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Sergeant Pepper

It is with tearful faces and heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Cairn terrier Sergeant Pepper III. After 16 years of giving unlimited love, devotion, and being a best friend, we had to put Pepper to sleep. Tenacious to the last, old age finally prevailed, and he succumbed to kidney failure. In spite of our sadness, we can't help remembering how happy the time with him was. He lavished love on us. We could be gone from the house as little as a few minutes, and when we came back, he treated us to extravagant episodes of kissing and bringing toys and 'sock balls' for us to play with, as if we had been away for eons. When we were home, he also treated us to 'nose kisses', a delicate little swipe of his nose on our legs, just to let us know that hey, I'm here and we can play or eat or whatever.

Still, it is hard coming home and not getting the wet kisses, not feeling the shin-thumping tail wags. Seeing his leash draped over the banister makes us miss Pepper standing by the door, wiggling in eagerness to go for a walk. He enjoyed those walks, sniffing out the latest smells and just as happy to leave his scents for others to discover. There are so many wonderful memories of Pepper--snuggling up in bed between our legs, chasing squirrels in the yard and balls in the house, sitting on the suitcase as protest for a trip that couldn't include him, always magically being there when the refrigerator door was opened, and begging for tastes of cream cheese from Sunday brunch. We just know in his new place he is chewing on steak bones, getting treats whenever he wants, catching those squirrels, going for long walks at his leisure, and always sleeping on the softest pile of blankets imaginable. We will all meet again.

We love you Pep and miss you so much,
Cindy and Neil

pet loss grief mourning


Toby was our miniature schnauzer. It's funny because even though I was over four years old when we got Toby, I cannot remember life without him. He put up with so much, between me and my little sister, but he never bit or complained. He just always went along with being dressed up, dancing, or getting hauled around. He was always ready to go anywhere. If he heard his leash rattle, he'd come running. He only had a nub of a tail, hence the nick-name "knuckle-butt", and when he tried to wag it, his whole body moved. He was spoiled rotten. Very rarely did he eat dog food. He preferred to have what we were having. He also preferred a nice warm bed over the floor. That was fine by us. He was a part of the family. Toby eventually got old and grumpy. He couldn't get on the bed any more, his teeth protruded from his mouth, arthritis set in and he got to where he could barely walk. Toby ate only white bread now and had to be placed on the bed. But, he kept getting worse. He would just lay in his bed on the floor and shake, and he'd pee on himself because it hurt to get up. The end was coming, but none of us knew how to deal with it. My mom finally had him put to sleep at the age of 14. Although she said it was hard, she felt better because he went so peacefully and he was no longer in pain. My sister and I were away at the time. To come home and not have Toby meet me at the door was one of hardest things ever. However, I know he's in a place where he can chase all the frogs he wants. We all still have a good cry at Christmas when we pull out his stocking, and I am crying now as I write this. So, Toby,I didn't get to be there when you left us, but I'll see you again in heaven one day.

We all love and miss you! See you one fine day.

The Sanford Family
(Ron, Jenny, Anna, and Leslie)

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When I was 12, we had a miniature poodle named Snowball. It was my sister's dog. This dog had an affection for socks, especially socks that were rolled up in a nice, clean sock ball. It would get into the clean laundry, take the clean, rolled up sock balls and hide under a bed and growl at people that would come by looking for their socks. It would protect these socks with it's life until Mom, with the oven mitt, would reach under the bed and grab the sock from it's jaws. Then it was all smiles and happy tummy (pet me, pet me...)

We fed it some kind of red-stained dog chow, so it had a stain around it's mouth and around it's butt. My mom tried to show Snowball in dog shows, but had a hard time removing the stain....

My sister (who was 8) would kiss the dog on the lips, so it expected the same from visitors to the house.

We once sprinkled a sock with pepper, and left the *bait* in an obvious place (the clothes hamper) to cure Snowball of her sock fetish. Just made her poodle cough and growl at the same time.

When she got to be around 14 years old, she started peeing all over the carpet. The vet said she had a failure of the bladder and it would be best to put her 'away'.

She was a good pet, aside from the strange attraction to socks... (who am I kidding, she was smelly and stained...) We miss Snowball....


pet loss grief mourning

Graham the Gerbil

Graham was my favorite and best companion over three years. A little black and white gerbil, his inquisitive nature and sense of adventure was second to none among his kind. It wasn't a complete day for me unless Graham had nested in my hair, or slept in my inner sleeve, or climbed up my leg. This probably sounds silly, but I even used to read to him. He usually lost interest, but seemed to enjoy the work of Anne Rice, which only goes to show that gerbils have good taste. Some people react strangely to you if you have a gerbil, but I don't know why. He was the best friend a boy could ever have.

In fond memory,
Damien Millar

pet loss grief mourning

Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty Pearl Metz-Lee
Struck Down in her Prime
1989(?) - 1995

The friendly white cat
Appeared to be stray.
A can of food,
And she was ours right away.

She cleaned up the dirt
And put on the weight.
She turned out to be
A most wonderful mate.

Soon we discovered
Our sweet pretty Pearl
Had the Leukemia virus,
And her life was in peril.

Pearl was brave
And very, very good.
We took care of her
As long as we could.

The end was quite sad.
We shed many a tear.
But we know she is in heaven,
Our beloved Kitty dear.

Jane Metz & Glen Lee

pet loss grief mourning


I would like you to post this in memorial to my mother's cat Trouble, who died recently. I am writing this for her, as she is an elderly lady who doesn't use computers, but I know she will appreciate the tribute to her beloved pet. Trouble died at the age of fourteen, after a long illness. He was much loved by all the family and is sorely missed. I like to remember him in his prime, a feisty dark gray and white tomcat, who although sometimes would unpredictably bite and scratch, was still a very sweet and affectionate cat. He spent many happy years with our family. He was an excellent mouser and a great hunter, and would often present my mother with a trophy at the back door. At such times she would not speak to him for days, but would soon forgive him. As he grew older and weaker, she would cater to his every whim, and give him tempting treats to get him to eat. When it was apparent that the end was approaching, my son dug a little grave in the back yard. But, typically, Trouble had other ideas. He just left one day and didn't come back. My mother grieved over him, but I like to think that he wanted to spare his beloved family the pain of a funeral. He was a very dear and sweet cat and we miss him very much. Wherever you are, Trouble, we love you and miss you. We will never forget you.

pet loss grief mourning


(Beloved bearded collie, terrier mongrel 1974-1991)

Ol' Daisy was a good dog,
We'll miss her forever and ever.
We may get another dog,
But we'll never find any better.

Stephen, Sharon, Jessica and Alex

pet loss grief mourning


This Spring I decided to get some new pets to add to my collection. The pets I chose were geese. I went to the feed store and picked out two two-week old goslings. The second I let them out of their box onto the ground they started to imprint on me. As the days went by, they would follow me around the yard and get very upset when they were separated from me or each other. We became very attached to each other. There wasn't a day that went by that I didn't spend a few hours with them. But one night on the fourth of July, I went out to check on them. I knew the second I saw the one sitting alone looking very upset, that something was wrong. Five minutes later, after frantically searching, I found him. He was at the bottom of our driveway, sprawled out, freshly killed. At first I didn't believe it, but when it struck me that he was really dead, I wanted to get a hold of the dog that did this to my beloved friend. I wasn't the only one mourning, the other gosling stopped eating and drinking, she almost died herself. I spent the whole night with her trying to comfort her, but she needed her friend. I got two more geese to keep her company, but it hasn't been the same without him.

We'll miss you forever Blanko.

Eric Pierson

pet loss grief mourning

Percy The Cockatiel

Ounce for ounce, she was the best pet I ever had. She was a brave, intelligent gray ball of fluff whose favorite spot was under my chin, where she would squeak softly while I watched TV. She was part of a family tribe of cockatiels that included Sarkus (the horny), Arthur the white (who also turned out to be a girl when Sarkus tried to mate her), and BJ who was in love with my sister's pocket mirror. Percy was creative...she once led the other birds in a cage break that culminated in all of them chewing through the kitchen's telephone wires. She could turn her feathers inside out in order to take full advantage of a water bottle spray shower. Although she never learned to speak a single word of English, Percy could communicate volumes with a strident screech or saucy turn of the head. Her favorite food was steamed rice. And she knew, long before Jurassic Park made the concept popular, that she was descended from dinosaurs.

Rest in peace, sweet bird. You deserved far better than a shoe box burial on the patio of a townhouse in Chatsworth, California.


pet loss grief mourning

Ode To Fang, R.I.P.

You were my lucky black cat, rescued from beneath my car. You fetched bottle caps and bit my boyfriend's feet at night, and the vet had never seen such green eyes. My boyfriend had never seen such long fangs on such a small cat.

Lukemia took you far too early, but in the black cats that have followed, you live on. I hope the angels in kitty heaven have a lot of bottle caps. You were one in a million.

Morgan, Slinky, Nuno, and Pudgy

pet loss grief mourning

Sunshine 1993-1995

To the beloved parakeet Sunshine, who fell to the bottom of his cage on his birthday, April 16, 1995, Easter morning. We miss you Sunshine!

pet loss grief mourning

Animal Shelters

On any given day, in any given animal shelter, there are wonderful, loving creatures euthanized, because they live in a world that doesn't want them. There aren't enough homes for them all, you know. This is a tribute, in memory of all the creatures who have no place in this world. They're God's pets now, and we must believe that He loves them the way that they deserve to be loved.

Rest in peace, sad ones,
may the next world give
you all the things that
this one couldn't.

Heather Berisford

pet loss grief mourning


Tang Oh Tang, why did you leave? I remember when you bit on my sleave. I hate that you are gone and want you come back. Cause it's not the same, without something to kick around the house!

pet loss grief mourning

Blithe Spirit

Buddi was a bright yellow parakeet I found sitting alone in a tiny cage at a discount store. I left without purchasing her, but later went back to get her because she seemed smart and special. She was!

She flew where she pleased, but would come land on my head when I whistled. She started mornings by squawking over to perch in a potted tree, where she would chirp and chortle endlessly. She didn't learn people words, but conducted many animated conversations in her own language. An escape artist, she slipped twice through the window screens, but was found both times by helpful neighbors, and returned home dirty but satisfied. She rode back and forth on the carriage return lever of my ancient typewriter as I typed, and peered down inside the typewriter to see where the keys came from. She learned how to press the button on one of those greeting cards that plays electronic tunes, and played "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" over and over!

Sadly, she got too cold one winter in my drafty kitchen. She sat listless with puffed-up feathers. I tried over-the-counter, then prescription, antibiotics from the vet, but it was too late. One night, she snuggled under my chin and didn't want to leave. We both knew she would die that night. I put her to bed late, and in the morning, she was a poor little heap of yellow feathers on the floor of her cage.

That was 11 years ago, and I have had a wonderful cockatiel ever since--also with yellow feathers! However, I frequently think of Buddi and wish I could have saved her. Hail to thee, sweet Buddi!

Marion Chastain

pet loss grief mourning


Our family recently lost a precious little Boston terrier named Casey. Casey was only two and a half years old (10/6/92 - 04/05/95). He had epilepsy but his seizures did not follow a pattern and were infrequent. Then one day he went into seizure after seizure and although my parents rushed him to the vet, they weren't able to save him. He was everybody's buddy - he loved everybody. He was the purest soul I have ever encountered on this earth. He slept in a queen-sized bed (under the covers of course), and had his own toy box full of toys. We teased our parents, because they said Casey got "just the basics." He was very spoiled, but he had so much love to give. He was always happy to see people, but he had a special greeting that was reserved for just his closest humans. He had his own 2 acres to run and play on, and that's where we buried him right in the middle. He loved it in the yard, he just loved to run. He gave the biggest, sloppiest smooches you could imagine. I'd give just about anything for one of those sloppy smooches right now. We had a lot of nicknames for him, but my favorite was "The Roo." I wrote a poem about him the day after he died.

by Shelly Obermeyer
April 6, 1995

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I'm a real estate broker and property manager, and I had a dog named Escrow. He used to travel everywhere with me. He would come with me to show houses, sign leases and collect rent. This epitaph is to honor Escrow for his years of service and loyalty.

Derick Bile

pet loss grief mourning


Fisher was the name chosen by my young daughter. The name stuck, and for almost 15 years Fisher looked after her and her sister. He always gave more than he received, without complaint. We miss you Fish. Fisher was a small poodle.

Truman Gillette

pet loss grief mourning

Kramer June 1992 - June 1995

Kramer was the best friend a guy could ever have. He was a 3 year old little mutt that was rescued from a DC shelter when he was 3 months old. Kramer was loved by not only his family and friends but by anyone and everyone he met. Kramer could make you feel like you were walking on a cloud no matter how bad your day went. Kramer's last few minutes of life were spent riding in the car with his face turned into the wind, his favorite thing in the world. His life was cut short by a careless driver that recklessly crashed into our car and unfortunately ended Kramer's short life. I know you are happy wherever you are now little man, but I miss you so much. Sleep well little brother.

Chris Bryant

pet loss grief mourning

In Memory of "Son",

(a most very special Lhapso Ahpso...)

A faithful companion and work-mate for over 12 years. He was with me everyday at the lumber yard, greeting the customers, riding the forklift and sitting faithfully outside the shop watching customers come and go, sitting on his hind legs, waving his forepaws, and waiting diligently for my return when I'd run errands. He was a true and devoted companion and one whom I'll never forget.

Son, taken by cancer at age 12. :(

Brandi Valentine

pet loss grief mourning

Five Fish

I once had five fish - affectionately named Fidel, Pancho Villa, Eva Perron, Simon Bolivar, and Speedy La Paschales. They were my life and my love. And one day, they didn't love me anymore..........

R.I.P. my babies.

Rebecca A. Phillips

pet loss grief mourning


Tiffy was a ten year old Sheltie and my best friend. We would go for long walks and she would always listen to me. She was never judgmental or critical, but just wanted to be with me. She was my best friend and I miss her so much!!


pet loss grief mourning


Max came into my life in the beginning of high school and preceded to stand by my side through a bachelors degree, a masters degree, several careers and an assortment of apartments, room-mates and boyfriends. She was as loyal as a cat could possibly be, and I will miss sharing my life with her.


pet loss grief mourning

Two Cats

In loving memory of my two cats Melania and Elena (A.K.A. Codastorta). You made me know what true love is. I will never forget you.


..there are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in thyne philosophy...

pet loss grief mourning


Max, our beloved loyal pet of 15 years, may your final resting place be as comforting as your earthly home was.

Jay C. Grutman

pet loss grief mourning

Mushka the Cat

July 1986 - August 28, 1995

1. She loved to hunt mice, moles and chipmunks.

2. She was a great bird watcher in the winter.

3. In the spring, she would jump in and out of the open window before the screens were on.

4. She made her own cat door in the cellar, and on the porch, she ripped the screens open so that she could come and go as she pleased. She could be a very naughty kitty.

5. She was a great eater of Fancy feast fish. Tuna and salmon were her favorites.

6. She hated snow, winter and the cold.

7. She was loved by all.

8. She will never be replaced and will be greatly missed.

Mushka, my black cat, the above is for you.

Our love for eternity Joan, Neil, & Zack

pet loss grief mourning

The Freddi Cat

Freddi (known as Dini), our cinnamon striped kitten, she of the bright eyes and gentle ways, who followed me around like a shadow, lost her life after 17 years of giving pure joy and love to those around her. She loved to roll over on her back and have her belly rubbed. She loved to stretch her paws out on either side of my neck and touch her nose to my mouth, giving me her unique kitty kiss. She was my friend, my companion, my joy. She was my husband's special girl and would always put her face up for a welcoming home kiss when he came in the door. We loved her and will never forget her. She was unique. Her brothers are trying to fill the gap that she has left, but it can never be the same again without our Dini. Goodbye precious, thank you for all the years of love, amusement, comfort and joy.

pet loss grief mourning

My Cat Bebe

Bebe was the most beautiful cat in the world. She was a silver-shaded persian-chinchilla. She had the most expressive eyes and a sweet little mew. I miss her talking to me in the morning, jumping on the bed and mewing. She also liked to lick my hands. She was such a sweetheart, and a bit of a drama queen. My other cat Sadie misses beating her up. Bebe was very particular about people. She either liked you or she didn't. She was definitely my baby. My brother found Bebe getting beaten up by some bigger cats when she was a kitten back in about 1987-88 and brought her home. Boy, could she shed! Tons of kitty puffs all over the house. Strong little thing too. I remember my mum giving her a bath and Bebe swatting her claw right through mum's nose, ouch! Bebe suddenly got very thin and jaundiced. It turned out to be liver disease. The vet said that it might be cancer or liver disease, and had to do surgery to find out for sure. It wasn't cancer, so I decided that I had to give Bebe a chance, and told the vet to do surgery. Bebe pulled through the operation, and I was so happy. The next morning my mum phoned me and told me the vet phoned and that Bebe had died in the night. All I could think about was if Bebe was wondering where her mum was and why was she all alone in this cage. I didn't get to say goodbye to my precious little cat. Bebe died April 28, 1995 at the age of about 7 or 8. I miss her terribly and think about her everyday. I have a picture of her in my locket and a snip of her fur tied with a bow beside a larger picture of her. Now I think of her bounding over the clouds of heaven looking over the edge at me, but too chicken to ever jump down (she was afraid of heights).

I love you and miss you very much Bebe.

Your mum Lonnie :)

pet loss grief mourning

Tiger Fluff 1980-1991

Sweet little Lady Baby,
She purrs in God's ear now.

Louis V. Spielman

pet loss grief mourning

Hunter - R.I.P.

Hunter, I will miss you; you have touched my life in ways I could never hope to explain. Even though your life was suddenly, mysteriously taken away, your memory will always be with me and your other buddies Fam, Punky, and Howdy. May the newspaper in that "great big pound in the sky" be abundant.

You will be remembered
Becky Brewster

pet loss grief mourning


Jasper was a wonderful hamster who saved my sanity after my terrapins got too big to take to my boarding school. He was the color of rice crispies and died, according to my mother, in a successful attempt to save my parents marriage.

I had gone to Europe for the summer and left him (actually, as usual, he was a her) in their care whilst I was away. They had quarreled irrevocably.

When my mother went inside to pack her bags, Jasper was lying at the bottom of his cage -- dead. They cried on each others shoulders; and, whilst drawing up the elaborate funeral arrangements, made up.

Jasper's Grave is now one of the sights on a tour of the garden, with a succession of bulbs etc to mark the spot where his little coffin lies. My wrinklies are still together.

He never bit anyone but the vet.

Fiona MacLennan

pet loss grief mourning

In Memory of Baldrick

Baldrick, Big Buddy
Huge of heart
Sweet and gentle soul
Silken fur touched with silver
Eyes of molten gold

Quirky little twitch of tail
Swagger in your walk
Voice of a squeaky hinge
Purr of a diesel truck

I miss you dearly, sweet friend
You left paw prints deep in my heart
Your blanket at the foot of the bed is empty,
awaiting your purring warmth

If it's not meant to be
that you find your way back to me
I wish you an eternity of sunshine
Cool breezes
Soft grass

I will remember you always
we will be together again
some day
if not here
in a better place

pet loss grief mourning


We have put our dog, Aldo, down a few days ago. She was a good dog, an old dog and a not so intelligent dog, but she was part of the family.


pet loss grief mourning

Fishy-Dude R.I.P.

Fishy-Dude was a big ol' dumb goldfish I learned to love a lot. I'd get up and first thing I'd spot was an overly-excited fish who knew that food was coming because he saw a big thing walking into the kitchen. Fishy-Dude officially belonged to my SO; but after I moved in we had saved him from various scrapes, from defective filters that choked and killed the other fish, to algae that turned the water green, to ick.

The ick incident was only a few months ago-- at eight in the morning, on the 4th of July, I spent the morning looking for an open pet store that had ick medicine. By the time I spotted one, I was near tears thinking that this little gold gem of life might end up dying. He finally did end up head first at the top of the tank, after many ripe goldfish years. For a fish, he had an awful lot of personality, and I'm going to dearly miss his excitement over a small pinch of smelly protein flakes. Here's hoping I'll see him someday, swimming in that big fish tank in the sky.

pet loss grief mourning

Ode To Fang, R.I.P.

You were my lucky black cat, rescued from beneath my car. You fetched bottle caps and bit my boyfriend's feet at night, and the vet had never seen such green eyes. My boyfriend had never seen such long fangs on such a small cat.

Lukemia took you far too early, but in the black cats that have followed, you live on. I hope the angels in kitty heaven have a lot of bottle caps. You were one in a million.

Morgan, Slinky, Nuno, and Pudgy

pet loss grief mourning

Domestic Companion Oncology

I bought Sadie when she was just a pup, and I was only ten years old. I loved that dog, and she and I had seven wonderful years together. But then she started to have seizures. These seizures increased in severity, and finally the vet told me that he was convinced she had a brain tumor. Upon hearing this, I resigned myself to the fact that I was going to have to euthanize my beloved pet. The veterinarian, shrewdly perceiving my hesitation, suggested chemotherapy, but I thought it best to minimize her suffering and so decided to "pull the plug," so to speak. Not a day goes by that I don't wonder if I made the right decision.

Garrett Hodgson

pet loss grief mourning

R.I.P. Snoopy 1988-1995

Snoopy was not like any other dog. He was very smart and well loved. I got him for my 9 year old hearing disabled daughter. Snoopy was the only thing that made her happy. Snoopy is no longer with us and she is in grief of his death. If any one has a white beagle I would be more than happy to pay top dollar for it. I loved that dog...

M. Hasten

pet loss grief mourning
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