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BUTTONS 1980-1995

I met you on a lonely road in Colorado. You were looking for love, and the Lord brought us together. That special day in my life would bring me 15 years of " unconditional" love and acceptance!

You were always there to welcome me when I came home. You were the other "breath" in my life ... and I will be l forever grateful for the years we shared. You made my life sweet and kissed away my tears.

I will miss you always... but know that In God's Eternal Plan you will be a part of me forever....

Return to Him, my dear Buttons, Who first gave you life.

Love.. A Grateful Friend

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He gave us hugs, he cried when we did, he laughed when we did. He was a part of us. He knew us better that we knew ourselves sometimes. He could read our minds, our moods, and our actions.

Midnight was our German Shepherd, the runt of the litter. He was also the only one to survive past two years old. His whole reason for being here was to make us happy and to make us better people. He did a wonderful job.

He was Daddy's Buddy, Mommy's Baby, and Sarah's little Brother; he fulfilled all of those roles perfectly. He will always be here with us, somewhere just around the corner.

From Tom & Martha Lewis, and Sarah Ford.

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Angel 1983-1998

The one unselfish friend in this selfish world, one who never betrays or deserts,never is unthankful, is his Dog....Every 'Lazarus' knows the gentle caress of this unique creation of God.She will kiss the hand that has no food to offer..... She will tend to the sores of indifference and the wounds of this world. In the end she is standing by your side.When all others have deserted you she is faithful.This was my dog.

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Rocki was our half-breed Siamese. His mother was definitely full Siamese, but Rocki's dad was definitely a tom-cat because of the stripes in Rocki's fur. Beside the stripes, he was so cross-eyed, it was pathetic. I also never saw a cat in which you could see the whites of his eyes, but on Rocki, one definitely could see the whites of the eyes as well as having a big red splotch on one eye-white. He also had six toes (digits) on all four paws! He was a wonderful cat. When we bought our female cat, Chloe, Rocki was two years old. He carried her around in his mouth like a mother car for at least a year! Rocki knew when his time was coming near and he chose a spot in our basement to lie and pass the time away. I knew he was ready to pass on. He was the sweetest cat in the world. We have him buried in a "grave" in our backyard with a little cross with his name engraved on it. I only wish everyone could have a cat as good as Rocki. He was 16 years old and had a very good life. We will always love him.

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In Everlasting Memory of Cassiopeia, (May, 1983 - April, 1998)

Cassiopeia was my beloved cat.

She had such beautiful eyes like two little stars which sparkle in the night. Therefore I think, Cassiopeia was the perfect name for her. When she came into my life, it was love at the first sight.

She was the only friend I had in the darkest hours of my life. When times were hard, she jumped on my shoulder and pushed her head very soft against my cheek.

It was her special way to say: "Believe me, we're sailling on the wind of better days!"

I can't tell you what Cassi has meant to me, what a difference she has made to my life. I swear she was the only reason why I don't quit in those days. She soothed my soul and flooded my darkness with her light.

Then fate came down like a guillotine. Her kidneys had a malfunction. The vet did her best, but it was in vain. As well I tried a deal with God. To give away a part of my remaining lifetime for her. In the hope she would recover from her illness. But my prayers could not stop the disease. To see her suffering brokes my heart. So I decided to free Cassi from her pain. My good Companion passed away in my arms like shadow in the night at the vet's office on First of April in 1998. And something of me died with her. What should it matter if it comes on spring? When I'm finding winter in everything.

Have I done right? It hurts so much deep down inside. Forgive me Cassi! You showed me the meaning of life. It was great gift. I promise, I don't throw it away.

Now she rests in peace among the beautiful green hills of my birthtown Furth i. Wald (Bavaria).

I`m sure we will meet again someday, somewhere, somehow! When peacefull darkness will also set me free at last.

See you later,

Munich, Germany

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My #1 Son: Traveler
9/26/83 - 9/3/96

You came into my life shortly after I moved to Oklahoma and married your daddy. It was your daddy who insisted that we get a bird-dog, an English Springer Spaniel. I had no idea what one was or even looked liked. The afternoon we went by to look at a few puppies during our lunch break, all that was left was you and a sister; your daddy insisted I pick one, otherwise we were wasting the breederís time. I took one look at your mother and told your daddy that I sure hoped that Iíd fall in love with you before you grew up to be as unattractive as your mother. That was before I realized what a beautiful breed the English Springer Spaniel is. Iíve never regretted picking you to be my number one son.

You came into my life at a time when there was a big empty spot: the lack of the motherhood role and the need to be needed. You were my little baby boy. You taught me patience, understanding, and companionship on a totally unconditional level. Often there were times when I felt real sad and lonely but you had a way about you that would remind me you were there and that you loved and needed me. You knew when I was down even before I knew it. You had a way about lifting my sprits that never will be duplicated. Oh, how I miss you Traveler.

I miss the times when we did things together that seemed to make you very happy, like hunting and fishing, taking long runs with me. Sometimes I would run you too hard but you never complained. If it hadnít been for you loving to run with me, I would have never run the Marine Crops Marathon. You faithfully trained with me. Iím sorry I never took you to run with me in the Army 10-miler like I promised I would. I just lost the motivation to run like I used to, and then I figured you werenít up to that kind of distance. I should have taken you the only time I did run it - at the peak of our running careers (both yours and mine). Now that youíre gone I canít seem to get motivated at all to run but someday soon Iíll go out and start running again. And maybe Iíll run that 10-miler again in memory of all the wonderful times we ran together. Oh, how I loved you Traveler.

I just hope that I gave you the best possible life you could have ever had and that you werenít disappointed in me. I just hope that you knew what you meant to me and that I wouldnít have ever accomplished so much without you. You were so much apart of my life Traveler. Good-bye. Happy Hunting Big Guy.


dedicated on the 26th day of September, 1996 (your 13th Birthday)

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Farewell My Little Princess (11/9/89 - 3/27/98)

Brandi, your life was short but the joy you brought us was long and ever lasting. Your lust for life was infectious. Your smile will go on for generations.

Having you in my life caused a lot of controversy and concern with family and friends, but through it all I learned something. That I had to do what I had to do, regardless of what others openly expressed. Your daddy and I overcame those doubts in our decision to give you a chance at life. How can you put a price on the love and loyalty you gave your daddy and me. It was worth every penny.

You came into our life because someone promised to send us a little girl English Springer Spaniel, and then reneged. When we got the phone call telling us that we couldnít adopt that little girl, your daddy gave in. We were both so disappointed that your daddy agreed to let me get an English Springer Spaniel female puppy. Would you believe the weekend paper only had one ad with Springer puppies? You were one of only two females left in the litter, and your sister had a hernia. You looked perfectly healthy, so I picked you. There were so few differences between you and her that itís hard to say which I would have picked if your sister hadnít had that small defect. But God had a plan for you to be in our lives. Little did we know that you had a major defect brewing in your little head. And had you fallen into the wrong hands, they would have shortened your life because of it. Your defect was epilepsy of the worst kind, cluster seizures. But that wouldnít come along for nearly three years. In the mean time, you became my little princess.

You gave us seven wonderful children, four or which couldnít even leave the nest. When your liver affliction first appeared it was too late, but I just couldnít end your life without a fight. We tried for more than a month before you just conceded to it. You came into my life in the winter of my life, and left in the spring of a new life.

When you werenít quite three, your seizure episodes started. They were very severe and came every six to eight weeks. We were beginning to think that we were doing you an injustice by keeping you alive. Everyone we knew didnít hesitate to suggest that we were wasting money and effort on you because of the ďpoor quality of lifeĒ you had. Then we came across the notice by Texas A&M Veterinary Medical College, looking for dogs like you. When I contacted the school to try and get you in their program, I was sure you were beyond help. God gave us that ray of hope, through Dr. Boothe. She encouraged me to give her research a try.

I must say when I first got you into her program, I didnít feel as optimistic as she was about you getting your life back. I really didnít expect the program to control your frequent seizure episodes - but you conquered it - we had you under control. Dr. Boothe was a Godsend in our life. She gave us some of the best years that you would have never had without her. And we canít forget Dr. McDonald and his hospital staff, when you were sick they took the best care of you. The many hours they worked to comfort you when you were out of your mind. If it hadnít been for their 24-hour facility, you could have never survived those cluster seizures.

Because of the drugs that controlled your epilepsy, you developed liver disease. We knew this was possible but became so complacent with you not having seizures. When I realized that something was wrong, your liver was already in very bad shape. I just didnít want you to give up this fight. I tried to get you well again. In the back of my mind I was so sure that this too would pass, and we would overcome yet another medical hurdle with you. I was so sure that it wasnít your time to leave this earth. In the end you let me know that you werenít going to be with me much longer. It was in your eyes. You went so peacefully. I wanted you to be with me for another seven or eight years - I was so sure that you were destined to live out your life with our new Russian princess. Iím thankful that she got to meet you before you left our lives. I was sure there was room for both of you - my winter princess and my spring princess. I know you approved of her as does all the rest of the pack, your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. The new pack princess thinks itís normal for all families to have a bunch of dogs.

I loved you so much and will always remember you for the sweet little princess that you were. I thank God for placing you in my life - I was blessed enormously. You changed my life so completely. Who would have guessed that you would have had such an impact and left such a void. If ever there was a dog that gave so much to this world, it was you. Thank you God for the opportunity to be the care giver of such a wonderful dog. Thank you Brandi, for the wonderful life you shared with me. I will always love and remember you.

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Brandi and Shuz
Beloved Friends
Mother and Daughter
Left this world almost together
Reunited in death as in life
Rest in peace Dear Ones
Always loved and forever missed

Shuz, Shuz, Our Little Girl Shuz (7/26/91 - 4/28/98)

You were here one moment and gone then next. You were just the most healthy acting and looking dog there was - why, dear God, why? We still canít understand your death. You were the best little girl; never demanding and always so sweet. You were never any trouble. Who would have guessed that you would die in such a typical Shuz fashion - quietly without a fuss. You were so affectionate and loving. You had the softest fur and you were always so willing to let us kiss and stroke your soft head. In fact, I think you enjoyed it more than we did. Whenever situations required it, you would lend yourself to being stroked or kissed on your oh so soft head. We will truly miss that therapy. There really arenít any adjectives to describe what you meant to us that only your physical presence could have shown.

We thought you were just a little depressed after the death of your mother, Brandi. You didnít show us any physical signs that there was something wrong. Did you long so desperately to be with your mommy, Brandi, that you died of a broken heart? In the six and a half years of your life you never had any ailments. Even when the rest of the pack got sick with kennel cough, you never got sick with it. The few times you went to the doctor, nothing was ever detected. Your final visit to the doctor was for an autopsy that revealed you died of a heart attack. It was something we had to do. We had to know what took our little girl from us. Itís ironic that your final vet bill (for the autopsy and cremation) was more than your cumulative vet bills during your short six and a half years on this earth. I would have spent as much if not more on your medical needs as I did for your mother and Iím spending on your daddy, Junior. You werenít supposed to die before Junior. Heís the one with the heart problems and heís 14.

We are so grateful to God for the wonderful few years we had you in our lives. We do not yet quite understand why you left us so suddenly and without any warning. We can only assume that God spared us a great deal of grief that knowing and trying to fight for your life might have caused us. You were never any trouble. You kept everyone in line. You were the best mommy. You were even the best surrogate mommy when Fussy did so badly at taking care of her babies. And when there were grand-puppies, you offered your assistance to the new mommies.

You were the gentlest, sweetest little girl, Shuz. We will always remember the joy and love you brought us. Junior, your father; Cognac, your brother; and Blondie; your baby girl are grieving your loss. We, too, are still trying to cope. We all loved you and will miss your ďElvisĒ smiles and your tender touch. Sweet dreams Shuz.

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My little kitten SNOOKY... You were a healthy kitty; you were a happy kitty. JUST ONE YEARS OLD. The day I left for a trip (less than 18 hours) when I returned you were already gone, burried without my last look. Today I grieve your death not able to share you crys and whines to go out nor be able to feed you any more. Know that I love you and I long to find answers to your unexplained death. You went instantly and quickly. I didn't want to leave you were my happiness! May the lord above hold you close to my heart always that I will never for one moment loose the happiness you gave me! MY DARLING SNOOKY MAY GOD HOLD YOU CLOSER THAN WORDS CAN SAY AND I LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR SPIRITUAL VISITS EVERYDAY!


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PEPPE 1981 - 1996

You were ill for a long time but you alway's made the best of life. I miss rubbing your shoulder's and you were Alan's right arm. We both miss you so much. At 15 years old you were still chasing cats up tree's until the day came when you were just to tired and we let you go to sleep. Rest in Peace our beautiful old lady. You will always be in our hearts.

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5 Little Kittens

On Monday, May 4, 1998, 5 little kittens were born to one of my mother cats. The sad part was, she had no nipples to feed them. I called different vets in my area, and they said it was something unheard of, and the kittens would surely die. I have another mother cat who had kittens three weeks ago. I decided to put the 5 new kittens together with the other mother cat, who herself, had five kittens already. She adopted the five new ones, and I was so happy that she had the strength to feed all 10 kittens. Today I went to check on the kittens. There was one of the small ones laying in the corner all by itself, cold and close to death. I picked it up, and ran into the kitchen to mix up a small batch of infant formula, hoping that I wasn't too late. I gave it a few drops out of the dropper. It gave a soft little meow and it died in my hands. It was such a sad sight to see. I held it for an hour, just hoping for a little miracle. But, it died and it wasn't coming back. Since it died, I decided to make sure the rest of the newborns were ok too. To my dismay, I found another one that must have died last night, and I thought it was just sleeping. There is another one that was close to death, and I am not sure that it is going to make it. I think that it is just too weak to suck from the mother cat. I buried the two small kittens in my yard this afternoon. I am sad, but I know that I did the best as I could. Bless the mom cat for trying to take care of 10 kittens.

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