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You were just a kitten when you came into our lives. A gray ball with white paws and white chest. We didn't know where you came from. You were very happy growing up in a 5 cat household. When I got my own place you and Alexei came with me. Remember that first day? You hid behind the sofa while he explored everywhere. Both of you then conferred and you slowly came out. Before long you were right at home. How you loved life! With your purr motor going you sounded like a big truck. You loved people, food, and sleeping. It was as if you knew you would not be here long. That terrible night when you left us I'll never forget. You ate your treats and started playing. Then you had a heart attack. Alexei rushed to your side, but you were already gone. He gently laid his paw on your shoulder and said good-bye. Catherina then did the same, and together they went into the bedroom and curled up. I took your body to the vet for the last time. He said you had had a congenital heart defect; he was surprised you lived to 4 years of age. That night you came back to me one last time to say good-bye and let me know you were okay. Now you are at the Bridge--healthy and happy with your friends, especially Ramsey and Vasili. Wait for us Dukha--we'll never forget you.


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When his life was over: Griswald 1989-1997

He was my friend for eight years.
I never expected to lose him, much less so quickly.
He was always there for me, even thought I let him down a few times in his life.
Life has been so different without him around.

I still find his fur in all kinds of places like under the bed.
It makes me think he's still around.
It's hard to let go, but I have no choice.

I hope he's happy wherever he's at.
None of his friends have gone before him, so he's there alone.
I'll see him again when it's my time to go.

I'll always keep you in my heart Griswald, never worry about that.
And I'll be there to take care of you again someday.
Till then don't fear, you will always be in my thoughts.

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When Buddy came into my life as an eight-week old puppy, I had no idea the value his presence in my life would be. Early on, he taught me how to vocalize this feelings and thoughts for 'small-thinking two-leggeds' as he sometimes affectionately referred to humans. His intentions were always simple and clear - love and joy

He began telling us he was a baby luck dragon 'waiting to get his wings' soon after his first year. We were amused, and played along with what we considered to be a harmless delusion.

For eight and one half years, he lived with us. We shared many adventures. We moved to Hawai'i for two years, and Buddy loved to body surf. He even learned to talk 'pidgen' so as to 'fit in with the locals', he said. He was my best friend and loyal support through thick and thin. Frankly, I thought he would always be with me.

He died a week before Thanksgiving. When I left for a training seminar two weeks before, he was his wise and healthy self. The day before I returned, he stopped eating. No complaints. No apparent symptoms. When I returned, he comprehended my panic at the idea of his going and tried to reverse his passage. Bless his soul and his love for my frail faith. It was beyond turning back, and as I watched him struggle to live for me I surrendered to a Bigger Picture and let go. He died almost immediately.

He stayed in the yard, translucent and growing bigger and bigger by the hour for weeks. He talks in my mind often, reminding me that he is soaring in the stars and always present for me and loving me just as before - only now he has his wings.

He reminds me how much more we are than this life of substance and time in which we play. He reminds me to stay connected with All That I Am. He is still my best friend.

pet loss grief mourning

Caspian 12/15/97

My beloved Caspian was 121 when he died. He was loved by all and will be greatly missed.

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Let me tell you about my dog Prescious, who just recently passed away. This is not about my grief or sorrow but about this special dog. No she didn't do any tricks or look like a show dog, so mostly just layed around. But what a smile--it was almost human like. She was the best possum fighter ever, expecially one trying to get her turkey bone. People I know think this is foolish, and as the days go by Prescious will slowly ease to just a memory. But being my first dog for nearly 12 years she provided companionship and love to me. For this I leave this epitaph . I will always have fond memories of her. I even know what I will name my next puppy Prescious 2. See good bye my big beautiful fat girl. See you on the rainbow bridge.

Donnie Ortensie

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My dearest Doodles (Dec. 1980-Sept. 29, 1997)

I was 11yrs. old when I begged my parents for you, I was blessed to have you in my life. My family was military, and Doodles and 8 mos. later, his sister Peaches, went all over the world with us. They traveled more than most people do. They are both beautiful and well behaved animals. I'm mentioning his sister because she is frail right now, and she probably has about one more year to go. She will be buried right next to Doodles just like it should be. It was one of the hardest things in the world for me to do, putting my best pal to sleep, then burying him in my parents backyard. I know that he is not suffering any more though. I thank God that my parents changed their minds and said that I could bury him in the back. I put a couple of pictures of myself and my mom in his box so he won't be alone. I am 28 yrs. old now, and I was lucky to have my parents there when I got Doodles, and they were there when we put him to sleep and buried him.

Thank you God for the gift of my dog, Doodles, mom and dad, and the time we all had together. I love you always Doodles,

(we will be together again one day, you will always be in my heart)

Love, Mom and Dad
Kristine, Steven, Peaches, Spike, and a distant friend, Vicious

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Our Beloved Bandit 1986-1997

We rescued this furry little Keeshond mix puppy from our city's humane shelter two months after we were married in November 1986. We named him Bandit because of the markings on his face made him look like he was wearing a mask.

Bandit was our first "baby". He went everywhere with us. I even dressed him up for Halloween for the first couple of years before we had our kids. One year he went as Big Bird and the following year my mom and I sewed a pumpkin costume for him!

Bandit was so smart. He took obedience class three summers in a row and was used as the "demo" dog because he learned so quick and retained it from summer to summer.

When our kids came along, Bandit was great with them even though he seemed not to understand why exactly his "centered" place in the family had changed so drastically. He was still the center of our lives but maybe just a little "off center" now.

Bandit remained a very healthy dog for most of his life with the exception of a few minor incidents. One time he tried too quickly to come in the door before it was open far enough and he gouged his back and had to have stitches.

This past spring Bandit was diagnosed with a fast-growing tumor that encircled his bladder and we were told that he probably only had a couple of months to live. He had been an outside dog most of his life, but we decided to bring him in and make him comfortable for his remaining time. We wanted to be with him as much as we could.

The fateful day came on April 24, 1997 when I was getting ready for work and his breathing had become quite labored. He also had a certain look in his eyes that I had not seen there before. His eyes seemed to tell me, "I can't do this anymore. It's time for me to go now." I took him to the vet and she confirmed that there was no more they could do for him now. I told her my kids were at school and I wanted them to say goodbye to Bandit. I'm not sure I got through that day knowing what was going to happen later that day. When I picked up my kids, I sat them down and told them what we were going to do as Bandit was quite sick and in pain. Before I could finish explaining it to them, he had a seizure. We rushed him over to the vet and I was with him during his last moments. It was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life, but I'm glad I was with him to the very end.

Bandit was such a wonderful part of our lives. We'll NEVER forget him. Our other dog, Smokey, who grew up with Bandit as his "brother" said his goodbyes to Bandit the next day. We buried him in our backyard and Smokey sat down looking at Bandit's grave and then he laid down on it as if to tell his lifelong friend goodbye for the last time.

Bandit: We hope you know how much you were loved during your life. We know you are at peace now and romping with all of the other pets up in heaven.

Don, Terri, Zachary & Jared Gosnell & all the others in the family who loved Bandit Terre Haute, Indiana (09/26/97)

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Kashie (aka. Mui Mui) 1990 - 1997

There are so many things we missed about Kashie - the way she always barged into our bedroom leaving the door wide open everytime we tried closing it; the way she always followed my wife around the house wherever she went; the scratching of the door when she "demanded" to come into our bedroom; the way she hovered around waiting for her "treat" while we were eating; the way she always paid us a visit to announce her return after a walk by the maid......the list is endless.

Kashie was the most human-like dog we have ever seen. Somehow she always seemed to understand when we were trying to "talk" to her. If she accidentally soiled the carpet she would walk around looking guilty eventhough sometimes we did not realise what happened until we saw the look on her face. She would jump onto the sofa at night and dig herself in amongst the many cushions and finally settled down with a comfortable sigh plonking her head on a cushion as her pillow. In the Winter she would jump onto our bed and notch my wife to ask for "admission" into the duvet. Every early morning she would go to my wife's bedside and "say hello" until my wife acknowledged her presence and then both of them would go back to sleep.

This most loving dog sadly got a disease called Addison's Disease whereby her hormones were all messed up and she had to be on steroids constantly. She eventually left us on 16th September 1997. We were heart broken at her departure but consoled at the fact that she had a loving family for her while she lived. She had always been part of our family and her absence is felt deeply. The joy she bought us would stay in our memories forever.

We all miss you, Kashie! May you live a happy existence in Heaven.

Peter & Yvonne Chan

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Farewell, to little, and too lately known,
Whom I began to think and call my own:
For sure our souls were near allied, and thine
Cast in the same poetic mold with mine.

You know what makes her coffin
So great, so hard to bear?
It holds my love within it,
And all the time we'd share.

Good-by Binky.

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On April 16, 1997, I lost a star in my world. She was a gift from my father, and I named her Diablo "Devil Dog" Brown. Diablo was my first and only pet dog. Her love for me was unconditional, and from childhood through early adulthood, she was one of the best friends that I ever had.

Diablo was parts Chihuahua and Dachshund, and lived a happy life with me in Baltimore for twenty-two years. She loved to play in the snow, run in the park, and enjoyed the warm breezes that came with spring and summer. As you can see in the photo above, she had large, beautiful dark eyes, and a silky, raven coat to match.

Years ago I read that the ancient Aztecs believed Chihuahuas could fight off demons from Hell and lead lost souls faithfully to Heaven. After witnessing her fight off the demon of ill health for over a decade, and bringing out the gentle side of an enlisted man like me, I believe the Aztecs were right.

Diablo gave me many happy memories, and I thank God the Almighty for giving me the opportunity to share most of my life with her. On July 22nd of this year -- far from home on military training in Wichita, Texas -- I saw an apparition of her. Outside, up in the sky, I could hardly believe what was before my eyes -- a massive cloud that bore Diablo's likeness. It brought a tear to my eye.

Diablo, may your soul rest in peace. I know that someday we will be together again.


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For my first and only pet,

A Prayer for Mimi
March 3, 1987 - July 3, 1997

Saint Francis of Assisi, patron saint of all pets, we humbly ask that you watch over Mimi and help her with her journey into heaven.

Lord, Jesus Christ, we thank you for giving us the gift of this cat, Mimi, for nine beautiful years. Thank you for allowing her to show us your love; through her child-like amazement and amusement of the everyday world around her, her unconditional love of the people who petted and played with her, and her abundance of patience toward humans in general.

Lord, Mimi has touched our hearts and enriched our lives, and will be missed -- but never forgotten. We ask that she may find peace in your eternal kingdom. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

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Calimero, when you has arrived you are one month old, and we love you immediatly, you, little black cat, with one eye green and the other brown and with your funny pretty little face. You were the most lovely kitten that we have knowed.

You have leaved us quickly.... too quickly.

Killed by a car, driven by a man without pity a man who has prefered to go away rather than to help you.

He leaved you there, in the court, and only another cat was here, looking to you, watching you, incredulous, powerless.

Farewell Calimero, your life is been a short time, too short time.

We hope to have made you happy, in your short time.

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Note: Charmin was a Minature Schnazauer and just recently was diagnosed with kidney disease. She remained spirited and fisty even up to the evening before the day she died.

My Dearest Charmin:

Even though there's been several dogs before you, you my darling, will always hold the most special place in my heart.

You will always be with us on our camping trips and/or weekend outings that you used to love so much. You'll be there with your sister Cissy and I on our daily evening and morning walks chasing after Chummy, Wally and Toby.

And I will always be eternally greatful that you waited to leave me when I came home and was able to hold you oh so close to my heart as you took your last breath. Thank you my dearest friend for giving me this last and final priveledge.

I love you and will miss you dearly and I thank you for all the years of happiness you gave us. Rest in Peace my friend and save a place for me!

The end.

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Her name was Stella. My son named her after his favorite Italian eatery. She was born 1986 in Tokyo. The rest of the litter had been given away but no one thought Stella cute enough to adopt and my friends vet suggested putting her down. She called me in America, as she knew we were moving to Tokyo in a month. I said of course we would take her. She was multi colored tones of golden brown, dark brown and black. Down the middle of her face was a large black stripe, like someone had painted it there. That was the reason she was deemed unattractive. She was not a cuddley cat, only snuggeling up on her own terms. A year after we adopted her we bought a Shi Tsu dog. This, at first, was a terrible shock but within a week Stella had decided to mother him. She put up with the worst of puppy play with a patience rare in any creature. But it was when we went for walks that she really showed her stuff. She kept close to our dog, albight walking along garden walls, and thru gardens. But if another dog walker passed and the dogs started to bark at each other she would immediatly run out and stand infront of Duncan, arched and spitting. The other dog, often a big one, not to mention its owner, would stand in confusion, as cats in Japan tend to be very fearful of all strangers, two or four legged. That was our Stella. In June of this year, 1997 I was traveling in Europe and when I called to ask my husband how things were he told me she had been hit by a car and died instantly. Our dog still looks around for her to come out to him on walks.

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Pluto, aka "Perpie", Holt.

Just a baby, born with a congenital heart defect. But, it didn't affect his ability to love or be loved. My special baby boxer, only on this earth for six short months. And, he did more for his owner in this time than most humans have done in her entire life.

He will be missed. Survived by his friend and "big brother" Caesar, his mom, Buddy and Andrew.

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Tristan Kelleher-Davies Oct 21, 1987 - July 31, 1997

Tristan came from an animal shelter where they had so many animals that he had to live in a monkey cage. He was tiny and suffering from a parasitic disease, but we took him home. He wanted to cuddle with our other cat, Rhiannon, and after hissing a while, she let him and even cleaned his ears. He got pretty big, reaching 23 pounds before he was put on a diet. He looked menacing, but he was a big loveable bear of a cat. Usually. He didn't have a lot of patience with people. He was terrified of water since someone threw him in a pond so giving him a bath was a two person effort. He liked to sleep on his back with his feet up in the air which tended to startle people who saw him for the first time. And all that silky, dark gray fur was inviting to the touch, but he'd open one eye as a warning and most people backed off. Tristan was going to be ten years old this fall but a stray dog attacked him in his own yard and damaged his spine. I'll never get that picture out of my mind. We rushed him to the Vet but he was in pain and beyond help so I had him put to sleep. I don't blame the dog, only the people who abandoned him. I miss Tristan. He's buried by the bird bath since he liked that spot.

Daria Kelleher-Davies

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Pugsley Lerner

You will be missed by us all. We did not have you very long and you did not have a long time on this earth only 4 months, but we loved you our little man and we miss you greatly. I miss coming home and being greeted by you, I miss hearing you snore every night beside me on the floor.

Thief and Fuji miss you so much and you brought life back into the house.

Rest in peace my little angel and I hope you know that when you left a part of me went with you. You will always be loved and remembered.

Your Mom,

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It doesn't take long
to get from pen 7
to a place there must be
called "Puppy Heaven."
'Cause I knew a pup
who travelled gate-to-gate...
It didn't take long,
and he didn't wait.
It doesn't take long,
but its a long, long hard trip
the bag and the baggage
has our hearts in its grip.
We'd do it again --
take that same sorrowed path --
for our purpose of travel
can't be figured in math.
Most folks never met him,
and I'm sure that's all right,
You know in earth/heaven transit
a schedule gets tight.
He most was a whisper
too sick for a bark,
along for a heartbreak
while day turned to dark...
All white and tan
and a touch of black...
We'd known him just shortly
when we named him Jack.
Now if you travel
on Heaven's Highway
and you chance see a pup
there waiting to play --
His long tail a waggin',
his ears hangin' slack...
It's just very likely
You've met our pup, Jack --
You might pet him real gently,
throw a ball out to chase...
Then relay the message
"Pup Heaven's a nice place."

Candace Cooksey Fulton

Travis, Tyler, and Terrell
San Angelo, Texas

Explanation -- My three boys and I found Jack, a beagle-mix puppy, at the pound on a Saturday morning. We wanted to take him home, but he had to wait to see the vet Monday morning to get his shots. So we got him Monday, and that afternoon he seemed very sick. When I took him to our vet Tuesday, he said that Jack had been exposed to Parvo, then, when he got his shot the disease went into a "full-blown" case. We tried to feed him special fluids the vet prescribed, but Jack got sicker and sicker and died on Thursday.

Actually, that all happened last summer and that's when I wrote the poem. But I just found the website, and since we still have such sad memories of Jack, I wondered if my submission might be accepted.

The pound did give us another pup who is a sweet, dear, mix-of-every-breed-short-and-ugly, plain Mary Jane dog. She's been healthy. And her name is Mary Jane (MJ for short). Also, the pound in our city changed their rules after our and several other heartbreaking cases. They give dogs shots when they arrive and hold them for three days instead of waiting until the dog is adopted.

Candace Cooksey Fulton
Dir. of Alumni Affairs
Angelo State University

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It Was Just His Time
1978 - 1996

Myrrh was given to me by my neighbor in December of 1980. Myrrh was three years old and still had the heart of a kitten. He would wander off, exploring, to gas stations, half-abandoned warehouses, and even people's own homes. He would play, stalk, and have fun, then bring sourvenirs back to me such as dead, half-dead, or almost fully alive lizards or mice that he was done playing with. A coupld of time I had to sneak into people's houses and basements to free Myrrh. He would die for a piece of raw turkey, but he liked it cooked even more. On Thanksgiving: "Raaaaaooow! Myaaaaaoow! Ryaaaaaaaow!" He was a very loving and lovable cat.

In 1990, when he was 12 years old, he got glaucoma in both of his eyes. It was so bad that he got one eye removed and one glass eye. He was completely blind.

After a while, he learned his way around the house. He was still a loving cat.

In 1995, I adopted a runaway cat that I named Soozi. At first, Myrrh would hiss and swipe at Soozi even though he couldn't see her.

But after a while he accepted her as part of the family. They started sharing the bed to play on. In August of 1996, Myrrh died of old age. It was just his time. R.I.P.

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For Sara

When eyes first met, twas Love at Sight
I held You as a Lover might
Your eyes my Soul Caught and Held
at once Enchanted and Bespelled
How Small you seemed in my Embrace
So Wide your Eyes in Tiny face
You stared at me, and I at you
Our new Love Time itself would Rue
Tonight I hold You still to Me
Though Dawn for You shall never be
You died in Peace, small Eyes on Mine
In Memory they shall Always Shine

Joseph Walsh

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Bear, Baby, Blue & Blackstar, Winston, Bandit and Patches

So many friends, so little time. I miss you all and I will always remember everyone of you for your special qualities.

Bear you are special for your huge generous heart. I hope I made the right decision when I put you down. You were 11 years old and the most beautiful Golden Retriever. You will always be by my bedside when I go to bed.

Baby, you were one in a million, and many squirrels were lost to your hunting ability. I wish we could have saved you, you were only 3. But the bacterial infection in your stomach beat you out of life early.

Blue and Blackstar, both of you will always be remembered even though you were in our lives only a short time. It may have been the same car that took your lives as the one that took Tabby's. But we will never know. I just pray none of you suffered.

Winston, I was young but I still remember your low tolerance for me as a child. And I understood it was time for you to go.

Bandit, you were the best bunny in the world.

And last but not least, Patches, I know God is protecting you whether you are still wandering lost or have made your way to the gates of Heaven.

There are many others that I was too young to remember but I know one day we will all be reunited under God, in Heaven where I know all of you are. I miss each and every one of you but I'm glad to have had the chance to experience the distinctly different love of each of you. Some of you I held while you slipped away, others of you were already gone, but in my heart I held everyone of you, and will never let go of your memories. I love all of you and miss all of you, but I know you are waiting for me. I wish that the new members of our family could have known ya'll, but God wanted you and needed you in heaven. God bless every last on of you! And I'll be missing you, till the day we meet again.

With Love,
Jennifer, and my friends on earth:Bogey, Columbo, Booger, Puff, Little Bit, Black Jack, and E.B.
([email protected])

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Goldie was a very special Rottweiler. She was one of the first Rotties we ever had the pleasure of loving and caring for. She was my companion through some of the rough times in my life. Her constant love helped me and reminded me to get up and make it through life one day at a time. Goldie lost her battle with Cushing disease on August 16, 1995 after a long and gallant struggle. She waits on the other side of The Rainbow Bridge waiting to be reunited with Fraulein her best friend and sister since birth and her daughter Dafnee. Goldie never gave up and neither should we.

Her Loving Parents

Dawn & Steve Crawford
Fraulein and Dafnee

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