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Bernie 1981-1996

Bernie was my hero, my protecter, the dog love of my life.

I found him when he was 3 months old, wearing an old belt as a collar, at the hospital where I worked. Being the good animal citizen, I took him to the Humane Shelter in hopes that his owner would find him. Seven days later while I was shopping at the store, I passed the animal food aisle. I went back to bail him out for $25.00. The best investment of my life.

He was with me through my single years; the good and the bad. He was my partner to come home to with his "dancing circle" at the door. He was always there for me and I for him. He even accepted Hershey the cat, and they became soul mates.

When I married; my husband had 2 small boys. Bernie and I moved into a ready-made family. Bernie adapted without hesitation and the boys soon became his. He watched over them and protected them just as he did for me. He often started out at night in their room but by morning was at my side.

He loved the water, boating, chasing the squirrels, birds and bugs. There never was a fly in our house, he got them ALL. As he grew older; 2 knee surgeries, hearing loss, arthritis and kidney problems, took his strength. He never stopped wagging his tail or doing his "Bernie smile". In the end we had to make that last Vet. appointment but it took a long time to decide when. I held you, cried and told you what a Good Dog you had been. It was peaceful and calm, my friend.

We miss your smell, your bark and the jingling of your collar. We have tons of flies and the squirrels are back. Hershey is even looking for you. I often dream about you swimming in a circle chasing your tail. Please forgive us for taking a long time to make that last appointment. We just were not ready even though you were.

We will probably get another dog but we all need some time to grieve and realize that there were never be another dog like our Bernie dog.

We love you. We miss you with all our hearts. We will see you again someday with your "dancing circle at the door.

The Hill Family
Jim, Carol, Chris, Jon and Hershey the Cat

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I am now 41 years old. Over my lifetime, my parents, myself, and my siblings have owned quite a menagerie of pets. Some typical, some not so typical. All three of us children have not been living with my parents for quite some time, but their ever-present pets have maintained the unity of the family.

My parents have had several dogs. A black labrador named "Erieview's Black-Eyed Sue" after a downtown office building; a border sheep dog named "Ralph", procured from a kennel where he was laying in his water dish; a Portuguese water dog named "Zado", short for 'curly dog' in Portuguese; "Beasty" who truly was a beast with gnarly fangs; and others before I was even born.

But, by far, one of the most special pets, who long outlived the others, was a dog named "Rags". I think mom said she was part poodle, part terrier, and Lord knows what else. She came to us one day off of the Interstate that runs near the small village we lived in. A female dog, who's "plumbing" needed some major work (e.g. hysterectomy) right out of the box. All that, and numerous baths, and "Rags" was fit for life.

Rags survived attacks from the cat that lived under the sofa. Rags survived the plane trips to Florida and the change in climate. Rags survived it all. She was truly man's and woman's best friend. She will be missed by all.

My parent's house carries on. But now it's just down to Frank the cat. Maybe someday there will be another dog in their lives, but none quite like Raggie.

We hope you're curling up at the feet of some deserving sole in Heaven now...

Love to Rags,
The Hitchcocks
Cleveland, Ohio

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Madra Flood 1987-1995

Madra (the Irish word for dog) was a very ugly black and white mongrel. He had the brain of a shriveled pea, and a heart of gold. He'd get so excited when I came home on weekends. He'd run around and round in circles and pee himself! He was my dog and was the most loyal dog ever, and I loved him!

He liked to chase our tractor around the farm. He'd run in front of it, chasing his tail and yelping in excitement. Numerous times he fell down dizzy, and the tractor crossed him, but he'd survive.

However, last June, he did it again. But this time he didn't survive. He broke my heart, and I think of him often!

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Dasher Ch. Tecknique Raison Bran
February 15, 1986 - March 3, 1996

Dasher was a specialty show winner and the mother, grandmother and great-grandmother of champions. Her sire was Ch Braaehaus Sailing Along, a recessive longhair littermate of Am Can Ch Braaehaus Big Buoy, a Dachshund Club of America National Specialty Show Best of Variety winner. She had three litters, producing champions in all three, including an impressive Best of Opposite Sex to the Best of Variety by her daughter Ch Jordemm's Black Magic at the Dachshund Club of Greater Buffalo.

Dasher was renowned for her keen hunting ability and the many unauthorized yard escapes from our house. But Dasher was, above all, our friend, bed warmer and baby-sitter. She dutifully put our child to sleep each night, and then migrated to our bed. She gently woke me every morning to ask for breakfast, and when camping or traveling in the car, always protected us from strangers.

Now, Dasher-doo, there is no more pain and suffering; now you can hunt and chase small game as you did when you were young. And sometime later, we may meet again.

Howard & Rose Krakower
JORDEMM Dachshunds.

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Beloved son, grandson, nephew,
father, brother, grandfather,
great-grandfather, etc.

We loved our biggest boy.

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Our Baby Girl

A Rottweiler Bitch
Black and Tan
107 pounds
December 26, 1986, to November 1, 1995.

Sabre was our first dog ever. My husband was 47 and I was 35 when we went to see a 7-week-old litter. We had never seen Rottie puppies before and were astonished at their size so young. Sabre was the alpha female (14 pounds) and chose us by tagging along after my husband and chewing his shoestrings every chance she got. What a delightful, opinionated, hardheaded little angel. Soon enough she came to understand a lot of English, and she quickly taught us Rottie-speak.

Obedience training was a chore, as it took us 2 courses of 10 weeks each before she even qualified in Basic Obedience. She did well at the weekly classes in group, but graduation was solo. On stage by herself, with all eyes upon her, she hammed it up. "What's heel? What's sit?" The second 10-week course was the same, and at graduation, the instructors took pity on me and barely passed her. They knew she was reliable in class with her group, but being on stage alone brought out the nut in her. I was so embarrassed, but later realized that this was part of what made her so special.

Sabre could have been the National Rottweiler Breed poster child. She was so gentle and loving. The children in the neighborhood adored her and she them. They were her babies. And the smaller the child, the more gentle she was. When one of her babies cried, so did she. We took Sabre every place possible. Everyone she met was a potential toy. And the wiggles!!! The hind end wiggled the dog. Spoiled rotten she was, and there could be no popcorn in the house unless it had butter on it. No margarine for her, thank you!

From stalking games to standing on our feet, she made our home hers and ensured everything was in proper Rottweiler order for almost 9 years. A ride in the car sent her into convulsions of ecstasy, especially if it ended in a visit to my mother ("Grandma"). She knew the route and would start squealing about a half mile from Mom's house. Oh, how she loved her Grandma. Even her daily walk on a leash around the neighborhood was reason to bounce for joy. She loved doing anything or going anywhere with her Mommy or Daddy.

In March 1995, she started limping on the left foreleg. We thought (at 8 years) it was a little arthritis and dosed her at night with aspirin. It helped. She woke up one morning near the end of April and was on 3 legs. The left foreleg could not touch the floor without her crying in terrible pain. A trip to the vet and x-ray revealed osteosarcoma (bone cancer) of the left humerus. Prognosis was terminal in about 6 months. We put her on antibiotics on the off chance that we were dealing with a bone infection, since it presents the same way on x-ray. Surprisingly, she improved in a few days and was romping around and acting silly like before.

She did pretty well until July when the limping started again. We added 5 mg of Prednisone per day to the pharmacopeia and again she bounced back, but only for a few weeks. It was a gradual downhill slide after that, and we had to increase her Pred, until she was up to 20mg per day. Her liver became so enlarged. Her mind was alert, and she was still very interested in family activities up until the day before we sent her to puppy heaven. She couldn't get around very well. Going outside to potty wiped her out. Her appetite faded and so did her interest. She couldn't get comfortable her last day. Bone cancer pain is extremely exquisite. It tore my husband's heart to shreds.

We held her and cried that afternoon before the last trip to the vet. We held her and whispered sweet nothings into her ears as she went to sleep for the last time. We held her in overwhelming silent anguish, as her footpads turned cold--not wanting to make any noise to upset clients in the waiting room and not wanting to finally leave her.

I trimmed some fur from her neck for something to touch and remember. We arranged for cremation and the return of her ashes. Sabre will be with us always, and we look forward to the time when we will see her again.

Linda and Jim

P.S. "Mommy loves you baby. I wish I could have gone in your place."

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Harley 1993 - 1995

Harley was my 6 pound red poodle whom I loved dearly. The first year of his life was wrought with illnesses and infections that we struggled with, fought and overcame. He had an overbite so severe that he had to wear doggie braces. His breeder (from Yoncalla, WA) didn't care about his welfare, only making money. He was healthy for almost a full year when we lost him while hiking. He chased a critter to his death. My only fear is that he didn't die immediately but suffered a while. I will never know. I believe though, that God took care of him and gave him a painless death.

Harley was a rascal. Underwear was his favorite. He would get entangled in mine and then wear it around the house. He and Ted, my other poodle were best of friends, and Harley tried his hardest to keep up with Ted. Harley is now in Doggie Heaven, smiling down at us and playing with all the other doggies who are there. I love you and miss you so much, Harley!

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Our family of 5 had a dog when we were growing up. A mutt, sort of looked like Benji. We were very young when we got her, and we named her Sniffer. Sniffer was not a smart dog, was not an extremely obedient dog, but she was a very good dog, and we all loved her. I will always remember the sparkle in her eye as she ran away, determined to roam around alone for a while. I cursed at her then, as I chased her around the neighborhood, but I always had a bit of a smile because I knew she was having a blast.

Putting a loved pet to sleep is one of the most difficult decisions a family will face. Poor Sniffer. Smelly, old, blind, grouchy, particular, WONDERFUL Sniffer.


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Willie, R.I.P. Dec. 13, 1995

Willie was a big white friendly dog who passed quietly in his sleep while dreaming of nice warm days in the yard. Willie was sixteen, and his time had finally arrived. He will be missed by his loving masters, Mark and Laurie, and his best friend Sam.

Rest In Peace, Willie.

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Patch 1995 -1995

Patch was the prettiest kitten I had ever known. He was a blue gray color. All who met him loved him and wanted to keep the little guy. I have him in my heart and forever will. He was hit by a car one night I was not there.

Let him rest in harmony!

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Odie (Odis) T. McNugget Bacon

Odis was a miniature collie. We got him for $20 when he was a puppy, and we were happy (even though he wasn't our first choice). He ate too much human food that eventually nuked his liver. He lived 8 years and died away from home and all alone. The last time I saw him he was bloated and weak. I don't even know what happened to his body.

Bye Odis, We all loved you even though you died miserable and alone.

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passed away 10th December, 1995

Annie, a little tabby cat, came into our lives as a surprise. Mum took me and Dad to a house in Marlow, and as we walked in, I realized the place was covered in cats. A tiny tabby kitten with eyes the size of saucers, ran straight up my Dad's leg and sat happily on his shoulder. She stayed there, so we took her home that night. The vet said she had three weeks to live at best, but we willed and loved her back to health. Now, thirteen years later, she's suddenly gone. We all miss you Annie, you've left such a big gap in our lives. Thanks for listening to me and helping me through my teenage years. I knew you'd never tell anyone our secrets.

She was beautiful and friendly. She'd even kiss you if you asked nicely enough. She was cuddly and a companion to all of us, and she managed to smile through the pain she was in. It's too strange that there's only three of us again. I hope the pain of grief goes soon and I can get on with remembering the good times we had.

Where ever you are, I hope you know we'll always think of you and love you very much. I'm so sorry I wasn't there to say goodbye.

Love and nuzzles
Your big sister Lorraine.

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Coogee Coogee Coo (July - Nov, 1995)

On a cold, wintry July's night,
A little kitten walked into our lives,
He was oh so sweet and a cutey too,
That we named him Coogee Coogee Coo.

Coogee would sit next to me,
When I am hard at work,
And he cheers me up,
By acting really cute.

When I use the modem,
I remember the many times,
He tried to pull out the phone lines,
Or when I am typing on the keyboard,
And Coogee tried to do his catwalk.


I oft ask myself this question,
Why was he run over ?

Late at night, in my slumber,
Coogee used to snuggle near my face,
I want to wake up and think all this...
Is but a nightmare, and I WANT to see him there!

May you rest in peace Coogee...

In loving memory,
Ying & Jina

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Our Beloved Emmy

This is in Honor of our beloved dog, Emmy. We had the pleasure of her company for only two years. She was loved by all and will be missed for eternity. She brought many hours of joy & pleasure into our family. Unfortunately, she had to be put to sleep due to an incurable illness.

Emmy served as a companion dog for a 10 year old child with a disability. She did her job well without complaining.

Although Emmy was just a mutt, she was a purebred in our hearts.

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Hamster Havoc - Twinkles and Maurice

When I was 9 years old (1973) a friend of mine gave me two hamsters that he could no longer keep. One was a female, named Twinkles and the other a male by the name of Maurice.

I loved these two little rodents and took very good care of them. I kept them together in a wire bird cage that I covered with a sheet every night to help keep them warm. One night, Twinkles escaped. I searched for days and days but did not find her. My family's clothes, however, began to smell an awful lot like Twinkles. My Dad had an idea and, together, we dismantled the clothes dryer. There we found Twinkles, or what was left of her. A burned out shell of a hamster, trapped in the heating coils of the dryer. Bummer.

A week later, in a fit of despair, Maurice committed suicide by dragging the sheet covering his cage into the cage and suffocating himself.

Now I have a little girl, guys, and I don't miss you much anymore. But I do hope you are together and happy in Hamster Heaven.


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My parents took me to get Coco when I was just four. Driving back from the house of the people who sold her to us, I curled up with her in a cardboard box in the back of our old VW van, already cuddling with my dog. She was with us through two moves and through fourteen long years of our lives. And all the way through to the end, she was as happy and energetic as the puppy she was when we got her. I'm at college, so I didn't get to see my dog much for the last couple of years, except on breaks. Still, she was always waiting back at home, a part of my life, part of my childhood. Whenever I got homesick, her image would be there, right alongside those of my parents and friends. It still is, and always will be.

We miss you, Coco. And we'll never forget you.

Damon, Doug and Ritha

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R.I.P. Maddison?

Last summer when my family and I took a holiday in Mallorca, we left all the animals in the "safe" hands of my mother's friend. While we were away, Val would come in and check the animals, but one day the adult son of the man next door (Robert) took the keys from his father (to our house because the father was watering our plants) and intruded into our house and left the top off of Maddison's cage because he thought maddison was suffocating. Maddison could easily reach the lid. Inevitably, Mad got out. Because Robert had also left the windows open, Mad must of got out of the house. When we got back, we couldn't find him in the house. By now he has probably been cat food, starved or frozen to death in the British weather. Also while we were away, 2 of our 3 Russian hamsters escaped and died. Happy floating Maddison!

Jim Stephenson

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Tempest 1991-1994

I picked Tempest out of a litter of kittens sitting in a cage at the pound. She was a gift to myself for completing my first year of college. Tempest was a calico and a wild one at that. Her name fit her well. All through college she was right there with me. After a stressful day of exams, she was waiting to be petted. Her favorite toys were wadded-up paper balls and Q-tips. She even played chase, bringing back the Q-tip so I could throw it down the hall over and over again. After graduating, I got married and we moved to a different state. One month later, at age 3, she died of a sudden heart attack. My poor kitty, I will never forget you. I hope you have a lot of paper balls to play with in Cat Heaven.


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A Very Special Pet

Our very special friend, Minnesota, passed away at 11:35 am on November 21, 1995. The gray kitty leaves behind siblings, Minneapolis and St. Paul, the twin kitties.

Minnesota was the sweetest and friendliest cat we have ever known. Everyone who met her sensed her unique personality. In fact, once the buyers of one of our houses wanted to give us our asking price, but the buyer wanted our gray cat!

When she was diagnosed with kidney disease, we did all we could to prolong a life of quality. We are so glad she made the move to Oregon with us, but we recognized her pain and suffering. Minnesota, we hope you are resting comfortably in the rose garden. When your "Dad" was raking the dirt over your grave, he uncovered a Sand Dollar, a symbol of peace. We especially miss you at bedtime when you jumped on our chests and knocked our books, telling us to "put those down and love me up!" You filled a void in our lives with a special love, and now we have an emptiness. We will try to focus on all our joyful times and leave it at that. Bye little one...

May, 1986 - November 21, 1995

Cindy and Hal Velline

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Banjo the Black Panther Cat

To Banjo the Black Panther Cat, unforgotten Mistress of the House and Queen of Attitude.

Missed and beloved, lost after a long grieving malady, thus still alive in our hearts.

A rose also to my sweet Shorty, Ska, Luna, Tigre, Pogo, Psycho and Apple lost in young age, and to our little Martin, that I am sure is now staring at us with her wide-open always-puzzled big yellow eyes from the Pet Nirvana.

And another rose to all the pets and all the wild animals of any kind sleeping beyond the clouds. Simona, Valeria, Sally.

Simona Pini Stanzani

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In Memory of Tiger, 1980 - 1994

Tiger came into our family as a small kitten, in the Spring of 1980. She lived a long and happy life with us. During her lifetime, I raised two children. I had one marriage end and one that began later in her life. Tiger was my best friend. She was always there for me whenever I needed someone, and I was there whenever she needed a rub. Tiger died from an infection that was in her body. I spent that last day with her and watched as she took her last breath, as if to meow a good-bye to me. Tiger lived to be fourteen years old. She died on October 16, 1994. She lies in my backyard under a large tree. Next to the tree is a marker:

Always a Friend
Always in our Hearts

I miss her now, as I always will. Someday we will be together again. For now, rest in peace my friend.
Marilyn Battle and family

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Bill the Cat

I would like to submit an epitaph for my neighbor's ex-cat, Bill. Although he was not our cat, he did eat our cat's food, and we loved him as much as we loved our own cats.

With his orange and white fur, it seemed fitting that Ray would name this stray after Bloom County's "Bill the Cat". Early on, Bill suffered from severe flee bite problems. Ray's father hated to see Bill in such discomfort and tried to help by giving Bill a good covering of "Seven's Dust" (an incredibly strong pesticide).

Bill licked the poison off his coat and was never the same again. The last time I saw Bill, he was gazing in space in the front yard. He stopped eating, lost half of his original weight, and then disappeared. Despite his tragic vegetablization early on, Bill did live a decently long life for a cat. He was probably 4 or 5 when he withered away...

Doug Ahern
Short Hairs, Georgia

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Ruby was my mouse. She lived as long as a rat and died of old age. I tried to feed her milk and spilt it on her, so she bit me and I left her alone. Then I buried her when it was over, outside my windowsill, in a cracker box. I was about 11 years old and felt awful.


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