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OZZIE, 15 YRS, 8-1-83 TO 9-16-98



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Tiger (Tigey, Poochka, baby)

Tiger was and always will be the best cat in the world. He lived with us for 12 yrs. when he was 11 he got cancer in his tail, we were forced to cut it off, we thought that was the end, until last summer (july 1998) Tiger was diagnosed w/ cancer in his liver,kidneys adn stomache. When I found out I tried holding in my tears, tried to be strong, but it didn't last. When no one was around I would cry for hours. I remember day after day I would touch his stomach and pray to God take his cancer and give it to me. but it didn't work. After he died, I wrote poem after poem, they are really corny but they are important to me so I'll write one of them down.

Days, weeks,months have past
Yet my memories of you will always last

You were my first real pet
And you have made such a life long affect

You were my brother when i needed you
Now your gone; how fast your loving soul flew

I visit your grave everyday
And tell my emotions to behave.

No one knows how I mourn sulk and cry
They think I'm handling this oh so well but inside, its a lie

I try to be strong
But that doesn't last me too long

The only time I showed myself
Was the day you left

Your only alive now in my heart
Though it aches for you it still can start

Everywhere I go I'm reminded of you

And when I begin to cry
I tell my tears to shoo and dry

Not a day goes by that I don't think of you
I love you baby, what am I to do?!?



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Miss Mama Kitty Calhoun


Into your hands this day, November 15, 1998 at 12:20 pm, we give you back "Miss Mama Kitty Calhoun", whom we lovely call by so many names. She was our baby; she appreciate the outdoors, flowers, was kind to birds and most of all had a great fondess for beef liver - she would lick her upper lip when you would ask her if she wanted some liver...

Thank you for bring her into our lives and allowing us her loving company for the past 18 years. We released her from her pain and suffering, knowing she needed to come home to You.

She had the most beautiful kittens, and took her role as provider, protector and mother, with her whole being. So affectionate, and wise and loyal.

We will always remember you kitty, and you will always be in our hearts. Be a good girl and we will be with you again... one of these days.

Our deepest love,

Daddy and Mama Calhoun

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Great big green eyes on such a small kitten body. She never got big, she was the runt of the litter, but a more loving cat can never be found. She purred constantly and we all lived just to hear her music. We will miss playing "give me that tail" with her, she had the cutest pointy tail!

Snowie died of masses on her lymph nodes and we plead with all pet owners to have their pets checked regularly. If we had, she may not have died. She purred right up to the end of her life.

October 10, 1983 - November 3, 1998

We Will Always Love you WeeWee -
Mommy, Daddy, Rosalie and Kenny - Arizona

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Sadly, on October 25, 1998, Snoopy, a 12 year old Golden dash hound passed away. Leaving behing he beloved owner Donald. Due to the insummountable pain she had in her back leg due to a tumour she had previously gotten a month ago.

I got Snoopy at the age of 5. I remember picking her up after a day at pre-school. I remember comming back home from high-school (grd.12) and finding out that she wasn't there. And I also remember all the great times I had with her. Every big moment she was there. From my 6th birthday to my 17th birthday.

Snoopy was the king of dof that everybody loved. She was pretty famous at school due to how much I told my friends about her. She was so nice, cute, a kind. Really gentle.

I'll miss her, and I'll never forget her. She was my one and only dog and she was my best friend.

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Dee Dee

pet loss grief mourning


To Friendly-My heart breaks and tears well up in my eyes, burning them, as I write your name. I think I'm "getting over" you and then I find myself uncontrollably weeping. A part of me went with you. You were my best friend, my sweet loving companion, always loyal-we were bonded to eachother, especially the last couple of years since you came back after being lost in Staten Island (I still have a hard time forgiving the person who did that to you.) You were my big girl, my sweet, intelligent, special cat, as Anitra Frazier put it. I miss you greeting me when I come home, and finding you on the corner of my bed. It was so empty and depressing coming home after you left-I couldn't even come home sometimes-now that May is here, it's not so depressing, but, of course, she can't replace you, Friendly-no one can. We knew eachother for 9 years - you never bit or scratched me - you didn't let on that you were sick. Oh, how I wish I knew - then, perhaps I could have saved you. I tried so hard to heal you- you had the best doctor in the world and it was too late. How I want to blame myself that you became ill, so ill you couldn't even eat. The doctors gave me different diagnoses - it was so agonizing - I could'nt eat or work - I was so absorbed in you - becoming more attached to you during the last 6 weeks of your short life. It was too short - the time you were with me - but I am glad to have had you as my friend (friends are so rare - there are friends that pretend to befriends), after Dawn died. I wondered if Dawn wanted you with her -that that's why you were taken from me. I miss hugging you tight and stroking you all over -I miss how when I would kiss you on the head, your whiskers would go back. I miss the way you'd meow when I pet you and when I'd reach my arm down under the bed and feel you from head to toe - it was as if you were saying "I like that. I know that you love me and I love you too." A lump comes into my throat as I painfully write these words. We loved eachother - we trusted eachother. Most humans didn't and can't understand this. I miss your beautiful face, your graceful ways-I miss sleeping with you and getting up with me, nudging my hand on your head. I miss feeding you and caring for you, even though I regret I didn't feed you better food. I feel as though I learned the hard way again; in fact, I was just changing your diet when it happened, and I said to myself that I wanted you to live a healthy, long life with me, and then you stopped eating. I don't even know how old you were - you were probably older than I though, or I didn't want to face that I would lose you soon. And I don't even clearly know what made you sick - the doctors didn't even know - my sweet, lovely girl, you didn't complain. I notice you didn't play or go in the window. I would put you there and bought you toys - I tried to make your life more interesting. I thought of moving and perhaps you could look out the window and smell flowers and trees and see more scenic things than concrete. But you were happy just being with me, in my apartment, even though others ignored you. THey didn't appreciate your wonderful qualities, your gentle nature-they didn't know you were sick either. My friend, perhaps if Dr. Stein thought you needed your teeth cleaned last fall, he would've done a blood test and we would have been able to catch it earlier. Or perhaps not, but I believe God is in control and provided the best care for you, that you didn't have to keep getting needles in you and drugs, and be in a cage, and I could visit you every day for an hour - I wish I could have stayed longer, Friendly; so I could comfort you and stroke you more. You were in a strange new place after having lived at my house for 9 years; I know that was stressful for you. It ended suddenly, too, Friendly, when I thought you may have been getting better, you took a turn for the worse. I was unprepared and unwilling to let you go, but Anitra said it was the kindest thing to do, to cut short your suffering. I hated doing that - June 8 was the saddest day of my life. I hope you forgive me, Friendly, and that you are happy that May ended up with me now. (She uses your dish and your litter box and she comforted me when I cried about you.) I was not ready to get "another cat" but May needed a home. Friendly, I will try to remember the good times and not be sad - now it is four months. People helped me when I was grieving - I cried about you for days on end. I miss you terribly, my sweet pea, my lovebug, my darling. I've changed the way I do everything - I feed the other cats homemade food, I use garlic and yeast for flea control, and I don't vaccinate every year. I am using homeopathy with May and Whiskers - everything makes me think of you, Friendly. I will always love you.

CR, Brooklyn, NY 10/98

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Blackie Pagani 1986-1998

Here lies Blackie,hit by a car. Blackie was the finest hunter in all the land. She could catch moles with the greatest of ease, place them on the door step and meow pet me please. Blackie made us all so proud when she displayed her catch. She has touched many hearts, and will be very missed. When our new-born daughter would cry Blackie would place a paw on her and purr, to let Covina know evrything was OK. I pray she is hunting in heavens green pastures, and catching trophy size moles to display. I know she is being cared for by our past relatives, we have lost a pet but our relatives have gained an eternal friend.


Gregg MacLaren & Family

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Pee Wee and BoBo

I got Pee Wee when he was a six week old kitten. There were two kittens, Pee Wee and BoBo. They were always together all their lives. BoBo was put to sleep for kidney failiure when he was 17. And I was left with my favourite - Pee Wee boy. The last three years with Pee Wee were special and went by very fast. Pee Wee boy lived to 20 and became deaf, with cataracts, and had three strokes last year, the last of which affected his hind legs and he walked funny, his legs splayed out and he'd bring them around in an arc with each step. Pee Wee was the most wonderful cat in the world. He slept on his throw on the sofa each night and made such a sweet picture, lying on his side with his legs straight out, his white nose, white stomach and white feet so beautiful. The most distinctive thing about Pee Wee was his little face, whose expression I will never forget. It was sheer happiness to have Pee Wee and I was always looking at him and petting him on my lap. I loved him very much. When he was 20 I took him to the vet, who examined him and took a blood test, and told me he had liver cancer or cirrhosis (he didn't wan't to do a biopsy, because Pee Wee was too old to put him through that). He gave him two weeks to live. He said something about putting him to sleep but I said no, he didn't seem sick, and I took him home and got a veterinary technician to come and give him fluids every night. We kept him going for three months. Then his little bladder could't hold the fluids any more and he started peeing all over the carpet instead of his box. In addition, he had a bowel condition where to go to the bathroom was hard and he had to strain two days to get a little out and then it would accumulate inside and block and liquid would trickle down the sides of his intestines and stain all over the rug. I took him to the vet when we couldn't give him the fluids any more and he said I know you don't like to talk about this but you can put him to sleep, when the trouble and mess get to be too much it's all right. And I nodded. It happened so quickly. When I got home I was grief stricken, I sobbed days on end. I knew I had made a mistake, and I kept crying "I didn't mean it". It is now two months and the only way I can calm myself down is remember that Pee Wee had liver cancer and in a matter of weeks was going to suffer, and because of what happened, he didn't suffer. I love Peety more than anything else in the world and I miss him terribly.


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"MY DORIS" 1984-1998

Doris was the light of my life, With her by my side I could handle all strife. The best little dog I ever had, Now that she's gone, I'm incredibly sad.

When I think back on the memories dear, I can almost feel her standing so near. As I round each corner, her little face I expect to see But she'll never more come running to me. When I awake each day I look by my feet Her loving gaze I hope to meet.

Her only goal in life was to please. There's nothing she wouldn't do for a piece of cheese. There are so many things I will miss, Her little bark and gentle kiss.

As she played a game of squirrel chase you could see the look of joy on her face. Endlessly at the moon she would bark, As if telling it to go and take away the dark. When she got too hot and she wanted to get cool, She knew what to do, she would take a dip in the pool.

When I think of these things a smile comes to my face. There's a special place in my heart that I call Doris' place.

In Loving Memory
Charles and Sharon Barrow

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Alomar of Orion 1978 to 1989

Good old Alomar. He was an AKC Boxer, but that did not impress him. I don't think that anything did. He was always there, like a comfortable old shoe. The day our son was born, he dug a hole clear through the sofa while I was at the hospital with my wife. When we brought our son home, Alomar would lie at the foot of the basinet and rise to check out every little movement and sound that came from inside that basinet. As Alomar grew he went on to chew up a carpet cleaner, and all the wooden handles off a brand new set of pots and pans. Once he even clawed through the paneling on a wall. Now don't get me wrong, he was a good boy, just a tad high strung. He always had that aloof, "I'm beautiful and I know it look". He was our first boxer, and so very loved. As he grew older time and the ravages of time took their toll. He had a series of strokes but like a good "timex" he kept on ticking. He went blind and I became his seeing eye person, and when he went deaf we became his hearing ear people. Then one day the seizures started. Alomar dealt bravely with them. He was such a tough but gentle giant. Eventually they came closer and closer and lasting longer and longer. And on that desperate, black day, they came, unrelenting, one after another without stopping. My wife and I managed to get him to the vet and Alomar had to be put to sleep. Yes I still have to use that term "put to sleep" because it hurts too much to admit that I had my dog killed. My friend murdered. At the vets office Alomar laid on the stainless steel examining table, the vet came in and applied the tournequet. As he inserted the needle into Alomar's vein, the vet told us that this is the same stuff that he uses for anesthesia, except now it was in a lethal dose. The vet assured us that it wouldn't hurt our beloved Alomar. As the vet began to inject the pink fluid into my old buddy Alomar, Al just looked up at me and seemed to be saying thank you. Slowly, he yawned and put his head down on the table, a couple of deep comfortable deep breaths and Alomar was gone. At 39 years of age I and my wife cried like babies, just like now as I sit here typing this. Alomar was buried on our property and we all (even our then 9 year old son) put notes in his blanket, saying how much we were going to miss him, and how much we loved him...Its been many years now, and we currently have boxers 3 and 4 and 5, Sammy, Molly and Angus, but I will never forget my best old buddy Alomar, and I look forward to the Rainbow Bridge, when I know I will see him again. goodbye for now my dear old friend, I love you.

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Farewell, Woody, my good little buddy for the last 15 years. You warmed my feet at night and my heart all the time. While the others here are eager to take your place on the bed, no one can take your place in my heart. The hurting part will heal in time, but it will always be your special spot. We'll all see you later, when our times come to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Good-bye for now, dearest little Woody. We love you, Roberta & Ed, Shadow, and Twister

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CEASER 1994- 1998

CEASER WAS A HARLEQUIN GREAT DANE AND MY BEST FRIEND AND COMPANION. I've said many times if I could only find a man that could be half the person CEASER was I would have the perfect mate. He was always there for me no matter what my mood. He enjoyed going to the beach with me or just watching t.v. It Didn't matter to him what we did as long as we were together..He was always happy to make an appearance at one of the local schools. The children loved him. He was the kindest, most Gentle Giant you could ever want to meet. He was always right beside me, unless I was at work..I am going to miss him more than words can ever express. My grief is so overwhelming I feel as though the pain will never go away. I can't imagine my life without him. I'll cherish our time we had together, and the memories of our fun in the sun. I LOVE YOU CEASER.


pet loss grief mourning

To Rocky:

If ever there was a friend who gave every ounce of himself, even his last breath, it was you, and believe me, I will always hold you in my heart. You were my best friend.


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Mr. Fleetwood

I would just like to say how much I miss Mr. Fleetwood. He was a cocketiel that was a pet, as well as a family member. He was born sometime about 1980 and lived till 1998. I will miss his singing & screaming at 4am & greeting me when I get home from work at night. A part of me is gone now, but Mr. Fleetwood will always be in my heart.

I took the liberty to have him buried in my backyard right under our big beautiful pine tree.

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Pixy Faun Davis

8/20/91 - 7/29/98 ( 7 years old )

We got Pixy from a dog shelter when she was a puppy. We named her Pixy because she was so small. Had no idea she would grow to weigh 70 pounds. She was our GOLD, and peacemaker among our other dogs. Whenever they would start fighting, she would growl and break them up. Nobody will ever find a better dog for kids than Pixy was. She loved children. She wouldn't even let us punish our own kids. If we acted like we were going to spank them, she would get between us and the kids and growl at us. She was a mixed Lab and Bull Terrier and was white with four creme colored spots. She weighed 72 pounds. She loved to go for walks, swim and catch items thrown to her. She was very loving, affectionate, and also a good watch dog. Pixy died from Pancreatitis and Diabetes. We loved Pixy very much and she returned her love.There is a big empty space in our hearts right now. She will be greatly missed. If dogs go to Heaven, then Pixy will definitely have a place there. I can picture her running and playing with the kids up there. We'll always love you Pixy. We'll never forget you.

Dallas & Carla Davis

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I dont know why god took u away from us and i will never understand. But when i got u and your 2 sisters at 3 weeks of ages u were the brave one, bug was the tiny one and chessy was the sick one and she died that same day. Bug was very sick to but i made sure that she did not die and stayed up night and day with her till she got better, u i never had to worry about. U were tiny for a tom cat with your beautiful white and light grey fur and those big blue eyes, that told me each day that u loved me..And on August 1 1998 when i awoke to find u lying beside the bed cold and all alone i almost lost my mind, i didnt know what to do so i just picked u up and held u and told u i loved u and cryed. I know u r in heaven looking down on me now, but please my dear friend pleas forgive me for not waking up, i dont know if there was enything i could have done, but i would have done by best for u. We loved u so much baby fester and i think u knew wwe did for i could see it in your eyes. There will always be a very special place in my heart for u that can not be filled.. I am crying as i type baby fester so i hope you can read this..oh yea, your baby sister has looked every where for u i told her u went to heaven but she justs looks at me with sad eyes, she misses u very much and so do we..We r having u a plaque made for your grave that says..tucked inside our hearts are loving thoughts of you, keepsakes we will carry all our lives through....we love you BABY FESTER...GOD BE WITH YOU SINCE WE CANT.. LOVE MOM AND DAD

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Renfield 02/96 - 07/02/98

you came into my life a small bundle of joy scampy; curious; happy and carefree paws as white as snow as soft as velvet

loyal and loving, always by my side when i was unhappy or scared and he didn't care you were there to listen, to calm, to love; when i was happy or full of chatter and he didn't want to listen you were there with me... with a purr and a hug, meeting me each day at the door

when things were bad and he yelled at me, threatening me with his voice you were beside me and cried with me in my arms... when he threatened to harm you or send you away, i was there for you every minute, protecting you as you protected me

people wondered; i was so close to you. no one understood. you own my heart. i want to die and be with you. i've never had joy in my life like you brought to me i go through the day in neutral... feel nothing; care so little now about things so unimportant... then it hits me like a ton of bricks. you're not coming back. you're never coming back. in this world, i'll never feel your paws around my neck again, nor your little black and white head under my chin.

i'll never again in this lifetime stroke your silky fur -- your beautiful white coat with such adorable little cow spots... your black tail, with single little white hairs -- they looked silver; and the white spot underneath... your little black spot on your white belly...

as close as we were, Baby Bear, Boo Bear, Renfield, RenRen, RenBear... as close as we were, we became even closer when you became sick. feeding you; tending you; spending every non-working waking and sleeping minute with you...

i couldn't believe it when you died. i could, but i wouldn't. i am so lonely without you. so utterly alone. he could never understand. he doesn't understand when i sit by your grave... when i talk or sing to you. he doesn't understand the importance of the roses or the candles... sometimes i'm filled with such incredible despair. it's unbelievable. it hurts so much. i hope and believe that you're at the Bridge waiting for me. i'll be there as soon as God sees fit. i hated to see you suffering, Baby Bear. it killed me inside. but i was so sure that love would heal you. i was a fool, and i'm sorry. i'm so very, very sorry. i'm glad i held you in my arms when you passed. i want to crawl in a hole and let the despair take over. i'm trying not to... i'm trying. the only thing that keeps me going is my belief that you're at the Bridge -- restored to health! no more pain... no more nausea... no more misery. and the belief that when God takes me, i'll be with you again into eternity.

you were such a good little boy. i miss you so much, Boo Bear. i love you, Renfield. i'm your mama. i'll always be your mama. you own my heart. i love you more than words can ever begin to express. and i know you love me, too.

take care, my baby. i'll be there. please wait for me.

please. i love you.

pet loss grief mourning
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