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Flopsy, my beautiful bunny and best friend died today on May 27, 1997. I got her by accident when I was in college. I went to the store to get a chinchilla. The store did not have any left. I was on my way out when she saw me. She started to grunt and stomp her feet. I took her home. She was litter box trained and ran around the house when I was home. We were three days away from moving. She had a beauty shop appointment and I had just gotten her some new toys. I found her dead this morning. I buried her on my family land beneath a new pine tree. She is next to some baby rabbits that we found and did not make it. I guess she is watching over them. I wish I had her back. I miss her. She was my best friend. Here's to you my Flopsy girl. I love you. From your mom. Erin

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In memory of Brogan, a very good dog.

Brogan was a mutt (very brown shepard mix) that was caught in a bear trap when he was a puppy. He was found and taken to the pound. Even though no one claimed him or adopted him, the pound thought he was too sweet to put down. We found him at a gas station. Brogan was not very bright and had a propensity for our neighbor's chickens. He was "refined", in that he would onlt eat food or go to the bathroom on nice rugs, rather than the kitchen floor. Although Brogan was a few links short of a full choke collar, he was a good dog. He was my best friend during hard times and I miss him a lot. Bye Burshee.

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Honeycomb......My first dog, my sister, my best friend.


My dearest friend, I can never begin to tell you how much you meant to me. You began as a mere pound puppy for my fifth birthday. Being an only child, you quickly became my sister and my best friend. I would confide in you and you would patiently listen. You would play with me when I was lonely, and console me when I was sad. When the nightmares woke me up, you would be there to protect me. You were loving and gentle with everyone.

Sixteen years went by. Then the time came.

Your aches and pains from old age were obvious and I could not stand to see you suffer. It was time for you to sleep and suffer no longer. So....we went on the trip to the Vet together. I stayed with you while you went to sleep. By each others side till the it should have been.

I still think of you often, even though you've been gone now some 15 years. I still have your picture on my wall and your spirit in my heart. For all you did for me I thank you, My Sister, My Best Friend, God Bless You,

Love always,

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Cinnamon (1986 - 1997) sweet a dog as ever was. Beautiful, but not too bright. She was the daughter I never had. It will be hard to do so many of the ordinary daily things without your presence next to me. I hope there is a doggie heaven for you to play in and eat to your heart's content. You were truly Man's Best Friend and you will be remembered forever and sorely missed.

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For Chelsea

Born so small in such a large litter, we fed you and raised you and most of all loved you. Always slow and always amazed at every day. We feel so blessed to have had you. You were a joy to watch with your mother Vicky and your brothers and sisters. You were always so quiet and sweet, never obnoxious. We loved you for your 2 and one half years. I am so thankful you died in your sleep and did not suffer. I hope you enjoy your afterlife, buried under your favorite tree in the pasture. Your loving family, Joanne, Julie, Vicky, Sasha, Lucky, Chester, Ted, Popeye, Cheyenne, Muffin, Easter and the Pups.

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To my Best Friend Breilla,

Breilla was just a 5 week old kitten when I first saw her in the Humane Society Shelter. I couldn't wait to get her home! She was a tiny grey and white thing, I could fit her in the palm of my hand. When the big day came to adopt her, I was the happiest "Mom" in the world. We got in the car and headed towards the office, where she would spend her days with me. My boyfriend took one look at her and fell in love, just as I had. She didn't spend long there the first day, as I was excited to show her her new home, my apartment.

For almost a year we were unseperatable. Work, car, vacation, weekends, you name it. When I was sick, she would lie next to me and comfort me. When someone approached my door in the apartment complex, she would growl in protection. I loved her more than anything. One day we had a bad time in the car, and she didn't like to travel anymore, so back to the Shelter to adopt a friend for her. They loved each other at first sight.

One day I was in a rush to get to the office. I closed my closet door, and off I went. When I caame home, Breilla was out on the patio Meowing frantically. I rushed up the stairs, and into my apartment. Breilla led me to the closet where my new cat, Skip, was locked in. Breilla had scratched and clawed the closet door to rescue Skip, in the process rubbing her poor claws raw.

One Thursday I came home and noticed Breilla wasn't getting up. She was only 1 1/2 years old, and we were a month away from moving to a house with a HUGE yard for her to be free in (her favorite place was on the screened patio in my apt. where she could dream of being free).

I took her to the vet, she had a 106 temp. They tried everything they could do, but after a week, it was time to let her go. (I'm crying now, it still hurts). The vet said Breilla would just close her eyes and go to sleep. I held her close, telling her how good a cat she was, she was a good girl..her tail thumped just barely..the needle went in, and her beautiful eyes clouded over, then she was gone.

I will NEVER love another as much as my Breilla, my best friend in the whole world. I could go on forever about all the great things she contributed to this world, but the story has to end somewhere.

Good-night my baby Breilla............
went in

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My Petey (Fall 1986-April 16, 1997)

He wouldn't catch a Frisbee, while it floated thru the AIR

He'd wait until it landed-seemed to think this was more FAIR.

And when his people were content, to sit and watch TV.

He'd pace around the room and stare,"HEY -LET ME OUT TO PEE!".

He never made commercials, but he could have done that Feat

Cuz spunk and charm and sportsmanship were all that made up Pete.

He came, sometimes, when he was called-depending where he WAS--

and if he didn't-- he just looked, at you, and said - "BECAUSE".

He looked at you with those brown eyes, and knew the world, his TREAT,

would grant his wish, at anytime, cuz he was such a "PETE"

He didn't like the "UPS", he thought the man a BOTHER.

No mailman, strangers by HIS door--"PROTECT THE HOME WITH HONOR".

He could sit and sneer at you, with one lip curling UP

never mad, or, angry--just thinking "HURRY UP!"

The yard , it was his playground-and his favorite time of YEAR,

was when "HIS POOL" was opened--he'd dive in with no FEAR.

I must have left the TV tuned, to soccer one long DAY.

And Petey watched--then took the ball ---Taught Peele' how to PLAY!

And he would prance just like a KING, when he walked down the STREET

His people leashed, he was so proud to tell the world-- "I'm Pete"

I know there is a heaven -and that , that's where Petey WENT.

There is no way he'd leave my side, with me he was CONTENT.

And so I'll wait to join him--But I'll miss him , EVERYDAY.

And in my heart he'll always be-- in heaven he's at PLAY.

And Pete I know you see me and I just want you to KNOW

that even tho you had to leave-I'll ALWAYS LOVE YOU SO.

(I cant wait to join you boy, I miss you so much)

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Susie (aka Puchess), April 1987 to December 8, 1996

Breed: Maltese terrier

Personality: 4-legged human

Good night, dear Susie,
our best friend;

Your tiny face forced
so many huge smiles;

Your little brown eyes
brightened our lives so breatly;

Your love and warmth
given so generously -

We will miss you so.

Your beautiful tail
wagging us hello,

Your flagging tail
saying how badly you felt,

Your expressions could
speak volumes to us.

Our pack will never be the same.

You left so suddenly
we were unprepared!

Though you are in the
cold damp ground.

Your spirit will be
warm in our hearts

Such a small friend -

Such a large void.

Good night, Susie

Leonard Matecki
December 8, 1996

Len, Sandi, and David will miss our little girl always.

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Spike (a.k.a. Poopies or Boomskas) 1993-1997

Never once did I think that a reptile could capture my heart as you did. I raised you from a little tiny hatchling to a huge 5-foot handsome male green iguana. You were often referred to as the most spoiled lizard in all of San Francisco. You were the pride and joy of my life.

I will miss:
How warm you felt when I took you for "walkies" around our home on cold days.
How you would come searching for me if I left you out unsupervised for even a moment.
How you would wake me at 6:45 am with your nails scratching on your cage door like "fingernails on a chalkboard" so you could come out and sit in the sun.
How you would sit in the kitchen door waiting for me to chop your fresh greens and veggies.
How you would sit right behind my partner's head on the couch (just to intimidate him) and then give him a little smack with your tail before you moved on!
But most of all the way you enjoyed your warm sponge baths and mistings and the love you brought to our hearts.

Our home is so empty and quiet without you. We miss you. Your cage is now a beautiful orchid and bromeliad green-house and looks like a little slice of tropical heaven and your ashes sit in your favorite window so you no longer have to scratch those nails at 6:45 am to get out!

You were the best. Although your life was cut short; it was a very good one. We will miss you.

Rick and Mike

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Little White Cat
died 4/4/97

Didn't know your name and didn't know where you came from. But you came to my door and asked for entrance and help. All you asked for was a warm place to sleep, and some food. Someone had released you into a world you didn't understand and couldn't cope with - a house cat abandoned to the streets. When I took you to the vet we discovered why you were so willing to be rescued; you were very sick and needed someone who would understand. Now you are dead. Your death was not the result of your disease or the drug that took your life, but the person who gave you hope of a long life then took it away when they set you "free." I'll miss you little white cat.

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Rubba and I met in 1983, there had been several visits to the animal humane society in Moorhead Mn, looking for the right dog. On the third visit I was shown 2 dogs, none of them seemed right. Just as I was about to leave the lady said, well we do have one more dog, sigh. She brought the dog out on a leash, and this little tan colored terrier mix jumped up on my lap and sat there, as if to say, what took you so long, lets go. As we were leaving the lady said, "good luck training her." I brought her home and for years she did not have a name, I called her honey. Then one day I realized how much she loved having her tummy rubbed, she became Rubba.

Rubba and I were together for 12 years, for 11 of those years I was single. So she was the one I came home to the one I shared my life with. She was my Fooie girl. The spring of 95 she starting getting sick, unable to keep down food. We spend a whole day at the University of Mn vet clinic, trying to fiqure out why. "Well, they said, were sorry to tell you this, but Rubba has carcinoma of the liver, she has 4-6 weeks to live." I knew our time together was growing short, but I always thought she would just get old, and I would at some point have to decide when enough was enough. But this, this was a brick wall we were up against, with no way out. 2 weeks later I made the appointment that every pet owner fears. As she left this world, I whispered my love to her and reminded her what a good girl she was. She was the heart of my heart and when she left she took part of me with her. I have a 2 yr old border collie-sheltie mix now, Kelly. I love her very much, but the bond isn't the same and maybe it shouln't be.

I love you my Rub Foo Puppy, miss you and see you someday.

P.S. I hope someone is rubbin your tummy for you.

Pat Turner.

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Pixie, when we first got you, you were not a puppy. Still, you acted so loving like we had always been your family. We knew your mother, and we knew you would be adorable. Everyone in the house liked you, but as more pets became part of the family, you really became mine. I am so sorry that you got so sick towards the end, but now you are hopefully happy without any pain. There were many characteristics that made you special, you know what they are, and I don't think any animal could truely replace those. I hope you look back on your life as a happy one despite all the cats and the dog in the house. I will not forget you and everyone misses you. (Mom, dad, Jeff, and even the animals.)


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Rhiannon Kelleher-Davies
April 13, 1981 - March 27, 1997

Rhiannon the cat came from the animal shelter in New Orleans. She was so smart she knew how to open doors and if no one was paying attention to her, she'd take her fuzzy toy bear and drop it in your cup of coffee. Many times I'd come back to the coffee table to get a drink during morning cleaning and find that dirty, hairy bear floating face down in the mug. We've moved many times and so Rhiannon has lived in several states. She had a fondness for eating ribbon and spaghetti and she would take a Fig Newton right out of your hand. She also liked cake and french fries. She slept with me every night, curled like a baby under the blanket with her head on the pillow. Whatever room I was in, she'd be in. Two years ago at the age of 14, she developed diabetes and had to have insulin shots. She put up with it good naturedly and then got over it. The last few months, she hasn't been doing well and she'd have 'accidents' on the hall carpet. So what? It's only carpet. And she had to eat more often-sometimes early in the morning but that was no problem. She'd just sit on my pillow and wack me in the eye with her paw until I stumbled out of bed towards the kitchen. Lately she spent her days sleeping on a piece of fake fur on top of a heating pad. Just before she was to turn 16, she started failing. Dignity is very important to cats and I didn't want to make her hang on when she was ill so she got the final shot. It was quick. She's buried in a flower garden at my sister Kim's house. Kim had a beautiful velvet drawstring bag lined with satin for Rhee. We wrapped her in her little afghan that I made her and put her in the bag and buried her. The velvet bag was fo my brother-in-law Dave's motorcycle helmet and I told my sister that it was nice of him to let me have it. She said after a pause, "Well, he doesn't exactly know yet." We have to move again but I know Rhiannon liked Kim's daughters so it's all right that she's there, but I feel like a piece of my soul is missing. I told my sisters that I want to put a little plaque or something on Rhee's grave. My sister Sybil said that since Dave doesn't really like cats, I should put a huge 8 foot high monument of a winged kitty angel in his garden. We laughed about that. The house is very quiet now. And I steam cleaned the hall rug today. But you know what? I still hear her sometimes, and I would've cleaned poop off the rug every day of the year if I could have her back.

Daria Kelleher

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Chelsea, May 5, 1985 -- January 16, 1995

Chelsea was a beautiful dog. We got Chelsea 12 years ago. I was just a baby and my older sister was two, so after ten years of campanoinship, you can see why we miss her so much. Chelsea was such a sweet dog, she never bit anyone. When we heard that she had lymphnoid cancer we couldn't beleive it. We had noticed that she had been losing a lot of weight but we never suspected cancer! We were told that she had two to six weeks to live with the medicine and without it had two to four weeks to live. The medicine was too expensive. We payed so much attention to her in what we thought were the last few days. She ended up living six months after being diagnosed. On the day before she died I remember playing with her and we brought her on her last walk. My sister had to carry her part of the way. The next day my mom came into my room and told me Chelsea had died. I hope that wherever she is now, she is happy.

Jennifer Johnson, 12 years old

I grew up with Chelsea. Before she died, I couldn't remember a moment in my life without her. She was always there, when I cried she'd come and kiss my face. And she was a sweetie. She loved everyone she knew, and everyone who knew loved her. And why not? There was nothing about her not to like. In March, 1994, I was petting her and noticed some wierd lumps under her neck. I showed my dad, but he told me that it was probably nothing. By June, she had lost weight. We weren't too worried, after all, Mom and I had taken her on tons of walks and runs up the nearby bike path. At the end of August, while Jennifer and I were at camp, Mom and my little twin sisters brought her to the vet for a regular check up. When we got home, Kayley and Melissa told me she had cancer. I didn't believe them. How could such a wonderful dog have cancer? Lymphocotic sarcoma, actually. She was given two weeks to two months to live, and we were told that she wouldn't die in her sleep. I cried every night! She lived way past that time. She was allowed to do anything, things she had never been allowed to do before. Get up on couches, eat from the table, etc. The tumour in her stomach was huge, so she looked like an underfed pregnant dog. But she kept on being the puppy she always had been. I ended up having to carry her near the end of our walks by January, but she seemed fine. Then, one night in January, she didn't eat. She had always eaten, this was probably the first time in her life that she didn't eat. I fed her cornflakes and her special food out of my hand, and kept telling Mom that she was okay. That night she died in her sleep. She outlived her prognosis and the prognosis we were given if we had put her on chemotherapy. She lived almost a year with her cancer, and she was happy and without pain for the whole time, except one night. She was a lucky dog, and we were even luckier to have been blessed with a dog like her.

Lindsay Johnson, 14 years old

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Trucker (1982-1997)

We had just moved into our new home. I was looking for someone to clean the gutters. A newspaper ad one column over said, "Labrador Retriever, loves kids. Free to good home."

The moment my eyes met yours, I knew you were "the one." Such kind, loving eyes. They touched my soul. You were big and clunky in that tiny house, but I assured Brian that, in our spacious new house, you would look small. An inexperienced dog-owner, his anxiety about animal care responsibilities was soon replaced with love and in 15 years, that love never waned. You touched a part of both of us that we didn't know existed.

You loved helping us. You fetched the paper daily. You supervised trash collection nights and you went in the car on all the errands. Didnt matter if we were going to the ATM machine or the dry cleaners. For you, it was always an adventure. You had an embarrassment of riches in stuffed animals and we taught you to retrieve each of them by name. A pig, a frog, a teddy bear. You knew them all. You could shake hands, crawl, rollover, play dead and play hide-and-seek. You were gregarious and outgoing. Each friend who came to the house was as much YOUR guest as ours.

One day, we discovered the "dog park" and it became your most favorite place on earth. For years, we went there every weekend, to play a game of catch. You werent interested in the other dogs. You would fetch your favorite ball, over and over again, until exhaustion.

You were a smiler. Always smiling. You could melt our hearts with one of your smiles. You loved our jokes, the sounds of laughter. You loved greeting us at the top of the staircase each evening. With a stuffed animal in your mouth, you would wince with delight, wagging that tail of yours and doing your welcome dance. How quickly you dissolved all the burdens of our days!

As the years passed, you started to slow down. You developed cataracts, hearing loss, and arthritic joints, but you accepted aging more gracefully than we could imagine. Even when you stumbled, you would turn back to us with a smile. But sometimes, you were no longer at the staircase to greet us. "They can find me," you would say, lazily from the bed.

Then we brought Aussie into your life. You were 10 yrs her senior, but you were instant buddies. She perked you up and you mellowed her out. You taught her everything: where to sit on the hill for the best lookout onto the front property; where the boundaries were for the invisible fence; and the fact that we had a dead-end street...which meant, if the UPS man drove up, he'd have to drive down again. And boy, you two were ready! "Keep that noisy truck off our streets," you demanded with wild barks.

As your hearing lessened, Aussie became your ears. You took your cue from her. If she grabbed a stuffed animal and started pacing, you knew we had arrived home. Now you were at the head of the staircase again, because by golly, no way a younger dog was going to receive all of the pettings!

In the 15th year of your life, you were diagnosed with congestive heart failure. We knew you were old, but we'd hoped we could do something to ease your medical condition. Afterall, you had rebounded from so many other recent ailments. Maybe this time would be the same.

It was over rather quickly tho. An aged heart, kidney all proved too much for you. But you hung on for an entire week. We had made a pledge that we would never take you to a veterinary hospital in the final days of your life. We wanted you to end your days in an environment that you loved. So X-rays, lab tests, and IV infusions were all administered at home. I never left your side, that entire week.

You'd always loved the sun and the outdoors. Spring and summer made you come alive. We didn't want you to die in the cold, rainy winter. I had three wishes: I wanted you to die in the spring-time. I wanted both of us to be there, at your side. And I wanted you to die at home.

Last Thursday was the first day of Spring. You died on Saturday night, peacefully in our arms.

Trucker, you were the joy of our lives. We will miss you dearly. Aussie misses you too.

Brian & Anne Bubnic

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Today at 12:18 pm I said goodbye to you. Of all the love I have known in this world there was none like yours. Always unconditionally the greatest companion I have ever known. Although my heart is breaking I know you are much better off out of any pain and suffering you were enduring because of me. I love you more than anything and I will never forget all you've meant to me. You are by far the greatest gift God ever gave me.

Gretchen, I will love and miss you always......Sharon

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