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My beloved cat Sampson, sadly missed. Blessed to have him for 22 years, but God called him home. Sammy was a little devil, who grew into my angel, always bringing a smile to my face. He was always there to listen to my woes and lick my tears. He was never one to judge, just accepting of my ways. Sammy will be remembered in my heart for the rest of my days , and wait for me in a better place. We loved you dearly, and miss you more.

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Blue sky... In memory of my Beloved Siamese, ToeJoe


In the early morning of October 3rd 1976 Susan, our Siamese cat gave birth to kittens in my bed. I was six years old. One by one, she carried them each in her mouth to underneath my bed, where she thought they would be safe. This event changed my life forever. There were several girls, but only one boy. And for some reason, we decided to keep the boy. A beautiful male Siamese cat, that we named ToeJoe.

ToeJoe became my whole life. That's how I could really put it. I am sorry now that I dragged him through the first part of my childhood. Those youthful innocent years when I dressed him in doll clothes, etc. But ToeJoe truly loved me. Each day he followed me around like a little puppy dog. When I went to school... he would see me off at the curb. He would usually be there to greet me when I returned home. And he ALWAYS slept with me at night, on my chest. I will never lose that wonderful feeling of love. My ToeJoe purring me to sleep every night into eternity.

I grew up with ToeJoe. He was my best friend. I don't know what I would have done without him. Oh... even the neighbors in town commented about us. They would say look at little Alice, and there is always her Siamese cat. And that was the truth. We were inseperable. How inseperable!

I had my best friend, ToeJoe for 8 years, until I started to have breathing problems. My mother took me to the Doctor's and he "Decided" that my problem was that I was allergic to ToeJoe, and to "Get Rid" of him. How absurd, I thought... surely nothing will change! Mom warned me about sleeping with ToeJoe. She would put him out in the hall at night... and I would hear him calling for me. In the middle of the night I would venture out, to set him free and return him to my arms... but that didn't work. I don't remember ever saying goodbye. I don't ever remember holding him one last time....

When I returned home from school one day, weeks later, ToeJoe didn't greet me off the bus. He wasn't there when I came home. He just wasn't there. Mom and Dad had thought it was best to give him away, so I could get better. Oh NO! I remember looking out the window in shock. I was determined to get him back. I was 12 years old. They had given him to a couple 6 miles out of town, and they said perhaps the whole situation could be temporary "If I got better". Well... I wanted to see ToeJoe immediatly! I woke up every morning wondering about ToeJoe... and cried myself to sleep every night.

My parents gave up... several weeks later, and permitted me to go vist him. We drove to the house... and met the family, and I searched wildly for my friend... calling and calling his name. but ToeJoe had decided to run away from his "New" home. This house was in the midst of miles of cornfields... and twice my Dad drove me to those fields, and twice I screamed and yelled for ToeJoe for hours of two beautiful nights. I begged with God... I made deals with God... I prayed for my best friend to return to my arms.

Back then the movie "The Incredible Journey" was out. The movie about 3 lost animals who covered 100s of miles to return home to their beloved owner. (One of the animals was a Siamese cat named TAO) I believed that in my own situation that ToeJoe surely would come back... it was only six miles... surly he would return to me. The weeks turned into months, and the months became a year... and ToeJoe never returned, and never was there a dry eye in my bed for many years at night.

I was 14 when my parents sold our house, and we moved away. To make matters worse, a bank had bought our home and leveled it to the ground for a parking lot.

The last thought I had was looking up main street in Meshoppen, PA and wondering how ToeJoe would ever come home. Even then, I still held hope.

I never saw my blue-eyed ToeJoe again.

I think it took several years to stop crying at night. Perhaps I was eighteen before I really got over my sadness. But right now, as I type this memorial to my ToeJoe, I cannot possibly stop crying. I am twenty eight.

I carried alot of dispair for years... gained alot of weight... lost alot of inspiration. I even bargained with God... asking that if there possibly isn't a place for cats in heaven, that if I could trade my entry with him... for once he meant everything to me.

So is the importance of saying goodbye, my friends. I was never given that right. I could not hold him one last time and tell him how sorry I was. I could not tell him one last secret, for he kept them all for me. He could no longer climb up on the radiator and look at me and prepare for a long last chat. We never said goodbye. We didn't know.

So, Dear, Dear ToeJoe, I am saying goodbye today. I now have a place to place your roses. I now have a place to cherish you. I have been wandering lost for over twelve years.

Goodbye, my love. You were my gentle prince who now lays down with the kings of the earth. I only hope that your life was not painful in it's end, and that someone cherished you until your last moment on this earth... and that you died in someone's arms filled with love and memories both old and new... and even perhaps with a picture in your mind of your blonde-haired Alice who loved you more than anything.

Rest my ToeJoe, and greet me when I have given the world all of the love I have left to give... what a wonderous day that will be when I finally "Come home" to you.

I have two cats now... Morgan, my beloved gray cat I resued at a shelter... and Sebastion... my Siamese.

Goodnight my ToeJoe.
I still search the blue sky for you.
Love, forever... your Best Friend... Alice

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Seamus was my very best friend and brought the greatest joy to my life. I will miss and love him forever. Thank you for sharing your short life with me, Seamus. I love you.

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TASHA died unexpectedly on the 7th July 1998

It was 2 weeks before Christmas 1989 when we found her wandering the streets. No-one had reported her missing even though she'd recently had pups and no-one claimed her from the dog-pound. She only had 24 hours left before she was due to be 'put down' so though it was not the best time to take on a stray, starving mongrel there wasn't really any choice. The Fates were however being kind. Immediately on arrival she turned into Tasha, our beloved mutt, a Collie/Welsh Springer mix (at best guess). She wasn't a dainty dog and wouldn't have won any beauty competitions but she was immense in every other way. In her prime she could leap a high style (just call me Sally Gunnell), catch almost anything, swim with the dolphins and walk without blinking through a field of new-born lambs (we suspected a farming background). She was intelligent, adorable and strangely for one so brash in other ways, very tuned in to human emotion. She was our pillar of strength through some very dark days.

She is sleeping now at the bottom of her garden keeping watch for robbers and the postman but we hope and pray that her spirit is running along a beach, chasing sticks and barking at the wind. You belonged with us and we with you. The void is enormous. But if you were here right now, you'd be licking away our tears and saying 'how about a walk?' So we shall walk to the bottom of the garden where Tasha's tree is planted to thank you for your brilliant friendship, your love, your devotion and your sheer joy in being alive. Carpe diem.

Danny, Kathryn and your canine brother Zebedee (who is so lonely without you)

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Dash and T.J.

Dash: 1997-1993
T.J.: 1979-1991

To: T.J.

By all standards, you were a bad dog, but I loved you very much for it. We used to call you "The Imp" for very good reason. I remember how when you sauntered into a room, I could just see the mischief on your face and it seemed like you were saying "now what can I get into here that I shouldn't." I always remember you running to greet me with your tail wagging when I came home. When I picked you up I was always greeted with a full chin to the top of my ear kiss.

To Dash

As if it wasn't bad enough losing you, I have always felt real bad because I scolded you for not wanting to take your medicine the morning you went to doggie heaven. You know how much I loved you and that you were always my favorite. Unlike T.J. you were always so laid back and sweet that we gave you the nickname of "Miss Dainty June". You always tried to please and I loved you so for it. Like T.J. you always came running with your tail wagging when I came home. Unlike T.J. your kisses were always just a soft touch with your little tongue to my cheek. I'd give anything to feel that little tongue on my cheek again.

To you both:

I loved you both for many different reasons. I have saved both of your ashes and left instructions for them to mixed with mine when my time comes. Then we will be together forever.

Your Daddy

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Goodbye nibbles, from the shy little guinie pig to the boisterous young lad. You went too soon for all the joy you brought to us. We will miss you dearly and never forget the sweet sound of your voice .

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Hillary 6-1-90 to 10-22-97

Gone too soon.

Tears of joy flux into an endless river of sadness
Overflowing hearts are broken in two
Unrelenting sorrow replaces the happiness
Of the love we once knew.

Ours lives were filled with bliss
Suddenly an existence of woe
Vast is the emptiness
Eternal is the loneliness.

Soaring to a brighter place
Once again with wings
The angelic flight's performed.

Remaining is an empty cage
Pale yellow feathers
A deep longing to cuddle
And the precious memories of my beloved sweet little bird Hillary.

I will always love you!

A Hillary story.

Hillary was not an early bird. I would get up very early during the week, and all she wanted to do was sleep, but on the weekends, it was a different story. Hillary had an internal alarm clock that would faithfully go off at 8-8:30 am. Then, she would call my name, letting me know it was time to get up, and she would call, and she would call, and she would call! After about 10 minutes, if I didn't come out, she would climb down from her cage, (she preferred walking to flying), walk through the living room, down the hallway, into my room, up the side of my bed, and onto my shoulder. There she would cuddle up to me and sleep until I got up. You see... she just wanted to be with me. And I just wanted to be with her.

Hillary's human Mama,
Jill Denton

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CHALIE 1984-1998

Chalie came into my life 1 1/2 yrs. of age and very much afraid of everyone and everything. With time, love and alot of patience she grew to trust and love me. At first she would not step foot outside the house and then once she found what our yard had to offer she was hard to bring back inside. She learned early on that the little lizards she liked to catch and play with were no match for her sharp teeth. She was always very sorry when she would accidently kill on of those poor lizards. She always turned to me, her mommie to bury them properly. As she became older and less able to catch, she still enjoyed the occassional chase with a butterfly or a swift salamander. Not that she ever had any intentions of catching one! She loved to sit with me and my husband/her daddy and watch the birds and squirrels at the feeders in our backyard. Chalie was always a watcher and even though the occassional instinctive twinge to chase may hit her, she never chased the birds or squirrels. She may come out and claw the tree base minutes after a squirrel scurried up the tree, but she wanted to be sure they weren't anywhere near by to retaliate.

Chalie is now at rest in our backyard where she had many an adventure. A small angel holding a dove is our lasting monument to her. We can still feel her presence everyday and we miss her terribly. She will always be our loving daughter that made our lives so full of love and life!

Mommie & Daddy (Joan & Russell Batten)

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My husband and I have just lost a strange but lovable Yellow Lab named Halley, named so because we took her home the year of the comet, 1986. She suddenly showed severe symptoms of liver disease, and rather than make her suffer because WE wanted her to live, we chose to euthanise humanely, @ the vet's office w/ us holding her.

Halley was a strange dog, always doing the opposite of what you'd expect her reactions to be, a terrible rock chewer w/ practically no teeth left in her mouth, and a weird way of letting you know that she was in charge. No real way to describe Halley, just a pet that you had to love because she was so quirky!! She was w/ us for all her 12 1/2 years, and loved us SO much, it always made me sad to have to discipline her for anything, because I always imagined she'd done whatever it was she'd done just to make us happy!!

She was cranky, never really liked other animals around, even her own house mates, and generally let it be known that she was the boss, even in her dotage. Thunderstorms, however, reduced her to a panting, shaking mess, usually under our bed! What a weird mutt!!

I'll miss you, Halley, w/ all your quirks and your beautiful little puppy face and loving brown eyes. I'll see you and Sammy in Heaven.

Love, xxxx..

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We love you Felix! We hope you get lots of tuna juice in heaven.

We will miss your purr, your tail shaking at the frig, and your grabbing at our placemats.

You were the boss over Maj, Rudy, and Scamp!

You were a very cool cat.

Mommy, Jeff, and Scamp

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I Shall never forget you my sweet baby girl, you have in your 6 short years on this earth, brought me nothing but love, laughter and a closeness so special. I shall hold it all so deep in my heart and forever in my memories. I miss you so much little one, I'm sorry for all you went through in your illness. I tried everthing to make you better, but God wanted you in a special place with him. How do I still go on without you when I see you everywhere. You were so special, I knew that the first day I took you home. How you howled at 6 weeks old, and how you would sing with us Happy Birthday. So many birthdays have passed and no body cannot celebrate them like they used to because we can't hear you sing with us. If there is a Rainbow Bridge Meg, know that I will be there to find you, wait patiently for someday we shall be together. My love for you will keep your spirit alive:

Born March 5, 1991
Died April 17, 1997
Walk with the Angels
my love, my life

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Pooh Bear Williams

Pooh, you came to live with us on September 14, 1996. You left today, June 13, 1998, to hamster heaven. We miss you so very much!

Hamsters live such a short life, but yours was full of love and hugs. You were our pup, our kitten, our baby.

We love you very much and will never forget you,
Mommy and Daddy

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01-21-96 TO 06-12-98




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This memorial is for Friskie Lent.

Friskie wasn't just a dog she was a member of our family and friend who you good discuss your day with and she was someone who good make any bad turn into a great day.

Friskie died April 25, 1998 after living 10 long years in Caledonia, NY.

Friskie you will always be in are hearts and in our minds.

Thank you girl for everything and may God bless thee with eternal life up in heaven.

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Ode to Brighton

There once was a girl named Nancy
Who liked her dogs a bit fancy.
What she got was a stray
Who wouldn't go 'way,
Which made her friends a bit antsy.

This wayward pup she named Brighton,
Who never was a real bright one.
She didn't take flight
When other dogs might
Have turned their tails and been gone.

But there was never a question
For mental digestion
That the dog of the golden blonde tresses
Would be such pleasure,
'Cause it's an unusual treasure:
A dog that doesn't leave messes!

Now Nancy's aquiver
On account of a liver
And a heart in need of repair.
Not long for this earth,
Of dog there'll be dearth,
And life won't seem quite as fair.

But dogs do proceed,
No matter the breed,
In the hearts of those they would cherish.
Of Brighton, be certain
It's not the last curtain,
For love of her sprit will not perish.

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Blessed with Peace on May 1, 1998

Lindi was a stray my husband and I found on July 11, 1997.

Over 12 years old, Lindi was skinny, her hind legs were giving out, she had mammory tumors, blue tinted lenses, bad teeth and cysts growing on the lid of her eye.... the most beautiful dog we had ever seen!!!

She kept running from us as we tried to grab hold of her. Finally after narrowly missing serious injury from crossing a highway, she collapsed on the ground, no doubt ready to succumb to whatever abuse she had been used to.

What she got was a loving family, two new doggie friends, food and water in abundance, a warm soft bed and two humans who tried to giver her enough love and affection to hopefully make up for the years she lacked it.

Sadly, after 10 months with us, we had to let Lindi rest in the peace she so richly deserved. We may have given her the best 10 months of her life but she gave us so, so, so much more!

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Blessed with Peace November 8, 1993

Allegro was the first dog we got together. He was part German Sheppard and part Elkhound and used to sleep in the bathtub when he was hot.

Allegro was SO smart and SO well trained that we would just seem to think of a command and he would comply.

Allegro was the dog that would not go to the bathroom in the yard and so would have to be walked three, four, five times a night. It seemed like a hassle then but I was never in better shape!

Allegro was also the father of 6 gorgeous puppies. We had found a German Sheppard stray that we named Cheyenne. Never having a female dog before, I was unaware of heat cycles.... hence six puppies! Thankfully we found good, safe, dependable homes for all but one of the puppies. We kept that one, named her Tera and was the talk of the neighbor (having three dogs in a one bedroom apartment!)

Everything was great until the one morning I was running late for work and didn't take Allegro out for a walk. My husband took him to the park and let him run around.


Allegro, the dog who could read our minds, who was SO well trained and obedient, acted like a dog and chased a squirrel into the middle of a street where he was struck and killed by a car going 70 miles an hour.

Thankfully he died instantly and didn't suffer but it was SO NEEDLESS TO LOSE HIM THAT WAY...

When we see people walking their dogs without a leash this whole terrible nightmare gets replayed in our minds. I wouldn't wish anyone to have to go through what we went through: the sadness, the sorrow, the guilt. And I realize that these people haven't experienced a tragedy and therefore can't comprend that the best behaved dog is still a dog with natural instincts.....


If you are an owner who doesn't keep your dog on a leash please start doing so.... there are leads up to 20 feet if you feel the need to allow your dog some freedom.... think of your dog's safety.....

We wish we had!

Both Lindi and Allegro are sadly missed by Joe, Lisa, Cheyenne and Tera

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We got Samantha, our Golden Retriever/Black Lab. mix, in July 1978, as my husband was home recuperating fr/ surgery but well enough to house-train a puppy. We chose her, a cute little black girl w/ white spots on her chest and paws, because she was the quietest pup in the litter! She came home w/ us at 6 wks. of age, and stayed w/ us until she was just two days shy of her 12th birthday. She was our "1st born", and was an only pup for a long time, so we took her everywhere we went and treated her like people. Sam was extremely intelligent, and never stopped amazing us w/ the way she could make herself understood. I could go on and on... She moved w/ us to a big place in the country when she was 7, and spent the rest of her life in front of the fireplace, laying on the side steps, or out in front looking at the front lawn fr/ her favorite spot. She collapsed one day while I was taking her for a walk in the field, and the vet diagnosed Geriatric Diabetes. We took her home and checked her urine every day , gave her insulin shots and fed her by hand, but her strength never came back. On May 30th, 1990, we took her to the vet's office in the back seat of the car, and held her and cried as she took her last breath. She sighed, then put her head down and closed her eyes.I've never done anything so hard in my lifebefore or since. We have her ashes in a special tin, wrapped w/ a red bow, in a place where she can watch over us every day. She is still in our hearts, and we'll always miss her. I crying as I type this. I know she's w/ my Nana: they're my two guardian angels. Love you, Sammy.

Tavio and Darcy

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Valentine, Our "Pups", Our dog, My Friend.
I was just about five when you came into the family.
As a child I caused you some grief but you forgave, and I grew up.
You brought a completeness to Mom and myself.
Our small family grew through your presence.
And every minute of every day you were there for me.
A companion through hard times and good times both.
I grew from a child to a man and you stayed by my side.
While Mom was at work we kept eachother entertained.
Ours is a bond that cannot fully be described.
It didn't matter if you were healthy or sick,
I loved you the same and tried my hardest to help.
Sometimes I feel that I failed,I love you so much.
I guess death comes for all even the most purest at heart.
Sometimes I hang down my arm expecting you to be there to pet.
And when I come home I still see you in your bed wagging your tale so happy to see me.
When I felt no one was there you stayed close to me.
When I felt lonely or sad your loyalty calmed my heart.
You were a true friend and I will love you forever.
I hope you know that I care for you always, my best friend.

Matt Saavedra
Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Frank 1990-1998

Frank was a noble creature. As noble as parakeets come, anyway. He held himself with respect and an air of dominance. He was a friend to all and loved by many.

We'll miss you Frank.

Brad & the Gebhardts

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AMI(3): 1996 - 1998

The last of the original "AMI" line has now passed on. I'll never forget any of you.

You will always be with me....

I love you all.

Stephen Cook

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