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Minky Sue: 5/76-2/4/97

The most beautiful black Siamese girl you've ever seen! (Well, her mother was a Siamese-father, alas, was unknown.) Most UN-catlike, in that she loved new people and cuddling, and from day 1, slept in the "Minky Spot" between my and my husbands' pillow every night. When I laid down, I'd say: "Will you sing Mommy a Minky Song, so I can get to sleep?" And she did-with the loudest, most beautiful purr in the world.

We met when I went to a vacuum cleaner store one July day to get bags for my vacuum. Minky and a sister were there, and the moment she saw me, she threw herself into my arms and said: "Get me OUT of here"! Found out from the owner that a Siamese cat had 2 kittens on his lawn in May, and never came back to them. Who knows why? I prefer not to imagine. The owner said could take her, so I did-the fact that I had 5 others at home didn't seem to matter at all-to me or to Minky. She established her "Minky Spot" instantly, and for the next 10 years, we were inseparable. And always, every night, she would sing me to sleep.

In '95, she came down with Hepatic Lippodosis (fatty liver) and went down to only about 5 pounds. We fought it, and she never complained when I had to force feed her from a large syringe. She won that one, and I thought we would have many more happy years together, but it wasn't to be. Fibrosarcoma is a nasty, virulent form of cancer, and tho Minky fought bravely thru 2 operations, it turned out to be bigger than all of us. She never stopped loving me, and she never stopped singing me to sleep. Finally, on 2//4/97, she was in a lot of pain and I knew that the time had come to let her go in peace. She sang her last Minky Song in my arms, at the doctors office, at 7:45 pm that night. I promised her that she woold never have to be in pain, and I kept that promise.

I have no one to sing me to sleep now. I don't sleep very well anymore. I will always have the wonderful memory of Minky, cuddled up in the "Minky Spot", singing me to sleep with a Minky Song. This little girl is truly irreplacable, and will never be forgotten.

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Mayhem's McKenzie (Mac) 5/20/83 - 2/6/97 Curly-Coated Retriever

I do not know how I will live without you, my sweet precious. You were always the one I turned to when I felt bad, because you always gave me so much love. I shall miss hearing the tick-tick-tick of your paws on the kitchen floor. I shall miss you bringing your ball for me to throw, over and over over again. I shall miss your silly smile, your soft fur, and your sloppy kisses. I've loved you more than I can ever express, and my heart is breaking because you are gone. You died in my arms, and I hope you heard me say that momma was here when you left. I await the day that I can join you, so that we may never be parted again. Good bye my joyful dog, my best friend.

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Rocky 197?-1996

Rocky was brought to us as a stray when another one of our cats had run away. He was missing half and ear and his tail was broken in two places, so we decided to name him Rocky, after the movie character. Rocky was very special. Once he came to live with us, he never left the yard. (I assume that this was because he didn't want to get lost in the woods again.) When I fostered kittens, Rocky would always be the one to take care of them by cleaning and playing with them. He was a valuable partner. A week before Christmas, 1996, Rocky got FUS, which caused his urethra to become cloged, and he couldn't go to the bathroom. After a week with a catheter in, the vet decided that Rocky would no longer be able to empty his bladder by himself, and Rocky was humanely put to sleep three days after Christmas. We will all miss him dearly. We love you Rocky!

Rocky's family and loving friends (both human and animal).

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Penney Stimpson 1984 - 1997

Our dog was part of our family. She was a brown, long-haired, miniature Dachshund, but she thought she was a person. She loved us and we loved her. Always happy, she never complained. Anyone who petted her was her friend forever. She only barked at trucks, strangers, the UPS man, the meter-reader and Dad, when she thought he was playing too rough. Little did they know, the only thing they had to fear was being tail-wagged to death. She was always there for us. Her time has come, and we will miss her. But we can't be sad; Penney only wanted us to be happy. Rest in peace Penny; you filled your whole life with providing us some of the best friendship that we will ever know. Thank you! We will not forget you. We love you. Good bye Penney.

Love; Mom, Dad, Nicholas 12, Matthew 6 and Joshua 4.
January 31, 1997

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In Loving Memory of My Best Friend

Jesse' Schmidt
Born: Dec. 31, 1980
Died: July 15, 1994

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.
When an animal dies that has been especially close
to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.
There are meadows and hills for all our special friends
so they can run and play together.
There is plenty of food and water and sunshine,
and our friends are warm and comfortable.
All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to
health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are
made whole and strong again, just as we remember them
in our dreams of days and times gone by.

The animals are happy and content, except for one small
thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who
had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one
suddenly stops and looks into the distance. The bright eyes
are intent; the eager body quivers. Suddenly she begins to
run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs
carrying him faster and faster. You have been spotted, and
when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling
together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again.
The happy kisses rain upon your face;
your hands again caress the beloved
head, and you look once more into the
trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone
from your life but never absent from
your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....

My sweet girl, My heart stands still
You could part my will to live, and if you held
the knife, I would take my life, I wanna be with you,
Until the light shines through.
And I cant relate just how it feels.
You haunt my days, and soar above my dreams.
It seems this life is cheap, Eternal Sleep.
It's night here forever, where the sun never sets.
In weightless longevity I pay back my debts.
And up on the moniter in words I can't read.
My only companion, is found, blessed, and freed.
God speed you to earth, God speed you to earth.
I Love You Forever,

Ldygothic, Barbara

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What can I say about this dog?
Can I be cute or clever?
Can I be woeful or whatever?

All I really want is to have you back Zues, but that won't happen!


I appreciated the times that you protected me, comforted me and loved me unconditionally. I especially appreciated the time that you saved my life.

You made me smile, you made me laugh -- sometimes non-stop. When you talked to me I understood as you did with me. When you sang to me I felt such joy. For being such a big dog with a deep bark and a scarey face you were my big Baby Boy!!!!

You were a wonderful friend and companion. You are still LOVED and MISSED -- There will always be a very empty spot in my heart and soul that no one else will be able to touch.

In Loving Memory of Zues the Thunder dog -- Mommie

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Oreo - In Memoriam

In memory of Oreo, Peter Brown's six-month-old kitten, who was killed by a car, when running over the road on 29th December 1996. The whole family really misses her, and we came up with the things we loved about her :

1. She was beautiful
2. She was friendly
3. She purred very loudly
4. Her intent blue-eyed stare
5. The way she chased her tail
6. The way she chirped at you
7. The way she licked your ears
8. The way she cuddled with Oscar (our older and wiser cat)
8. She got stuck up trees and cried for help
10. The way she slept by Peter's head
11. The way she woke Peter up
12. Her tongue stuck between her teeth
13. The way she whacked you in the face
14. She chased anything that moved
15. She went mad and ran up and down the room
16. She loved ping pong balls
17. Her white moustache
18. She liked being stroked under the chin
19. She freaked out at Sophie (a friends very, very small dog) but....
20. They slept together in the airing cupboard
21. She had play-fights with Oscar
22. She climbed up the clothes rack
23. She had glossy black fur
24. Her frazzled whiskers
25. Her elbow used to stick out when she lay down
26. She used to sleep in our arms
27. She stretched out her front paws
28. Her little fat tummy
29. The way she used to cross her front paws
30. She put her ears back and stood on her toes when she was alarmed
31. She followed Oscar in and out of the window
32. She was a "people cat"

We miss you, and love you, Oreo !

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Heidi - The Diabetic Schnoodle... 1985-1994

She was a gift from my Grandmother to my sister and I. We went to a small house with a large yard to pick Heidi out from a litter of Schnoodles (Schnauzer/Poodle mix). Of all of her brothers and sisters, she seemed to be the smartest and cutest. She had beatiful dark hair and she was only 5 weeks old. She was the smallest, most adorable puppy I had ever seen... and I loved her from the moment I saw her.

Heidi stayed in the kitchen with newspapers sprawled across the floor, in a cardboard box turned up on it side until she was big enough to know how and when to let us know that she had to go outside. It didn't take long though. She was smart from the start. Once we gave her the run of the house, she soon learned to jump up at the front door, as if she was trying to turn the knob herself, when she wanted to go out in her fenced in side-yard. That was the first thing she learned. That and the fact that the side yard was hers, and hers alone. The gate never closed on that small fenced in area because she was smart enough to go straight to her yard, do her business, and come straight back to the front door where she waited ever so patiently until we remembered to let her in.

Next, she learned the standard tricks; roll-over, sit, stand, stay. We could put a cookie on her nose, and she wouldn't even blink until we said "okay". She would roll on her back and play dead whenever anyone pointed their finger at her and yelled "bang!". The neighbors used to love watching her run down to the end of the driveway every single morning to fetch the paper and bring it right to the front door, where my mother would give Heidi her morning cookie. And when the paperboy would accidentally through the paper under a bush, or in some tall grass... No worry, Heidi would simply grab the neighbors paper for us. She was so clever, and the most intelligent animal I've ever owned.

Shortly after her third birthday she started to get sick. I don't remember exactly what the first signs were, but they were enough to indicate that we had to take her to the vet. We were informed that our dog had diabetes. She would require two shots of insulin every day for the rest of her life if she was going to live. My parents had tossed around the idea of having her put to sleep, and even I had thought that it may have been best that way. But eventually we decided that we could not do that to her. Not after all the joy she had brought us. Not after all she had done for us, could we take away her life just because she would require more of us. We decided that she would live, and we would do everything possible to keep her alive.

Well, after a months of experimenting with different amounts of food and levels of insulin, we came to a happy median that allowed Heidi to live a normal dog life. She actually looked forward to getting the shots of insulin because she knew she would get a cookie afterwards. She rarely flinched and she often took the shots better than most humans I know.

Heidi lived six more years after being diagnosed with diabetes, for a total of nine glorious years. Towards the end, though, things got rough. She developed cataracts, and had to have one of her eyes removed, which was another time when we had pondered whether or not it would be best for Heidi to put her to sleep. Once again, we decided that we could all get through this. She also developed tumors under the skin, and at this point we began to wonder how much longer she could hold on. She looked old. The stitched up eye socket, the lumps on her body, the milky haze in her remaining eye. It was sad to look at her, but the love we all felt for her was so strong.

She passed away one day while no one was home. My mother and sister came home to an empty house, Heidi was nowhere to be found. They searched evrywhere until they found her, in the far corner of the basement, next to the furnace. My mother called me at work and I rushed home. I was in tears the whole way. When I came home, Heidi was in her bed with a blanket covering her and all of her toys around her. We all began to cry. We put her to rest, and tried to move on. But she will always be in our hearts.

My mother still reminds us that the medical bills that the dog rang up is the equivelant of another child, but she loves Heidi just as much as we do. Heidi taught us a lot about life. She taught us responsibility. She taught us that some things are worth the trouble. She taught us that life is the most precious gift on Earth, and that even when you are totally dependent on someone, you still have the ability to change someones life forever.

We miss you Heidi... You are in our hearts forever.

Steven Buck

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she might not be,
worth the fee,
but to us,
we gave a great fuss,
was black and white,
and put up a great fight,
she had long, thick fur,
you always knew it was her.

she caught this disease,
which made her sneeze,
made her cough,
she tried to be tough,
but she just couldn't hold it,
she has lots of wits,
she was a Kees,
so let her rest in peace.


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Bo Bo

Dearest Bo Bo ("Babe" in Chinese),

You stayed with us for four years.
You are the most affectionate creature in the world.
How unforgettable you are:
The way you wagged your tail when we are home.
The way you licked us.
The way you threw yourself at us.
The way you shouted at us when we leave the house.
The way you knocked at the door after missing for hours.
The way you shivered when you're bathed.
The way you played with the new toy.
The way you nagged for biscuits.
The way you occupied the new rug and sticked to the air-conditioner.

You always sat by our side when we worked very late.
You usually listened with patience when we played piano.
You frankly told us with loud and clear voice that you wanted to meet your

girl friend.
You never tell a lie.

We enjoyed every moment with you.
We missed you, missed you, missed you so much.
We love you, love you, love you so much.

Though you are now in heaven, we know that we will meet again.

Sally & Cheng

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"Kimmy" Conklin (May 1995-22 December 1996)

"You love me, I love me!"

We will miss you Kimmy. You were our first "child" when we started our lives together. May there be many mice, moles & birds in Heaven. Stay away from the doggies and the road. Be nice and share your toys. We will always have a pillow by the fireplace for you. Grandpa Herb & Grandma Junie will take good care of you.

Mommy, Daddy, Lee, Sam, Patches & even Yang'Jae will miss you.

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Iım sorry, boy, that
I ignored you that day.
Iım sorry that
I took your routine and cheerful greeting for granted
when you insisted on sitting on my
while purring loudly in my ear,
I got frustrated
and simply pushed you aside.

Your soft orange and white body rubbed beneath my chin
but I did not have time for you, boy.

Nevertheless, you persisted.
Your purr grew louder
and I grew more annoyed.

I was busy, boy, with my
I was much too busy for you.

You soon gave up
and went on with your business
and I went on with

I am sorry, boy, that I
did not understand
what you were doing
that day.

I turned my head,
not knowing,
that what you were trying to tell me

Good bye.

Anna Biggerstaff. Age: 16

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Velvet aka "velveeta" and "sister mary velvet" February 1978 - June 1995

I will never forget the first time I saw her. I was outside playing catch with my brother and she just walked up to us and looked at us like we were supposed to keep her forever. How could we resist?

Velvet was the sweetest and most loving cat a little girl could ask for. I didn't have a lot of friends at that time in my life, but she was enough for me. Her fur always smelled like the fresh outside air, and I cried into it plenty of times. She was a really good listener, she never interrupted me when I told her what was going on in my life. If I was feeling sad she would just know, and she would come up to me and purr or meow until I stopped crying. She would stay in the bed with me if I was sick and wouldn't get up until I felt better. She didn't mind it when I put silly hats on her head or scarves around her neck and drank pretend tea with her. She didn't mind it when I picked her up all the time, even though I know she would rather have gone exploring on her own. She even came when I called her name, and she learned tricks.

I still see her soft blue eyes staring at me and I still feel her little paws digging into my stomach as she tries to make her "bed". She slept on the other pillow of my double bed, and she didn't understand why this man was sleeping there in the few months before I had to put her to sleep. My biggest regret is that I let my fiancee convince me that she didn't have to sleep in the same room with us, and I shut the door to keep her out. I should have let her sleep with me like she always had for the last 16 years, but I didn't. I know she was sleeping right outside the door wondering why I didn't let her in. I am so sorry, Velvet.You are so loved, yet I wonder if you thought I didn't love you near the end. Please forgive me. I love you.

She was so old and infirm. I dont' think she could even see what was going on. She had to be lifted to her food dish and fed by hand, but I did that with love. I didn't mind feeding her that way. I didn't mind if she "forgot" where the litter box was. I wish I could have made her feel healthy again. But I had to end her suffering. I am glad I was there with her when the vet put her to sleep. I cried one more time into that soft fur until I could cry no more. I had to let go of her. But somewhere inside of me I never will be able to let go of my love for Velvet. I miss you every day and I wish you were still here. I will never forget you and I love you. I hope we will meet again someday. I still feel your presence when I am very sad. Please watch over me. I miss you so much.

Your friend and confidante,
Michele Perozzi

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Ode to Sky the parrakeet

Sky was a lovely bird,
when he chirped the other birds heard,
He was out of his cage,
he went some what into a rage.
He flew into the fire place,
and then you should have seen his face,
it was all black.
The next mourning in the back,
I burried him and never went back.

sam langan

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