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To our dear 'CIPOLLINO' little wonderful italian cat, black and white, some words in its native tongue: ti volevamo tutti bene perché eri dolcissimo e riuscivi a difenderti con due grossi cani, prendendo al volo il cibo, ed accucciandoti sulla frutta, o combinando una tresca con i tuoi due amici cani riuscendo a porger loro le caramelle che prendevi dall'alto del televisore. Eri malato, tanto malato, starnutivi sempre, e scolacciavi tutta la casa di moccio... ma ti si voleva bene, tanto bene. Sei morto vicino a casa, sulla soglia una bella mattina.

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As big as a raccoon, as white as snow, and as loyal as a dog. Never missed a chance to kill a squirrel, occupy a lap, or get that one perfect spot on his cheek scratched. One too many cat-fights introduced him to a fatal blood disease. Born in our laundry room beside the washing machine; buried behind the Citgo Travel Center and Truck Stop, 1211 E. Hwy 82, Nocona, TX 76255.

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Church Dog Pepper

Pepper made his way to Pricedale, Mississippi from Iuka, Mississippi via the Natchez Trace. The veterinarian in Iuka shared a sad story of a lonely puppy (my wife, Miss Ann, always listens to sad dog stories). Enter one super active, black feisty seven week old puppy. Miss Ann named him Pepper.

When Pepper was 9 months old he moved to Pricedale. Miss Ann cried when she pulled off, but the apartment in Iuka had gotten too small since Pepper was super active all the time. No reading, no T.V., no resting - "play with me - run down the hall - jump from chair to sofa to chair - chase the ball". "Throw it! Throw monkey up in the air I'll catch him!" (No abuse here - Monkey was his cherished stuffed toy, a gift from Grandmother.)

Didn't take Pepper long to adapt to Pricedale. Although he wished Miss Ann didn't have to go back to Iuka, he loved the Topisaw Territory (woods, swamp, creek). Chase a rabbit, a squirrel, and sometimes a deer! Swim in the beaver pond and creek, run after the red truck, bark at everything that showed up. Pepper loved gallivanting on the creek with the Preacher - he was always the first officer. Orders of the day? "Be sure and bring treats, preferably turkey sandwiches. Don't care for bananas or moon pies. Vienna sausages are O.K." He lead the way, scouting the territory, and dictating the provisions. "Listen up! If you would leave off that dark roast coffee, book, pad, and bananas, we would have much more room for the really important things."

Pepper loved the territory and attention, but he didn't want to be alone. The first time alone at Pricedale (Country preacher went to see Miss Ann), he moved to the store at the crossroads - carried his own pillow. "Why did I move? I was lonely, that's why! Besides, why couldn't I visit Miss Ann?"

Pepper loved going to church - might have been born Baptist. If not, he was converted at the first dinner on the grounds. The plate of scrapes out the side door was the convincing point of conversion. Except when locked up for funerals, he only missed church once - one cold night last year. The preacher shouldn't have fussed. "I'm sorry, but it was cold (below freezing) under that truck. You try enduring a sermon on the cold ground under a truck. You could have let me inside the door - I would have quietly reclined on the foyer carpet. That's if none of the kids wanted to play. You said Jesus loved all the little children. So do I! And we like to play."

Church dog Pepper, not only faithful in attendance but a good recruiter. To the highways and byways he went! He brought W.D. (white dog) into the fold. Certainly no Paul and Barnabas, but the kids called them Salt and Pepper, the church dog team. Good members! Faithful. Every service, Revivals, Vacation Bible School - however, dinner on the grounds and family reunions were preferred. Yes, Pepper might have been born Baptist. Because of team conflict (Fighting to be #1), W.D. moved his membership, so Pepper promptly recruited Wolf. Did he hear about Paul and Barnabas and Silas? He was faithful and loved. And missed.

Church dog Pepper didn't make it back from his last visit. This time he didn't complete the journey. Looking back for preacher and truck, he stopped in the middle of Highway 44. It was quick. Probably never knew what happened. The memorial service was tough. Wolf, the cats, and the preacher. They didn't understand. Do we ever? And it hurt. They grieved. One cried.

The country preacher says, "I sure do miss that dog."

Harold Gartman

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Wilbur, Bobby brought you home from the shelter and set you on the floor. You shared 17 years of your life with us, never complaining and always gave love and attention. You were always the best little boy we could have asked for. On your final day on earth, I asked you not to forget us and find us when we have made the transition also. We have not forgotten you and look forward again to seeing you small face waiting in the light for us.

Lee B. Brown

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Bibi Dolphin the Magpie

It was a long time ago, but I can remember it as if it was yesterday. When I was 7-years-old, there was a magpie's nest in a tree behind our house. One dark and rainy night the nest was attacked by an evil crow. One little baby magpie fell out and down to the ground. The mama magpie didn't care and left it there! My father picked up the little one, and we put it in an old bird-cage that we had. We named the magpie Bibi Dolphin. She (or he) was with us one summer. Oh what a summer that was! My bro and I fed Bibi with worms that we dug up in the garden! And how Bibi loved to eat pieces of paper that we held into her cage! And her croaking in the car when we went to see relatives! But everything, even the most beautiful things, have to end, and one September morning I found Bibi Dolphin lying dead in the cage. The whole family was struck by grief--Bibi had become one of us during the summer.

Bibi, I hope you are happy in bird paradise!


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"The Little Rossickle"
September 3, 1980 - June 21, 1993

My family and I will always remember our sweet little black cocker spaniel, who was the dog with nine lives! He was also the "Evil Kneivel" dog, who broke just about every bone in his body. He was a musical dog, who loved the Beatles, "Strawberry Fields" was his favorite. He howled every time he heard it! He also loved Mozart's "Sonata in C Major". He would howl and put his sweet little paws on the piano bench when it was played. He was a religious dog: he howled to the church bells every day. His favorite hymn was "Rock of Ages." He was very smart and was a fun furry friend. Our lives were much richer because of his sweet presence. We helped him on his way at the end of his long and happy life and gave him a wonderfully loving funeral. He will always be remembered. We look forward to the day that we will reunite with him at heaven's gate where he is awaiting us, chewing his celestial bone! Happy, we love you!

Mickey, Kim, Mutti, and Daddy

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Tygger Boo 1992-1995

Our best friend, who never complained even as she increasingly developed urinary problems. We are sorry for all the pain your furry little self endured, but just think of the fun times we had together. It is odd that fibrosarcoma would be your killer, rather than your kidneys. We will miss you, our little Tygger-Rama-Lama-Ding-Dong.

Love forever: Stephanie, Mom, Dad, Matthew, Hobbes, Bridget, Jeffrey, Molly Sue, Kittery Koon, Thor-Wegian, and Alix Boo.

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Our Beloved Scotty,
(In our Hearts Eternal)

I can't tell you how much we all miss you and are so sorry that we had to give you away. We are sorry for how those people may have treated you, and we never wanted anything bad to happen. Angel missed you the most and was heart broken to let you go. Billy and I feel the same way. We miss you so much Scotty, and I hate that it's taken me this long to let you know. I am sorry. We still will always love you.

Angel, Billy, & Gabrielle

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R.I.P. Smidgen 1990-1995

I'm writing this for a friend of mine (Jackie) who just lost her "girl" Smidgen this past Friday. My friend does not know about this service you provide, and I just came across it accidentally. I do fit into this because I bought Jackie, her "girl", in 1990 as a birthday gift.

Smidgen was a collie mix and was beautiful (IMHO). Smidgen had flea allergies, so she was always scratching and chewing no matter what Jackie did for her, and it was very aggravating to see her do that to herself. She also barked at every little sound. which could also drive you to the point of insanity. Those were her only "bad points". No matter how angry either of us got at her (Jackie and I were college roommates), she always forgave us for our weaknesses. She was so intelligent; she could perform a whole slew of "tricks", which she learned to do to both verbal and non-verbal commands. She learned most of her "tricks" after only a couple of tries. When taking Smidgen on walks, she would walk ahead about 20 ft. and periodically look back to make sure whoever was walking with her was going in the right direction (which was ALWAYS hers *smile*).

I could fill pages with how wonderful she was, but I guess I should keep it somewhat short. I have to admit that I was not always my best with Smidgen. But just last week, I began to change. I know she sensed it, too. I had asked for her forgiveness, and she gave, just like I knew she would. Smidgen was killed on a highway through no fault of Jackie's. As Jackie was leaving for work Friday morning, Smidgen broke away from a neighbor who had been holding her (and was going to put her back in the house) and began to run down the road to follow her "mom". Jackie had no idea that she was behind her. Smidgen's last act was typical, one of unadulterated love and affection for her favorite person in the world -- her Mom.

I don't know if you'll place this on your page, but I want you to know that Jackie did not even get to bury Smidgen. The highway patrol took care of everything before Jackie even found out about everything. She did not find out until after she got home that evening. I am requesting that you do place this on your page so that Smidgen can have a proper resting place. It would mean so much to me to be able to tell Jackie that Smidgen will be mourned by others who have gone through her pain, mine as well. I really did love the "girl".

Thank you,
Jamie A. Mustain

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Leo the Weergintamer 1972 - 1988

You arrived upon his sill one day -
A Tiger's tale, you made me play...
A cat beneath the sheets once hidden
A prowling cry, what was forbidden...

He took me at my virgin plight
Sixteen years olde, I gave no fight
A sigh, a growl, a stain of pain...

Beneath the covers you would remain..

For whom would know my heart's true fix -
Was never my love - just a bowl of Meow Mix.

Leo: Rest In Peace - Forever
Rob & Caryl (Still Together)

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Max, The Maximum Cat Allowed By Law
February 14, 1989 - April 9, 1993

Maxie died of congenital heart failure one night while I was sleeping. I woke up and found him curled up in the cat carrier, looking peaceful. I cried and cradled him in my arms. Meret (his buddy) and I miss him still -- the way he liked to nuzzle my chin and cuddle close, the way he ran away from the big flying cockroaches that would get in the house when we lived in Austin, the time he got the yogurt cup stuck on his head and tried to back out of it. He was a big Maine Coon, a one-person cat, always sleeping by my head at night as if to protect me. He and Meret loved to lick each other and curl up together on the couch. He was loving, funny, ornery, cuddly, and I think about him a lot. I miss you, Max.


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Lilly Bones

Lilly was a plain old cat,
Just 2 colors and that was that.
We had her for about 15 years
To us she was family, and very dear.
But 15 years later, after her birth,
We knew that she would soon leave this Earth.
Soon she started to live up to her name,
A small bag of bones, that poor old dame.
So she was burried in our back yard.
Deep under ground, that's cold and hard.
We love you Lilly, where ever you are,
And we remember you, when we look at a star.

By Cat Lillo

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The Small Dog

Buster the small dog... It was almost a year ago when my sister bought the little piece of fur... He was very adrenalized and somewhat of a pest, but we loved him. The fact that he was at his adult size made it funny to look at him and ask why he was so small. The many memories that we have of him are too similar to record, but the majority of them were of his playful attitude and joviality when it came to living... I guess I have learned from him that life is something to cherish since the way that he died was so sudden... You see, my mother accidently slammed his neck into the door of the car and broke it into two...and that was it. We all cried and then the memory was set into place, and we have been happy ever since.

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Tiger 1977-1993

It has been almost two years since we lost our little Lhasa Apso, Tiger. He was always happy and was a wonderful companion for my sister and I. Not a moment went by that he was not by our side when we were growing up. He protected us from "bogeymen" and was always ready to play at any moment. He even let us dress him up! Then his health began to fail during his 16th year... Finally he was in such bad shape and in constant pain that we decided to euthanize him. It was the Saturday before Thanksgiving.... It was hard not having him there, in his usual spot begging for just a little scrap of the turkey. Even now, two years later, it's hard to remember that he's not there waiting to greet us when we get home. However, we are glad that he was able to have as long and as happy a life that he did; and hope that he is somewhere out there, at peace.

The Burciaga Family: Tom, Julie, Jessica, Jennifer

Jennifer Burciaga

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Malkinor, King of Cats

This is a brief history of my wondercat who died July 2 this year. He was named Malkinor by my then SO. "Malkin" is the Old English word for cat and "noir" is French for black. We had been looking at the shelter for a black male cat but without success. Suddenly a pile of gray tabby kittens stirred and out from the bottom of the pile came a little black kit with golden-brown eyes. He came home with a foster brother, Pippin. They were tolerant of each other as adults, but as kits they played together, and Malkinor even managed to stay patient with him (though with a thoroughly bored expression on his face) when Pippin tried to mount him periodically (The triumph of hope over experience. They were both fixed).

When my SO left me for someone else in another state, she asked me to keep Malkinor a short while until she could arrange to ship him out. She provided no food or money for his keep, but I was glad to have him. She often mistreated him, and I felt he would become more sociable without her. He was with me for well over a year and helped me through bouts of depression and loneliness. He started each day by crawling under the covers with me, stretching out with his back against me, and demanding a tummy rub. He adored that. He ended each day the same way. When my ex finally called about Malk, I couldn't give him up.

He grew into a sleek, humongous 18-lb. cat with a round face and large round golden eyes. In one of his eyes, a dark brown spot regularly appeared and disappeared for no particular reason at all. He was the cat who occupied my right hip anytime I sat on the sofa. He would also lie on his favorite lookout post, the top of a low bookcase in the hall. As you went by, he would snag your arm if he wanted petting or a session with his kitty teaser toy. He gave gentle love bites if you pet him for a long time. He adored rolled-up socks and would embarrass us if we had overnight guests by going into their suitcases, stealing the socks, and marching down the hallway proudly carrying his prized kitten or prey or whatever, and howling.

When he became a senior kittizen, he began howling, sans socks, especially at night, until he was spoken to. Maybe he forgot we were there and got scared. Once, when I moved, he escaped from the new apartment and hid in the basement for nine of the worst days of my life. If we were packing suitcases to travel, he would lie in them and refuse to vacate them. When that didn't deter us, he stole our socks, of course.

At 15, he suddenly became very ill and skinny. It turned out to be intestinal cancer. I had a few days to say goodbye, but he hid in remote corners and only ate when I coaxed him to, even baby food and the water from tuna cans, his all-time favorite treat. Having him put to sleep was an awful experience, no matter how necessary. The worst part about it was that I could not explain to him why I was subjecting him to a trip to the hospital and a shot when he felt so ill. (I would have had it done at home but it was the Fourth of July weekend and couldn't get a vet on the phone for love or money.)

Months later, I still miss him terribly and wish I could have done something to keep him with me. He was the best cat ever, a magicat, a love of a cat, my favorite cat (just don't tell my other two.) He came into this confirmed dog-lover's life and entered directly into my heart. Now I also appreciate cats, thanks to Malkinor. If I don't see him in Heaven when I die, it won't be Heaven for me.

Beryl Hoffstein
Schepens Eye Research Institute

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(My Beloved Chamelion, I Love You Buddy)


I can never forgive myself for not having enough food for you all the time. If you could only understand that there were no more crickets outside. I didn't have a way of getting to the pet store either. Can you ever forgive me? You were very special to me. All of those times you used to go on walks with me. All of those Basketball games we went to. Well, I miss you a lot. So could you please forgive me? You were my favorite pet. You always were there when I needed someone to talk to. Even if you never could speak a word, just listening to me helped a lot. You may never know how much you meant to me, but all that I can say now is that I really miss you and I still love you.

Love and Remembering You Always,
Larry Bainbridge.

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Casey Jones

(April 1979 - October 19, 1995)

"The best boy-cat in the world"
(Today my heart is broken, but next week and forever I'll remember all the good times we had. Grace Marton)

Epitaph for Casey Jones:

His nine lives he spent
in single-minded quest
for the one perfect,
everlasting, place of rest.
And we know now,
we know he's found it,
Because his tail
is finally grounded.

(c) 1995 Lance Hardie
(Lance Hardie's epitaphs are one of a kind and composed to order. If you don't see the Lance Hardie copyright, it's not a Lance Hardie epitaph.) Check Lance Hardie's web site at

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Loverboy was my best friend. He was a stray cat that came to me in a time of need. He loved to cuddle and was always ready to play. He was a friend when I had none. He always shared my pillow and never scratched the furniture. He left my life almost as quickly as he came into it. He was a very sick kitty. I will miss him always. I have had cats since, but none will ever compare to him. I hope he knows how much he is missed.

Stephen McDonald

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Bandit 1978 - 1995

There's not much I can really say about our dog that could be understood by someone who hasn't known him all his life. He was with me for 16 out of my 20 years and there will always be a place in my heart for him. He loved to chase his tennis-balls and then rip all the fuzz off of the outside, and he enjoyed chewing solid plastic balls into little tiny pieces. He was always there ever since I can remember, sleeping in the living room and pacing on the hard wood floors, with his nails making a maddening "click" sound. He can never be forgotten, and I will never stop loving him. God bless his soul.

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I'm sorry that I wasn't there. I loved you so much and would have done anything to keep your love. You were so frail and motherly at that time. I'm sorry that when you looked for me I was nowhere to be found. What pain you must have suffered experiencing motherhood in such a lonely way. I hope you didn't go looking for me. Please forgive me. It's been a long time, but I'm always here if you are still searching. We all miss you, yes even Sam, your brother.


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Woofer 1979-1991

Woofer was an excellent beast. He was loyal, obedient and trusting, but he had powerful dignity and a mind of his own. He once turned on the TV himself late at night after we had gone to bed. (I assume he jumped up on the guest-room bed and landed on the remote channel changer.) Most any dog can be taught to sit or come, and some will even bark on command. But Woof was the only dog I ever knew who responded to "Growl" and even "Growl Louder." Woofer, a labrador retriever, who lived with us a block from the ocean in beautiful Victoria, B.C., loved to jump up at rows on high wires 30 feet off the ground--as if he could take flight and catch them. The crows squawked back at him and flapped their winds. I hope he's still chasing crows up there in doggy heaven.

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Millie Pasquilly
Tabby Cat,
Friend To Steph, Ken & Ro
June 1993-October 11, 1995

Dear Millie,

Today you left our world, your world. No more to hear the birds teasing you from their unreachable place in the trees. No more meowing thanks for the simplest of things, a pat on the head, scratch behind the ear. You were the sweetest of pets, loving to Stephy, cuddling to all. You got sick, and the life slowly drained from you. We fought the good fight, and for a moment, we thought the odds would favor us. With the last of your strength, you purred your thanks. The vet gave you the blessed relief of sleep and no more struggle for you to breath. Your time with us was so very short, but you will never be forgotten. Millie Pasquilly, my heart breaks as I say I'm sorry, and on this rainy day, my tears fall lost in the rain as I say good bye.

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Sunshine on My Shoulder

Sunshine, my beloved bird passed away just a few hours ago. How much a person misses certain ways that a pet does to make your day complete. Whenever I was on the phone, he sang. When I was watching a good show he sang, and he was my radio when I took a shower. He lived about 7 years and always loved a cracker as his mid morning treat. How the house seems TOO quiet now without him. I hope now that he is truly free and will be missed by his friends, Ya and Whoo, who now turn their little heads to look at an empty cage, hoping that if they make a small chirp, he will join in. I will truly miss you and will love you always!

LOVE Sharon, Buster, Ya & Whoo

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Our rabbit Cindy...

Our rabbit Cindy had been with us for about three years. I remember buying her from a woman with a basket full of baby bunnies, none much bigger than a handful at a local crafts fair. I remember working to save her life when she became sick and oh so thin with some kind of infection, hand-feeding her every morning and night, providing antibiotics and probiotics. It was a lot of work, but she finally pulled through... She was ALIVE! A black with white points Neatherland dwarf. I can't say I've always provided the absolute best of care, but we loved her as much as anyone possibly could. How could this end come to be? I remember last night... I remember her ALIVE! I cleaned her and bathed her and tried to do the best for her, but obviously I did something to stress her out too much. I never thought it would end like this. We love her more than I can ever express... Cindy was a special bunny.

Todd and Lisa Johnson

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