfortunate incident with another golden puppy, a stray, happened in Kansas. The stray's owners were found and to my disappointment they planned on euthanizing the 12 week old puppy who had distemper. This experience led me to take in a dog of my own. Caleb's name means loyal, obedient one and despite very stubborn and headstrong ways he lived up to his name. Caleb travelled a great deal, having visited all 48 states in his lifetime and swam in all five of the great lakes and both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. He was my constant companion, partner in the great outdoors, bedwarmer and therapist. Caleb is survived by his best friend, a mixed breed named Sandy, who misses him very much and his person, Helen who can still cry a year later when she remembers him. Caleb died outdoors, on a hike in Wisconsin at the age of nine years old. He was always a good friend. Even when we fought. We miss you sweet man. Enjoy dog heaven.

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I met Kimba (my dog) 18 years ago. I was only going to keep her for 2 weeks but as you can see it was a long 2 weeks. I will never forget Kimba and i ask God to let me be with her again. I was there when she took her last deep breath at the vets office and I pray I will see my kimba when I take mine. I Love you kimba. You were my best friend I ever had. Thank you for the wonderful and even the not so wonderful times we spent together, but it all was good. Love your forever friend....Herman

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In Memoriam

dilectissimi et optimi generis felini


breviter et familiare "Rémi" vocati,

qui cor meum Kalendis Octobris A.D. MCMLXXXIII

captivum suum fecit

et sic proprio agnomen HAPP addidit.

Mortuus est ante diem ix. Kalendas Iulias


Cui tota Reseda non digna erat.

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Sandy was a very special cat, that found me 12 years ago. It was by divine intervention that we were together.

Sandy was with me through tough times and made life better, always at the door waiting for me even on his last day.

Sandy eptimozies DETERMINATION and WILL to LIVE. He persisted in coming into my life, by being at my door step for days, until I adopted him, walking to the mail box with me everyday and following me around the yard.

When Sandy was diagnosed with lympomia 5 years ago and given maybe a year to live, with treatment, he cheated death.

Facing another health problem in the past monthes he tried and tried to once again to cheat death. Sandy fought very hard until the end.

God clearly had a mission for Sandy, his mission with me has been completed and performed so perfectly well, I know God has another plan for him.

Sandy I will think of you everyday and when life gets tough I will apply what I learned from you.

I Love you very much Sandy, Thank you, your spirit will life with me forever.

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April 20, 1984 - April 27, 1999

Molly was my birthday present when I turned 5. I begged my mom for about a year for a dog. I had my heart set on a yellow lab (based on Old Yeller). On the morning of my 5th birthday, June 20, 1984, I was upset there was no present in sight. Only then, did I find out I was going to receive the greatest present I've gotten. My mom took me to look at a litter of yellow lab puppies. We walked into a room of a house, 16 yellow puppies ran up to me, the 17th one hid quietly under a rocking chair across the room, I fell in love with that one, which turned out to be the Molly I'd grow up with for 15 years.

Molly was the sweetest dog, you'd have to be a vegetable not to fall in love with her. I was with her when she had her 10 puppies at age 2. She knew I was deaf, so she'd come get me when the doorbell or the phone rang. I also stuck with her through several other dogs in the house.

We first got Shannen, a black lab puppy we got the same time we were raising the other 10 puppies. We kept Molly's son, Webster along with the 2. My mom couldn't deal with having 3 adult labs in the house. We gave Webster away first to a good home. After he left, Shannen and Molly were at each other's throats, so we gave Shannen to another loving home. Then we got Wally, a boxer who died at only 10 weeks old. Ironically, he died from intoxication of drinking wallpaper glue. Then we got another boxer named Oscar the Grouch, which is pretty self-explanatory. He took off at 1 year, we never saw him again. Several years later, we got Pepper, a German Sheperd-Dalmation mix. The pet shop gave him to us for free because he was so territorial he was beating up the other puppies pretty badly. We had him longer than any of the others. Pepper was the kind of dog that loved his home he would never run. He was good with people, strange men (to him) were a different story. Whenever Molly got in a fight with the neighborhood dogs, Pepper would push her out and fight her fights. They once ran from home together to the vet's office a mile away to get a doggy treat. Only to come running back home again. My mom remarried, and Pepper couldn't accept my mom's new husband, no matter how nice he was. We kept him out in the dog run, until we realized it wasn't fair to keep him out of the home he loved and intended to protect. We gave him away to a man with a lot of farmland in Nebraska, with room to run around, and where he would be the only dog.

As Molly got older, she developed arthritis, but never let anything stop her. She came close to death several times from sickness but fought through each time because it wasn't her time. Her last time, I was at my grandma's for dinner when I got a phone call. I automatically knew my mom called because Molly was dying. I got off the phone mid-sentence and drove to the vet's office at triple-digit speeds in a Toyota Tercel. When I arrived, Molly was a mess, her eyes were rolling around, she couldn't stand because she was so dizzy, and she was peeing all over herself. I made the decision to make things peaceful and painless for her forever. Before she died, I signed a few words to her, words that both of us will carry with ourselves to the grave. When she was being sent to meet her maker, I looked up to see the vet give me the confirmating nod, and I would have shattered into pieces if it were only humanly possible. I took her collar, and still keep her tag on my keychain.

She spent her whole life taking care of people, especially me. Seeing as to how we live 5 minutes from Columbine H.S. She died a week after the shootings, because she knew her work here was done. She left because those 15 people needed a dog more than I did. Molly, when my time comes, you'll be the first one I look for. It's only fitting I saw a yellow star in the night sky on the way home from the vet. I'll always miss you. If only I could pet you one more time. Thank you for the frequent visits to my dreams.

We all miss you,
Bryan (Littleton, Colorado)

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Lenny came to live with us 5 years ago. He was the cutest baby iguana you ever saw. We took him everywhere with us, to the beach several times and to Tennessee and North Carolina. Over the years he grew to be a big, beautiful, healthy lizard, eventually reaching over 5 feet in length. He out-grew 3 enclosures, so finally we built a place up high for him with carpeted ramps to come and go as he pleased. He would always greet us each morning with much shaking and bobbing of his majestic head. Then one day he escaped by tearing a huge hole in the screen, and he made his way to the road where a truck took his life. So, this is for our beloved Lenny. You brought us much joy, and you left us with many happy memories. We will always miss you.

Your humans, Jon, Nan, and Adam

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GIZMO 1997-1998

Gizmo was my buddy, my best friend. My Parents had a Chihuahua named Twinkie which they bred with my sister's chihuahua named Buddy. My wife and I flew from our home in Tampa to Pennsylvania to pick out a puppy.

We looked at the six pups and immediately fell in love with Gizmo. He was a tiny (runt of the litter) cream colored Chih with white "boots". He had a hip disorder and would walk around on three legs. When it was time to fly back to Tampa we bought a small pet carrier and carried him on the plane. Our Flight in Philadelphia got cancelled and we were stuck in the airport for 9 hrs. Gizmo could care less! He was such a quiet boy. We finally ended up in Washington and missed a connection so we had to stay at a hotel, one which of course didn't allow pets!

We covered the little pet carrier and snuck him in, he never made a peep. That was the first night Gizmo slept with my wife and I. We finally made it home and I was thankful that we carried him on the plane rather than in the "hold". Gizmo was a smart dog and extremely loyal. He followed me everywhere, never letting me out of his sight around the house. He loved to play and learned how to swim in our pool, I could place him on a float and he would just float around and smile. Gizmo and I had our daily routines and he was a big part of our live's. He would sleep besides my wife and I everynight. Last December will live in my memory forever. It was December 18th, my fathers birthday, and I had just left the house to waalk over to my neighbors.

My wife put Gizmo out on the patio when I left which was surrounded by a chainlink fence. Apparently Gizmo heard me leaving and for the first, and last time managed to dig a hole under the fence. I was at my neighbor's when a friend stopped by and told me to come with her, I asked why and she wouldn't say. We got to the street corner in front of my house when I saw him.

He was laying in the road in a pool of blood, he had been hit by a car and the driver just took off. I checked his viatals but he was gone, my Gizmo, my Buddy, my life! I had my wife get a towel and I brought him in the house. We were devastated! We buried him that night with his favorite blankets and toys.

Gizmo you will never be forgotten, How we miss you! If only we could turn back time! I know you are in a better place and we will be reunited someday. God Bless you my Buddy, my Pal, my life!

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Winnie the Guinea Pig

You were my beloved in our home in Hawaii. A little curious boy, stubborn and yet full of life. I made a wish one night to God, that you would return to me in the form of a human boy, just as Pinnochio did. I no longer grieve for you, for you are with me, in spirit, residing in the heart of my young nephew, Julio. He has your strange quirks, your eyes, and your heart. If reincarnation has occured, I believe it is possible to be reborn a human from a mere guinea pig. Your sacrifice in your short life made possible much joy in our lives. We will never forget your former self, and continue to cherish you in our little nephew.

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Dearest Margaret, we know that you are in peaceful place right now, but Elaine, Montgomery, and I miss you so much. The past thirteen years with you have been a blessing, and we will never ever forget you. We knew that this day was inevitable, but it was too soon and too sudden. I remember the day that dad brought you home. We had our doubts about you, but we never regretted a single day. You were so loving from the start and you stayed that way until your very last day with us, August 2nd, 1999. I thought I would have a ton of words to express how much we love and miss you, but I don't. Baby-girl, please know that there is not a second or moment that passes that we don't think about you. I hope that you have found all the peace, fun, and love where you are at. The only comfort that we have is knowing that you are still with us in spirit. Maggie, your collar, blanket, and leash is still here and ready for you when you come to visit. Montgomery is still looking for you. We want to thank you for being such a great mother to him for the past five years.

I love you, Elaine loves you, and Montgomery loves you. Remember us baby-girl.

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It's been more a month since you died, and I miss you. You were the kindest and most people loving cat I have ever met.

Around 5 years ago when you arrived at my door, I had no intention of adopting you. But the time I saw you sittting in the freezing rain outside our window, staring in to the house -- my mind was made up.

You turned in to the ideal house cat. You calmed me when I needed it, cheered me when I needed it, and gave me love and affection when I needed it. For a former outdoor cat, you must really have loved our house. You showed no intention of running off, even when you had the chance.

That night you died will remain with me forever. The sickness happened so suddenly. By the time I got you to emergency, all the vet could do was let you die in my arms. Smokey I cried ----

Max the cat really misses you. Max got sick from grief 3 days after you left. I guess he finally realized you were not coming back. Max is fine now.

Your replacement is doing fine. Purrdee is a young cat, very friendly, and very playful. As you can imagine though, Max still is not sure if he approves of her.

Smokey, I miss you. The kids at school will miss you, and Max misses you.

Love, from Mr. "S"

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Tamara. When I saw you the first time you were in an animal shelter in Mexico,I felt in love with you was love at first sight. I still can remember your sad face because your parents had abandoned you. Since that moment I promised you that I would never do something like that, and I gave my heart, little by little you felt in love with me also. Your love has been the most beautiful thing that life has give me. Now I cry your lost I miss you so much Tamara life without you is not life. I love you with all my soul I want you to know that someday we are going to be together again and this time my little baby will be forever. Wait for me Tamara my loved baby, Mom always is going to think about you and the golden years that we had together. I'll never forget you. Mom

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Mady Anne
Entered this world in March 1996 and left on July 28, 1999.

Our mini lop bunny was like no other. The day we brought him home he filled our hearts with love and smiles. His stomps, chews, scratches, licks, and fur still linger in our home and hearts. He was my dad's handyman helper, my mom's follower, my companion, and our family's cherished "boy." His spunky life was cut short by kidney disease. He fought it for eight months, he was so strong. We chose not to euthenise, rather Mady passed away peacefully in my bedroom early in the morning. Mady's spirit will live on always and forever in our home and our hearts. We will cherish our memories of you always. Mady, we miss you, we love you, and may you rest in peace.

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FIESTA 1990-1999

Dear Fiesta, we loved you so much...

You got diabetis at the age of nine and then all went wrong when you had to be spayed... a bad infection, renail failure and then you died on july 13 th

You "sister" Rosyne, with whom you were raised is still depressed and doesn't eat anymore...

We will miss the walks around the lake and everything...

But we will never forget you

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Luci April 1983 to July 24th 1999.

My beloved angel You will be in my heart forever. I wish you peace and happiness. I hope all of your fears are gone and you have found comfort in you new hiding place. This time even mommy can't pull you out.

Peace my baby, peace.

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