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For our Sweet-Pea, Lula

Your first six months of life in that pet store were horrible. How could they, THE BREEDERS, let you remain confined in that cage with nothing to stand on except wire rods! How could they not let you out even to learn to walk! I'm so glad we took you home that day...even though you were not exactly a Dachsie cover-girl. Your Roman nose, bent, was your best feature. Snaggle-toothed and a lover of your brother and sisters poopies, you were our favorite puppy. Your splayed toes and bow legs only endeared you to us all the more. Christmas Day, 1995, was the saddest of our lives. You found a well-wrapped box of chocolates under the tree, and while we were at the movies, you ate every one! Your brother, Frankie, and sisters, Suzette, Obi, and Patti didn't get one. Because you were only 12 pounds, the one pound of chocolate was just too much for your little body to handle. The vet tried to save you...we held you in our arms and talked to you, even though your had become blind and your cerebral cortex had shut down. Such pain we felt when you suddenly had a cardiac arrest. We still cry at our Monday Candle-light ceremonies honoring you and all fur babies at the rainbow bridge. We long to be with you...all in God's time. We love you, Lula.

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Sam 1987 - 1992

Sam was a thin black and white stray cat, whose owners had moved house without taking him along. Our fluffy little female cat, Darcette, began to cry for food, yet when we brought it, she would step aside and let Sam eat it. His soulful eyes tugged at our heartstrings (all except Dad's) and we took him in. He used to sit on the rug by the fire, and eventually even Dad grew to love him. If you mentioned his name, he would flick the white tip on the end of his tail. His thin body filled out, and he became a lovely sleek, smooth cat. He did like to go a wandering, especially since we didn't have the heart to have him neutered and quite often came back with scratches on him. He also liked to chase birds, which he would eat, feet and all. I'll never forget the look on his face when I caught him with a live bird in his mouth, and I threw a jug of water over him! The bird escaped though!

I was away at University when mum wrote to tell me that Sam had gone wandering and had not come back. A neighbor told her that she had seen the dustbin men putting a black and white furry bundle into their truck. So Sam was run over, and we weren't even able to bury him. We all miss him, but at least he now has a grave in the virtual pet cemetery.

Melanie Prince
Cardiff, Wales

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Our Skippy

From the first time I saw her (sitting in a cardboard box with her siblings at a local store) I fell in love with her sweetness. My husband and I left that store with the best "impulse item" we will ever find.

We called her Skippy. She was about six weeks old when she came into our lives. Since that time she has been a sweet companion to our children, their children a couple of old "empty nesters" and three cats. I guess she was just a lovable mutt, she was Shepherd/Collie mix-not show quality on the outside-but her inner sweetness made her a grand champion to this family.

We saw her through years of thunderstorm anxiety attacks, one car accident, progressive hearing loss and arthritis. She saw us through sad times, fun times, and all of life's changes with our children, their children and our cats. She never learned to speak, in fact, she didn't bark at all. She would communicate with us by sitting pretty, going in circles, raising her eyebrows and doing her "Disney Dog" pose and bringing her favorite stuffed toy (an American Eagle). Anyone who ever met her remarked about how sweet and friendly she was.

Last year, when she was thirteen years old, she was entered in a local "pet day" dog show. She was led around the circle by our youngest grand daughter. She managed to sit pretty for the crowd. We have those moments and many others on video and I'm sure viewing those tapes will comfort us in the future.

We lost our Skippy on Friday, March 15, 1996. She was hit by a car in front of our home. The driver never stopped. We rushed her to her vet, but she was gone. She loved us all for fourteen years and will be missed more than we can say.

Thank you for providing this venue to express our thoughts. She was extraordinary and this format allows us to honor her.

The Bechtel Family,

Bill, Cathy, Carrie, Haley, Gil, Michele, Alec, Evan, Jody, Patrick, Jillian, Steve, Bruce, Debbie, Kevin, Eric, Jaimi, Alaina, Nathan

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Koblenz -German Shepard RIP

Was a rainy cold morning in July. The police knocked at our front door to tell us our shop had been broken into. Koblenz our 14 year old German Shepherd got a bit excited, barked and dropped to the floor. The vet was very kind, so he called and examined Koblenz. He could not tell my husband, as they were inseparable, so he came to me with tears in his eyes and said "He has had a stroke and will not survive." After getting the tears from my face, I thought we would see how he goes. That night he was worse. He lay on the bathroom floor unable to move, so I had made my decision. I couldn't let him suffer. So in the morning I decided to see the Vet. Not wanting to leave Koblenz alone, I took some pillows and a blanket and lay on the cement floor with my hand on his paw. Every time I took it away, he would try and raise his head and look at me. By 3:00 a.m., I knew it was soon. He dragged himself into our bedroom and lay down beside the bed, so I went to bed still keeping my hand on him so he was not alone. We did not sleep. We just lie there listening to his breathing. My husband could not bring it to terms that Koblenz was very ill, so he went to have a shower. 5:00 a.m. came and Koblenz lifted his head right up and stared into my eyes (that I will never Forget). I yelled for my husband to come, then Koblenz lay down his head and took his last breath. We made a box, dug a hole in the garden, and buried him with all his toys, pillow and blanket. We cried so much I thought we would never stop. We later found that he also had cancer, but we never would of known because all he ever wanted to do was make us happy. So on his headstone, which we had made with his photo, says it all:

In Times of Good, Bad, Happy & Sad,
By our side you always remained.
You gave us sunshine when it wasn't there,
For this we forever love you.

And every week we put on fresh flowers and talk to him everyday. We still and always will love him ever so much.

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Dear Liddy,

I still miss you every day. I know that you were sent to us to prepare us for the baby that was coming...but that doesn't change how much I miss you and how sorry I am.

I should have listened to myself. I knew you were sick, but I believed the vet that said you just had a virus and the shot he gave you would make you better. I should have taken you to another vet. I know I should have. I am so sorry Liddy, I am so sorry. It just never goes away, my guilt and my pain.

I miss you running around the house barking your little puppy bark. I miss you trying to show the cats you were boss. I miss you sleeping next to me. Jeremy misses you riding on his lap. We both miss you Liddy.

I am forever grateful to you for what you taught me, and you would be so proud of our daughter Jaden. I wish you could be here to mother her as well.

I hope that you know that we loved you deeply and the void that your death has made in our lives can never be filled.

I hope you can forgive me someday. I am thankful for one thing, that I was holding you when you died, so that you left this world wrapped in love.

Take care Liddy, til we see you again.

Amanda & Jeremy

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Sanders (1986 - 1995)

Though he was a pound rescue kitty, Sanders wore an elegant tuxedo, so he was named after the very elegant English actor George Sanders. Sanders the Cat was not, however, nearly so dignified a character. Not the brightest guy in the world, Sanders made up for it by being the most demonstratively affectionate cat I've ever had the pleasure to know. He had a whole repertoire of purrs, along with hoots, yodels, shrieks, moans and rattles--being part Siamese, Sanders never said anything that sounded the least bit like "meow".

Sanders lived for attention, snacks and lap time, and could beg for food and love from across an apartment with his huge, perfectly round green eyes. He never played with toys, preferring shoulder-riding and cuddling to any other recreation. He could leap from the floor to the top of an eight foot bookcase, and often expressed his love with flying leaps to his favorite peoples' shoulders (a mixed blessing, since Sanders never seemed totally clear on the concept of retractable claws. . .)

But Sanders had some congenital health problems, including only one functional kidney, which caught up with him at the age of only eight. My 12 pound buddy weighed only five pounds when I had to have him put down. But Sanders was a great friend through some tough times, and I'd do it all again - in an instant, I'd do it all again.

Here's to Sanders, the best of cats!

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Stripes & Panther 1990-1993

Stipes was a good cat. He was the friendliest cat any body ever saw. He helped catch mice and was great at comforting me. Panther always had a smile on her face and a look that always seemed to say, "When's dinner?" I'll never forget the day when we first got them. They were small kittens, brother and sister, and very cute. But Stripes ran off somewhere and never returned. Panther died of natural causes. I wish they were right here beside me looking at me and seeming to say,"Pet me!". But they aren't.

There is not much really much else I can think of to say. I just hope this is enough. You two were great pets, and I will miss both of you. I'm glad I had you as friends. I hope that wherever you are, you are both happy. Stripes and Panther you were friends to the end, farewell forever.

Your'e loving owner,
Brian Miracle, age 13

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Here lies sadie, the best and most loved friend anyone could wish for. She died in January 1996 at 12 years after 2 years of suffering heart problems. She led a fulfilling life and regarded herself as the leader of our pack. She was spoilt rotten and loved it. She left a hole in our lives that still hasn't started to heal. Not least with her son Rocky 11 who misses her terribly. Hope she's chasing rabbits in Heaven. The best staffordshire bull terrier ever.

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Amber Brooke "Suzy"
December 20, 1982 to April 3, 1996

Suzy survived almost 14 years of living with the Bowers family. During that time, she lived through a 90 mile move and 2 litters of puppies. Suzy experienced more in her life than most dogs ever will. She lived a long life, and though we will miss her, her memory will live on forever.

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A tribute to Ponpon

On July 1st, 1979, I received a cat. A black cat, with a touch a white under his neck. That was the first time I met Ponpon. I immediately fell in love with him. And years after years, he became my best friend, my confident, the one and the only!!! There was something unexplainable between us. He loved me!!!

Unfortunately, he died on April 7th, 1996. He left me alone... But I'll always love him for what he did for me.

"Ponpon, be cool. I promise we'll meet a better place !!!"

Tenderly yours,
Nono Machio

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Bubba the beagle 1994 - 1995

Bubba was the kind of dog who just likes to lay in the grass. (Don't all dogs do that?) He was a 13 inch beagle who liked to chase after a stick. He was a very great buddy to play fetch with. We miss you Bubba.

Aaron Gray

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In memory of "Snowball", "Tasha" & "Jade" (3 White Toy Poodles)

This is in memory of my three precious toy poodles. Within the past year I have lost three precious dogs who brought me so much joy and happiness in my life. I have no children, so to me these were my kids.

"Snowball" was my first love, she died last May, 1995 (Memorial Weekend). I was fortunate to have her for 12 years. I called for her one morning and she never came or made a sound, so I knew something was wrong. I looked through the house for her and found her lying behind my couch dead. She had such a sweet personality and loved everybody and everything. She helped me when I was so down and out, such as a divorce that I went through. She was always there for me through thick and thin.

"Tasha" was my second love, she was put to rest in March, 1996. I was also fortunate to have her for 11 years. It was a hard decision for me to have her put to sleep, probably one of the hardest I've had to ever make. I held her in my arms until she went to sleep and then I drove 120 miles to her resting place. I held her and cried the whole time. She also helped me through so many difficult times and struggles in my life.

They were both affectionate and Tasha had to always be the center of attention. I remember one of the most difficult times of my life was when I went through my divorce. Snowball and Tasha were there by my side. The divorce affected them also, they started to become mischievous because I had to work a second job at night and all of a sudden they were left alone a lot, which they where never use to. When I would come home, they would have been in the garbage can and would have garbage all over the floor, the mini blinds would be bent, a shoe of mine would be lying on the couch. But I still loved them very much because I knew they missed me. Their favorite spot to lay and sleep was on top of the couch in a sunny spot.

"Jade" was a teacup toy poodle that I got last June, 1995 after the death of Snowball. I was only fortunate enough to have her for only a week, but long enough to love her and get attached to her. I lost her to the dreaded "Parvo" disease. She was a little ball of fluff.

Each dog had a different personality: Snowball who loved everything and never saw a stranger; Tasha wanted all of the attention and was jealous of everything and everybody; Jade was playful and liked to play at 2:00 o'clock in the morning. All three of my pets are resting at my mom and dad's place out in the country. They are buried underneath a tree where the sun shines all day on their little graves. My mom has a climbing rose bush near their graves, and she has an outside light that puts the shadow of a cross over Snowballs grave at night. I know, if there is a "doggy heaven", they all three are there.

I have a teacup toy poodle now and his name is "Kato". Kato is also very affectionate and can run like a little race horse. He can really move fast, being so tiny. He likes to sink his teeth into the heel of my sock as I walk down the hallway and tear up kleenexes. He likes to get into my duffle bag and carry off my blush brush, socks or whatever he can carry. He has such an outgoing personality and is bringing so much joy to my life also. He has filled that vacant spot of the other three but will never replace them.

I will always remember each pet and will always have a special place in my heart for each of them, because I loved them dearly!

Brenda Hays
Lexington, Ky.

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Barney the Mouse

November 21st, 1995, was one of the worst days of my life. It was the day when I found the lifeless body of my little mouse. Barney was a sweet mouse that I owned for 1 and a half years. She was one of a kind. I owned 8 mice, but she was my favorite and she was the only one that talked. She was very affectionate. Every time I picked her up, she would crawl up my chest and sit on my shoulder. Sometimes she would make a nest in my hair and fall asleep. I loved her very much.

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Misty Rose 4/1/80 - 12/13/93

She came home with me just after my first communion. I used the money I received as a gift for my communion to buy her. She cost only $15, but what she gave to me throughout her 14 years of life, money could never buy. I am finding it hard to write about my Misty without tears coming to my eyes. She was my Misty.

We have her ashes on the shelf with a picture of her beside it. On our Christmas tree we hang a tennis ball ornament imprinted with her name. She has been gone for a few years yet I still think of her everyday. Misty really was a great friend.

She lived a life many dogs only dream about! I never really knew how incredibly smart and perceptive dogs could be until Misty came into my life. Sometimes she truly amazed me with what she understood.

Misty lived her 14 years battling canine epilepsy. Though her attacks were rare due to her daily medication, it was epilepsy that took her from us. I will never forget the morning we lost her. I could hear my parents talking to her, about her, discussing what was happening. I couldn't get out of bed. I knew what was going to happen. I laid in my bed and whispered goodbye. Goodbye to one of my very best friends.

I will always remember Misty Rose doing what she loved most -- playing ball! If you, whoever you were, threw a ball to my Misty, you had a friend for life. She will be my friend for life. . . . . . .

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BurrButt, our beloved cat-friend.

"Live Is A Purr"

Scratch my belly
Tickle my toes
Twitch my ears
Rub my nose

I know you want me to wake and play,
But I'm the cat!
We'll play only when you want to nap.

My name I got from Bill, one of my humans, when after I trekked through the weeds in the fields in search of mice and gophers and bugs and other cat things my long, wooly fur collected the burrs of the weeds I'd romp in. And then Betty, my other human, would comb and scratch and stroke me - have I got her cat-trained!

A 'Garfield' look-a-like, though I hate Lasagne. My human would only give me 'Special Diet' after that trip to the Vet-human... it's ok, but maybe my kitty-buddies, Keel or Lucky, will bring home a nice fat gopher for a snack tonight.

I lived in a "cat-spaw" in Meadowbrook: I have many cat-friends there and a big pile of rocks to play in. And mice and gophers and birds to chase. Some days I can sneak into the garage to nap the day away (though I'm too fat to crawl into the rafters anymore). Or sometimes I can roll in the dirt in the driveway when Betty-human wants to drive away (then she gets out and chases me -- what fun!).

I will miss those purr-producing hands of my humans, but now I live in "cyber-cat-heaven" for all time and all the cyber-cat-folks will forever know how much I loved my humans in life #9.

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Pecos Bill (1981-1996)

Our son, a Great Red Tabby, biker cat from Hell, died due to complications of smog induced asthma on April 1, 1996. Unfortunately, this was no April Fool's joke, though that would be just like him.

Pecos was fond of geckos, beer and basketball, pretty much in that order. In his youth, he had been keen on hard drugs, brawling and chasing women. He was born in Hawaii where he lived very happily with his Mom, and many uncles till he moved to Portland, Oregon. He got interested in bikes while living in North Portland then took a job patrolling the area around OHSU keeping the mole and squirrel population in control.

In 1986 he moved to Pomona, CA and put his Mom through medical school. Unfortunately, Pomona is the smog capital of the world and his poor little Hawaiian lungs probably were scarred for life. After a brief sojourn back in Portland, Pecos moved with Mom and sister Perky to Traverse City, MI, in 1990.

The cold winters in the Midwest caused Pecos to seek new types of entertainment. Also he began to realize he was getting older and the bar scene began to loose its appeal. Pecos realized that passing winters in front of the fireplace watching basketball along with his newly acquired Dad, was pretty close to heaven.

Pecos became the Chicago Bulls #1 fan, acquiring a Bulls shirt to wear for all games and becoming Michael Jordan's biggest fan. He still liked to wear his Harley jacket from time to time, though. He said that he was sure the Bulls were going to win another championship, so he didn't think he needed to stick around and cheer them on this year.

His other hobbies included growing prize tomatoes, and herbs and chatting online with his many friends. For the last two years he had been experimenting with water gardens.

Pecos Bill or Pokey Boy as we also called him is survived by his Mom and Dad, and his sister Pintail O'Reilly, and his pet piglet, Jordan Hamlet. His Mom was never lonely from the day he climbed into her purse at the Humane Society 15 years ago in Honolulu, till the day he died. Now we have the most empty house and keep talking to him even though he no longer is here. Pecos Bill was the most loving, affectionate pal one could ever wish for.

We know that he has gone home now, to where it is always warm, and geckos and hoops are in constant supply. We are sure he is riding his Hog in Heaven, jumping over rainbows. We just weren't ready to get along without his daily guidance here where everyday brings work, and snow storms, and having to do laundry. Everything was funn-er with Pecos Bill as a partner in crime.

Aloha, little buddy. Meet you in the West, someday. Say hi, and give a kiss to our girl Perky. Look after her. Remember, she has no brain.

Mom, Dad, Pintail and Jordy.

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Buttons 1978-1996

Last night I put to sleep my beloved Buttons. Even though he was 17 1\2 years old, he was still my puppy. He was still the same dog that my aunt surprised me with one Christmas when I was eight years old. She picked Buttons because he was the only one of his litter who came when she called. I got him two weeks before Christmas because my aunt got attached to him and decided that if he stayed in her house any longer she wouldn't be able to give him up. He was a tiny apricot poodle who was so excited to meet me that his entire body shook when he wagged his tail. He grew up to be white with apricot ears and weighed all of ten pounds.

Over the years Buttons was my companion. He had a mind of his own and knew how to get what he wanted. He knew who would give him "people food" if he begged and where to find the rabbits and female dogs he loved to chase. He had a penchant for bras and would steal them from the laundry basket and try to get us to chase him to get the bra away from him. Once, Buttons ran up to a huge, lounging Great Dane and tried to get the other dog to play with him. When the Great Dane didn't respond, Buttons turned around, lifted his leg and peed on the other dog.

On a more serious note, Buttons could sense when we were sad or when things were wrong. Buttons was very attached to my mother and followed her around most of the day. When she lost her eight year battle with cancer, she died at home overnight in hospice care. When I woke up and discovered that she was gone, I noticed that Buttons had curled up with her and was sleeping. After that night, Buttons followed me around like a little lost puppy.

Buttons was very healthy all his life and rarely needed medical care until about a year ago. He just became very old and things stopped working well. He developed colitis and his kidneys were deteriorating. He had two seizures, awful experiences for both Buttons and I. The vet told us that they would only get worse. He lost his eyesight and hearing. He had difficulty walking and developed a vestibular problem, so I started carrying him around with me. He had difficulty eating and swallowing. During the last two weeks he stopped taking water and often refused to eat.

While I know intellectually that putting Buttons to sleep was the right thing to do, I still miss him tremendously. Every once in a while I think "I need to take Buttons out" or "I need to give Buttons his medicine" but then I remember that he is gone. His passing was very peaceful and it was an experience that was probably harder for me than for him. His tail thumped a few times and the vet checked his heartbeat and said "Your little friend is gone." I felt his chest myself and there was no heartbeat anymore.

I miss you Buttons. I hope you find peace with Mom and Dad.

Stephanie Turner
Newark, DE

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